Bimbo for a day?

The thing with almost all of the mind control stories posted on the Archive, is that the effects, for better or worse, are permanent. Seems to be the thing to do generally, and I’ve been as bad as the rest over the years, I guess? But in some, including many by a ‘friend’ known as Chrystal Wind, the effects happen for just a limited period (though a year or two might feel like forever!), and then the person returns to normal. Mind, after a year as a bimbo, with lots of blonde hair, and big lips, the change back might be as much of a shock to get used to, as the initial change was!

But lets just say, as in the new story which started last week, BXBI ( ), if you could take a pill that made you a bimbo, just for one day, would you take it? I know, guys, this question is loaded towards one gender as such, but if you can imagine the male equivalent, would you swallow it? Or, in the other sense, would you let your other half take it, just for your delights?

Me, if I knew it was just for one day, I probably would. I have no desire to be an airheaded bimbo forever, but just to try it out, for one day, probably would! Yes, the natural blonde hair would be fun (yes, I colour it), and nowadays, a full head of hair might be loved too. OK, slightly bigger boobs, I could live with, but…no brains up top, forever, deal killer! But one day, and one day only…giggle… 😉

And fine, absolutely, the chance to be a mindless, obedient robot for one day, oh absolutely, no contest! Yes please, sign me up! But having been a hypno-bot, longer than that, gets a hmm nowadays! I would love it, I suspect, assuming I could of course, but as an option that fills me with joy, maybe not so much now!

But yes, if BXBI becomes real, and makes for a younger looking bimbo (at my age!), then sign me up for the 1 day experience!…But no longer!

The video, an absolute oldie in sense of song, and though Connie Francis gets mentioned in the video header, its not her. Unsurprisingly, I cant find any live film of her, and the obvious song. But this sounds pretty decent, so…

Stupid bimbo (to be) presents what she wants, a Stupid Cupid!