Seriously, your dream job, I’m shocked!

I will explain that title, honest I will!

This week, due to my currently unemployed status, I’ve been on a course in Leeds. Its been interesting, something new, and should have culminated in a job interview today, but due to someone going sick, that will now be next week. So, before they let class out early, on top of doing interview skills, we did a brief self improvement thing, and one of the questions we were asked, was, “What Is Your Dream Job?”

Well, believe me, its not call centres, though I suspect thats where I will end up working again, but anyway…it got to my turn, and everyone looked at me. Well, given that I assumed being an actress in the 1930’s wasnt really a current job option, I said, “Scientist, or Engineer.”. Believe me when I say it, that the look I got from everyone was of shock, and amazement. Fine, it might not be as glamorous as ‘footballer’, or ‘pilot’, but it really appeals to me now.

Funny thing was, it wasnt just the choice that was stunning people I gathered, it was that a woman wanted to be a scientist! I know, not so long ago, it was seen purely as a “man’s thing”, even despite people like Marie Curie, and others, but anyway…So fine, as is my way, I ended up doing a short piece, saying that nowadays (unlike 40 years ago, when it might have happened), a woman being a scientist, or an engineer shouldnt be shocking, but anyway…Yes, I suspect they had the wrong image of things, but thankfully I had Will’s words, and images in my head, and put forward a fine case. At the end, I was even getting the odd nod of approval for wanting to do so!

Yes, maybe if I was 17, and pretty, then I might have come up with something like being a model, but now…Yes, I’m proud to be different, its more fun that way. Just a shame I havent got the qualifications, or was 40 years younger, but anyway…yes, I’ll end up in a call centre, I guess!

The video. Found this through a search on You Tube,