Row, row, row your boat

When I was much younger, there was one enigmatic event that the whole of the UK seemed to stop for, which happened this weekend, and no, I dont mean the Grand National. The Boat Race!

Get this straight, only 2 university teams ever take place, Oxford, and Cambridge. I’m sure other universities have got competent rowing teams, but they’re not allowed to take part. You could say that in modern times, at least its held at a neutral venue, between Putney, and Mortlake, in London, though heaven knows how teams got there before railways were introduced, as this goes back before then, even!

It didnt matter if you’d never been near either city (as I hadnt at time), you supported one or the other. My father supported Oxford, my mother supported Cambridge, though neither had anything to do with either city in their life. I picked Cambridge, purely because I preferred the lighter blue! One Saturday afternoon at end of March/early April (depending on tides), everything would stop for this boat race thing. To say its position in Social standing has dropped dramatically is summed up by the fact that the first I knew it was happening today (yes, commercial demands, its now held on a Sunday) was when I saw the result trending on Twitter! Seemingly Cambridge won this year.

I must admit it does seem to me to be one of those antiquated traditions, that seems to have survived into the modern world, but I wonder for how much longer? Or will, 100 years from now, will someone be doing whatever is then the equivalent of blogging about the event, even then? One thing is for sure, I wont know, or care!

OK, video time. Some apt nursery rhyme stupidity. In truth, I only remember the first verse of this, not sure if I’ve ever heard more, or not? But fine, its about rowing, so…