Take me out to the ballpark

Hard to believe its come around already, but the season starts tomorrow. Alright, only for 2 teams, and all a long way from the good old US, but… it includes my team. Yes, the Mariners will play 2 games in Tokyo, starting tomorrow against the A’s. Doesnt seem that long ago that St Louis were winning the World Series, but anyway…a lot has changed since then, but dont expect the details of that from me. You either know it, or you can go to www.mlb.com to find out anyway lol.

The daft thing is, these 2 teams come back and play pre season games again after this! Ah well, money and commercialism is a wonderful thing? I guess its so they can adjust back to the correct time zone mainly?

No, I’m not going to try and forecast things, thats not my style. But I think its safe to say that I wont be sat nervously wondering if the Mariners are going to make the play offs in September all the same, it wont be happening. I will, for the first time, see the Mariners play this year, the game against the White Sox on April 22 being the one, hope they can win that at least. Back to the cheaper seating areas after Fenway, it has to be said, not that I really mind, but that was fun admittedly. But no, I’ll keep my budget funded for other matters lol!

I could also mention that the cricket season is about to start over here, but as I suspect most of my readers here are from North America, I’m sure that detail will be lost on most. My own blog, where I have more English readers, then yes, probably nearer the time.

So yes, next month I will be taking someone out to the ballpark, me!

What I know about Basketball

Not a lot, if you really want to know, suspect it could be written on a small sheet of paper, thats for sure. Did once go to a Seattle Sonics (now Oklahoma City Thunder) game in the NBA, but thats really it, and I only did that because the opportunity was there, and it seemed to be a fun way to spend an evening. It wasnt bad, but not a sport I’d rush to watch again in all honesty.

NCAA Basketball, oh please, I didnt even go to university over here, let alone in the US, so…But yes, I’m following the basketball playoffs with a slight hint of bias. If I say that I started with 3 teams to follow, and I still have 1 left in the final four, and given the whole Louise Brooks thing, you may have gathered that’s Kansas. And yes, you’re right, I couldnt name a single player on the team without cheating by using a relevant website lol.

I even watched a bit of their game last night while finishing off on here, but only after the cricket finished, have to get my priorities right lol! But did it mean anything really to me, no, in all honesty. Doesnt mean I wont be looking out for their result next weekend though, I think I heard next Saturday mentioned as the date? But yes, I seem to be getting more into this whole college sports thing, funnily enough. I have wild, and unlogical affiliations, Washington, because I love Seattle, Yale, because they are the first team I saw (college football far too long ago), and now seemingly Kansas, though I have no actual idea if they are the nearest university to Cherryvale anyway! Oh, and Oklahoma State, because I have to stay in Kate’s good books, and besides, they arent that far over the state line from Cherryvale either!

I’m actually hoping to get up to Washington Uni next month, just to walk around the site, just because I love that sort of thing, and yes, despite the knees, I do love just walking, though it does pretty much have to be fairly flat, or well paved nowadays unfortunately. Can you get an unofficial college Alma Mater btw? I think most college sports are at the weekend unfortunately, so I doubt I will get to see any Husky team play though. Might try and find a website, I’m pretty sure there are several lol!

All the same, in spirit at least, I will be rooting for the Kansas Jayhawks next weekend, and yes, I did have to look the nickname up!

The music, an indirect link to Kansas if you think about it carefully,


Reality TV

Normally I avoid “Reality TV” like the plague. All its cast offs too, relating mainly to pop music as well, just cant stand the fakeness of most of them to be honest. In fact I take the best route possible, and try not to think about them at all, though its not easy at times, due to the fact that people will actually bet on these series, the live ones at least, and whether by accident, or connivance, the pre recorded ones as well, like The Apprentice. As I say, I try to avoid them.

But then, in one of my contests this month, someone wrote a story loosely based around a reality TV series called Survivor. No, but for Wikipedia, I wouldnt have a clue what the real version was like. Dont quote me on it, but I’m not sure it  even exists this side of the Atlantic. (UK, for those not coming here through the forums) But lets face it, for the story written, it was the entertainment factor I was looking for, not details about said programme.

The only one I’ve seen anything of, is Big Brother, the UK version, and in all honesty, only snippets of the first couple  of series. As mentioned, I cant stand these programmes, it was just there were a couple of entertaining characters in then, and it was before the ‘fame for 15 minutes brigade’ took it over as well. I know to some degree, allegedly, these people do suffer a bit, but not enough imo. And lets face it, with things like X-Factor, we get to suffer afterwards when they think they might really be pop stars!

But yes, I’d like to see them really suffer. Can you imagine our modern, pampered twenty somethings coping with life as it was a hundred years ago? Hope you’re laughing at the thought as much as I am! To be honest, I suspect taking them back 40 or 50 years in living standards would be more than enough to see most fall at their knees. You want a phone, use the phone box. TV, 3 channels, and make the most of it. Anyone remember how large computers were, even back in the eighties? Not sure how far back you go for the first commercial microwave ovens, but its not that far, I suspect?

And all that is just going back 40 years, lets face it. You imagine the modern generation living only with what was around in the 20’s or 30’s, say? I know, I know, attitudes have changed a lot, but…It might at least make reality TV entertaining trying to see them cope in that situation, instead of the modern settings. Even I might watch some of the mirth that might cause!

Alright, the video. Given the Brooksie side of my nature, I’m only amazed I didnt think of this before, as its probably the film that most relates to that whole era, or was until “The Artist” came along at least. So beat the drum, because here comes ‘Thoroughly Modern Stevie” now!


Apologies for the film titles, but it was the most decent version I could find, and I do love the Julie Andrews facials, and general expressions in this

2 landmarks this week

Yes, I know, its been a while. Sorry, but I did warn you at least! Tomorrow will again be manic, then 3 days off, then it drops down to only being crazy level at work lol! Still, 5 weeks tomorrow, for 1 glorious week, I wont care, will be many thousands of miles from here in Seattle. Only snag will be the fact that I will have to come back 1 week later, but hey, I dont get much go my way in life!

As I say, there have been 2 landmarks this week that desrve mention, though many have noticed one, and her friends have noticed another, a much sadder one. Yes, I’m a year older numerically today, happy birthday and all that! At my age I probably dont need reminding about them anyway lol! I’ve had a nice day, but to be honest, not having to go to work was probably the best present I was going to get today anyway!

The other landmark date earlier this week that I mentioned is a much sadder one. It was one year ago on Tuesday that my dear friend Sara Castle left this life behind, dying of cancer. Sadly, only being a cyber friend, it was nearly a fortnight later that we got confirmation of the sad news that her friends all feared. I wanted to post about this on the blog on Tuesday, but 10 hour shifts, plus 3 hours travel rather kills off time for posting on things like this. So alright, a few days late, but has to be said, Sara Castle, RIP, and much missed by friends.

The video, well this goes back to an email I wrote to her father after we got the news. I lost count of the amount of times Sara promised me a photograph, but it never arrived. I asked her father if he had one, and if so, would he send it to me. He said if he could find one, he would, but nothing ever arrived, I’m sure that wasnt his priority anyway. So, this seems apt


I know, I posted it for something else here, but it just seems right for now

I want to know what love is!

Yes, assuming the right people read this, it may bring about an amusing reply or two. If someone wants to think this is about him, then fine, or maybe its just another massive tease on my behalf.

Right, balloons deflating as we talk.I suspect? EMCSA stories have just about every level of sex going, from the stories that drive me crazy by being nothing more than one long pornographic scene, right through to the artists who barely bring the matter up, or ignore it completely! Technically you cant ignore it for a story at the website, but some do a pretty good job of it all the same, me included at times!

But the stories there are a fine case of you can have sex, without any modicum of love, but you nearly always get sex if love plays any part in the story. And lets face it, its not often just plain missionary position sex either lol. Just about every known position, plus a few hopefully purely in fantasies seems to spring to life in said stories. Me, my sex is generally pretty straightforward, but not always, it has to be said. But equally, I’ve never written a long sex scene in my life, while others can use several thousand words describing exactly the same thing.

So, all writers are different, but then I think we knew that already. And we all write various sexual permutations as well. But not all seem to know what love is. Many because its “just about the sex, baby.”, but there are a few like me who just dont understand love as a concept. Or thought they didnt, though one person is trying to end that mystery for me, thats for sure. Whether it works, whether it comes to anything, hey, who knows, there is a lot of time zones between us. Also, as could be said flirting between messaging friends can be fun, doesnt mean it needs to be taken seriously by either of them.

But yes, someone seems to be doing his best to melt my icy heart, or is that unweld the metal one, who really knows? All I know is, that for the first time since Sara left this life, I’ve got someone who I like seeing messages from in my email box, and thats been a while, just over a year in fact.

As tonights video mentions, “In my life, I’ve had heartache and pains, I dont know if I can face that again.” so I’m not sure how far things can possibly go at any point, mainly because of my heart, mind, and previous traumas in romance. There is also the small problem of how independent I’ve come in life as well.

But I just wanted to say thanks to someone, for giving me a reason (other than to clear out spam) for opening up my email box again, its much appreciated.

The video, well if you havent worked it out by now…I’m disappointed in you! Absolute 80’s power ballad classic for your delight


I just hope someone doesnt kill me for actually posting this!

Oh, and due to the crazy shift arrangements I have at work, I’m now working 9 days on the trot, a good number with overtime tossed in for good measure. So dont expect any new postings before my birthday, my next day off, and I had to ask for that. I dont expect gifts, though any would be nice, given I never get much due to lack of family. But any e-cards would be appreciated, especially Brooksie related ones.

End of begging lol!

Getting serious for once.

I think its fair to say that its because of the whole Cherryvale thing, but it looks like I will be keeping a closer eye on the US tornado season than I ever have before. And I have to say, having experienced it in that sense for the first time over the last couple of days, its a truly frightening thing.

It sounds crazy to say that Cherryvale got off lightly a couple of days ago, but compared to some places, they did. Somewhere about 100 miles north of there called Harveyville got it far worse, and sadly a number of people lost their lives. This morning I switch on the news, and hear about the terrible things that have been inflicted on Henryville, and Maryville, IN and seen the awful pictures of the total destruction wrought there.

I dont know all the details, but I’m told by the news people that last year was the worst tornado season known, and this year, its started earlier than normal, all scary and sad news to me. I dont know if its climate change, simply the luck (or non luck) of the weather, but you do have to wonder?

As I said, Cherryvale got off lightly, a number of windows broken by hailstones, and one barn lost its roof due to the high winds there. I wish that little town all the best for the whole tornado season, but at the same time, I want to wish the whole area the same. Tornados are going to happen, but hopefully no more fatalities, and no more destroyed towns. Probably a vain hope, but one I offer up a prayer for anyway.

Alright, the video, naturally I’m not putting up a film of any tornado doing damage. But equally, I couldnt not put up film of Tornados, so…



Cheating, I know it is, but at the same time… 😉