The Bimbo Principle

Alright, lets take both a light hearted, and more serious look at what i’m fondly calling the bimbo principle. In other words, taking sensibly sized chested, intelligent girls, and turning them into pneumatic bust sized airheads with a high desire for sexual activity! Though there is in fact one very good bimbofication writer who quite often doesnt reduce the brain, which often makes for a more entertaining effect story wise.

Its not hard to see the attraction for men in increasing a woman’s cup size, though some do go to extremes in doing so. DD, or E is pretty reasonable, the stories where they go up to JJ and the like is just absolutely ridiculous! Personally, anything beyond an F takes me out of the story pretty badly, but thats just me.

The reduction in brain capacity is always one of those things that amuse me most. Yes, it might be great for some guy (very) short term to have a girl who struggles to remember her own name, let alone anything else, with a sex fixation, but its one of those things that needs to be thought through. Can you imagine how tough life would be long term with a girl that you virtually have to do everything for, because she is incapable of thinking for herself, and unable to leave her alone for long for the same reason, as she could literally get up to anything stupid! Yes, changes the fantasy a bit, doesnt it? Reducing the brain capacity a bit is good, and often fun, but think before you erase totally, well, unless you’re giving them AI, and thats a whole different story, lol! Though personally I like CW’s style of the bimbo body, with full brain capacity as a real fun element.

Just one thing, how often do you see where the bimbo wants to get, or gets pregnant! Can you imagine how awful a mother they would make! Enough said, lol, people know my views on pregnancy anyway. And for the rare reader that doesnt, I have no maternal desires whatsoever!

Bimbofication for me would be one of those pay off things, I wouldnt mind a certain amount of brain loss to be young and pretty, and maybe a small increase in cup size as well, but I’d need to look the part age wise too. Cant imagine anything worse than a fifty-something bimbo, well alright, a sixty-something one I guess! Some would say another unthought of long term problem with these stories! Be even better to be young and pretty, and with brains, but hey…cant have everything maybe?

Just one thing, dont get me wrong, I love reading a good bimbofication story, and indeed have written some myself. The BimboTech style of transformation always appealed to me, I cant think why! As far as I know, bimbofication is as impractical at present as robotisation is, though I suppose in theory, with brainwashing (hypnosis methods?), and cosmetic surgery (boob growth), the day of the bimbo may actually be nearer?

Good thought, or bad? 😉

I miss her, and so does my email box

Its a funny thing, my robotunit8 email box used to be pretty much guaranteed 1 email per day until about 6 months ago, and I must say I miss them. The other irony is that she is one person who I regret will never see any of these blogs.  So alright, anyone coming here from the 2 MC Forums will know who she is,  but for others, I will respect her anonymity, and just call her Sara C.

Is it daft to say she was probably my best friend, when I never in fact met her, was never really all that likely to meet her, and despite several promises, I never even saw a photo of what she looked like. Yes, it is daft, but it was how I felt about her all the same. I have no idea what first brought us together, though I suspect a good bet would be one of my reviews of one of her stories, seems about the only obvious way it would have happened.

But for reasons best known to ourselves, a real friendship developed, even if it was only ever going to be a cyber one, and emails passed between us most nights, other than when she was away in hospital, or I was on a jet somewhere over the Atlantic! The funny thing was, I could read her under exagerration skills like a book, but even so, the end for me was still a bit of a shock, simply because of the level she was hiding things from her friends, as to just how ill she really was. I think I knew mid February that something was really bad, despite the emails I was getting, even more so when they simply stopped arriving. I got one more after that, about a fortnight later, saying that things werent too bad really, and that she would write again soon. The fact is, she didnt, she died 2 or 3 weeks later from cancer (and no, to this day, other than reading between the lines, I have no idea what cancer. I think I worked it out, but will never be sure.), and the only way we found out was because ‘Kim’ emailed her, and her father picked it up, and wrote back to him with the dreadful news, though I dont think her close friends were too surprised to hear it, it still came as a great shock.

Nowadays my poor email box is fairly quiet, apart from the odd PM from both Forums arriving there. Its had livelier times , not just Sara, but the odd email re stories, but they’ve pretty much dried up too. Of course, if I was still pounding out emails to Sara, I probably wouldnt have time for the blogs! In a sense, this, and my personal ones are the salve to keep me writing anything in all honesty, just in case I ever get back to story writing, and no James, dont say a word on that!

One last thing I havent mentioned to anyone before, and I know it sounds silly. After I heard the news, I sent 1 email to Sara. I know, I was never going to get an answer, but because of the way things happened, I had to let out a few feelings. I know no one read it, well she certainly didnt, but I was glad I wrote it all the same.

RIP Honey, you are sorely missed by many.

All out of love

I probably should post this video at the Garden, and probably will sometime, but think I’ve done my ration there for the night lol!

There is a certain irony in the fact that someone who is totally asexual reads erotic mind control stories. My excuse, if I need one is that I read them more for the mind control than the erotic stuff, something that most of my story writing well and truly proves lol! The irony is, that in all the time since I started writing these stories, I’m not sure I’ve had ‘sexual contact’ with anyone other than myself, and a few toys! And dont miss it either.

Mind, if you’d told me nearly 11 years ago when I decided to give that lifestyle a try, that I’d still be that way now, I probably wouldnt have believed you. Now, I wouldnt want to be any other way! Apart from not missing the whole contact thing, the one thing thats for sure is that I’ve got very independent, and I’d be hell to live with nowadays anyway. I’ve got used to doing what I want, when I want, and wouldnt want to now inflict that on others. I’m hoping a couple of people will understand if I get that way in a few weeks time!

So I could make some comment about dying an ‘old maid’, and having it sound awful, but it isnt, unless something dramatic happens, thats the way I want to be. There might be someone out there for me, but even if there is, they’d be crazy to want to live with me now, I suspect!

No, this isnt Air Supply, yet again shooting down my theory about only liking originals lol! This, I gather from the comments, is actually John Barrowman singing, I knew he had a good voice, this sort of proves it. And of course Torchwood so fits into the whole MC genre so well.

Hope you like,

When I was young…

…I used to write, to corrupt a line from a great Gerry Rafferty song, Family Tree. Nowadays I have unofficially retired from writing, and just settle for churning out brief reviews on many of the stories on the weekly updates. Its fair to say that was mainly a time thing, basically changes in roles in jobs just ate more and more into my time, and something had to give, and basically it was the writing. Though in all honesty, after 82 stories (yes, I know there are only 78 on the EMCSA for various reasons, but 3 more are on the net in various places,  and 1 is theoretically stored on this computer, so…) I’d basically ran out of fresh ideas within the MC genre, so I thought it was time to stop anyway. At least 1, and quite possibly 2 of those stories might struggle on the MC front by Simon’s standards anyway!

Shame really, because those 2 are among my favourites of those I’ve written, but thats irony for you!

So yes, in theory, I might write again some day, but I wouldnt hold your breath waiting lol, well not before retirement at least! And even at my age, under current UK rules, thats 14 years away, assuming I last that long!

I havent yet lost the love of reading though, and most weeks manage to hammer my way through the weekly update, and post a few quick words about stories posted there. The funny thing is, with some at least, its the non flattering reviews that are the most popular! I’d never call my reviews works of art, more a ‘been there, read that’ sort of thing quite often, with a few words thrown in for good measure. Having said that, several have told me that my reviews have either inspired writers, or readers, so there must be something to them?

Mind, when I say I used to write when I was young, I was 43 when my first story was posted to the EMCSA, so not that young lol! Its funny, its a topical time to post this, my first story made a ‘search for a story’ list at the Forum, and strangely enough, the one it inspired by a one hit author.

And also, given there will be a gap this weekend on updates, the weekend after is going to be one of those this reviewer hates, on the bulk update situation, too many stories to read! There are times when being a reading robot would be handy, but never mind…

Ah well…

In about 4 weeks…

Everything permitting, especially a lack of Icelandic volcanoes erupting, I could well be meeting a couple of Garden members in, or around the Boston area.

One of those people, beyond her postings at the Garden, I really dont know all that well. Her name is Kate (well I assume so?), she has a dog named Fenway, anyone would think she was a Red Sox fan or something? She has an Adored One, doesnt adore US Airways, and beyond that…well I know she works hard, to put it mildly!

The other one, I feel I know a lot better, a lovely gentleman by the name of James. I’ve known him a lot longer at the Garden, had the privilege of role playing with him over a good period, something that was great fun, even if I was starting to think of him as Henry, not James at one point! Mind he might have been doing the same thing with me as Siobhan lol!

James has a similar style to me in postings, you get to know a lot about the person through his words. And James is a very fine wordsmith, and poet, even if he wouldnt admit to it. I’ve seen a picture of James, not just his avatar one, and look forward a lot to meeting him soon. I know some would say its silly to see someone as a true friend, when you’ve never met them, and really one know them through a forum, and few brief chats on Yahoo, but I can do that with James.

Thanks for everything you’ve done for me up to now, including sorting out my accomodation for my trip across, all very much appreciated. Indeed, without him, I probably couldnt have budgeted a stay in Boston to be honest. I really look forward to meeting you in just a few weeks, and dont worry, if you cant make it to Boston for personal reasons, then I thoroughly plan to come to you, I’m sure Amtrak wont mind that, lol! All I say, is that I hope I’m not a disappointment to him in the flesh.

It should be a good week! 🙂

Call centre workers, and the nature of the job

From a slightly cynical, and possibly jaded view, are we rather like robots?

Lets face it, we sit at a computer each working day, wear a headset connected up to computer and telephone, and repeat the same few introductory words more than a hundred times in a working day. Alright, the calls might vary slightly from there forward, but not greatly it must be said, most of the words are the same, and just flow accordingly. So yes, its pretty mindless stuff, just perfect for a robot! And yes, its fair to say there are times you just slip into that mindless, robotic state, and…

But equally, current robots just couldnt cope with the variation in calls, however slight, because as we all know, current automated services can offer you various options, but in the end, anything more complex still has to be put through to a human operator. So yes, at present call centre workers are safe in their jobs, but in the future…

Mind, there are times when we call centre workers might be better off if we could just switch off, and go over to automatic robot-like mode at times. I know, I’d enjoy it far too much, especially if we had to undergo some for of mental processing pre-shift, but all the same…just imagine it,

“Welcome to ………, you are through to Stevie, how may I help?…Bleep!”


What does the future hold?

Yes, I’m going to relate this to human robotisation and the like, but lets start by looking back, and not that far either.

If, 30 years ago, someone had told you that in 2010 we would have had an internet service like we have, that most people in the first world at least would have access to powerful computers, and that you would chat by messenger and forum to people you’ll never know other than through this internet world, you’d have laughed your head off.

And going back a little further, remember those telecommunication devices in Star Trek, and how futuristic they looked, well compare them to modern day mobile phones lol! Basic, arent they? I’m also old enough to remember the introduction of colour TV, and there only being 2 channels to choose from on the TV! Whereas nowadays…

Oh, and go on, say it, cyborgs living on Earth with humans wont happen for years? Think about it, its all about human body enhancement, so what does that make anyone with a cochlear ear implant, heart pacemaker unit, or even replacement knee and hip joints? Laser eye surgery as well technically, but that is a bit more tenuous I guess?

Logical assumption is that human enhancement isnt going to stand still, its going to move even further in the next 30-50 years, thats a fact. The other fact is that at my age, I probably wont see much of it! Will humans actually be transformed into the mindless robots of MC fiction, probably not generally, but in the distant future (40 years or so minimum I guess?) I suspect that certain groups of prisoners may be ‘brainwashed’ into obedient service, even if robotising the body (especially internally) will prove a lot more complex. But I suspect ‘mental robots’ will certainly exist by 2050 or so.

One thing I am sure of, people will look back at our current computing capabilities, and wonder how we coped. Hey, I do that now thinking back to a computer I owned 10 years ago!

All my NFL team needs is…

On the weekend the pre season games get under way, and the night a certain North NY state team have their first game, lets take a look at their chances for the season.



Oh dear!


To be fair, Buffalo are unfortunate to be stuck in the same division as the Patriots, though back in the late 80’s, when I first really got into the game, they would probably have said the same thing about the Bills! The snag is, that since Kelly, and dare I say it, Reich left the scene, we havent really had a decent QB to speak of. Flutie was OK, Fitzpatrick may well prove to be OK, but otherwise…oh dear! Last year’s 4-12 record doesnt look good, but several of those defeats were either last play things, or indeed in overtime, so 8-8 could well have happened. Not great, but better than it was. Lets just say I think this season will be better, but still think playoffs are probably beyond us. Hopefully next season I might just get to see them live, but I’ll count no chickens before then, I’m practical that way.

So what do Buffalo need, some machine that turns Smith, Thomas, Tasker, Reed and Kelly back to youngsters would be handy lol! Good luck to this years team, I think you might need it!

Nothing to do with robots! Shock horror…

But entirely to be with somewhere I shall be visiting in just over 5 weeks time, well alright, 5 weeks tomorrow! I could make some witty comment about MIT working on a plan to robotise me, but as I promised not to mention robots, thats it!

I have been to Boston before, and what I remember of the place, I really liked it. Snag is, that was 23 years ago, now I’m showing my age! So my memories of the exact details are rather vague to say the least. Funnily enough that was also in September, but no idea what date it was lol! My partner at the time had an aunt living in Groton, so the main purpose was to visit her, though both of us also planned that the main part of our 2 week trip would be just us, and so it proved.

2 Firsts happened then, though neither in Boston. First ever Ice Hockey match in Hartford, though neither of us knew anything about the game, we got invited, said yes, and well, I dont remember much. All I know is that the Hartford Whalers are now in Carolina, hope that wasnt anything to do with us! Other first, and of more interest to me, my first ever live game of American football, a college game at Yale, against Columbia. All I remember is Yale won, seeing the public parts of the college beforehand was interesting, and Sheila’s fascination with the guys shouting, and selling ‘Soda’! Nothing like that happens in our country, even now!

Oh, alright, Boston. We spent the first few days there, before heading down to Groton, and saw a lot of the sights. The topical one at the time was the ‘Cheers Bar’, though as we saw it at 9 in the morning or so, we didnt go in! Memories otherwise are very vague, other than the Heritage walk, and Feneuil Hall to be honest, so it will be more like a first time visit I guess? Saw somewhere called Fenway Park from the observation platform somewhere, I think it was the John Hancock Tower, but could have that totally wrong? Been told I might see more of Fenway Park this time lol!

It seems 2 ‘Gardeners’ seem to want to meet up with me this time around, one of whom is a lovely guy I’ve ‘known’ most of my time at the Garden, and hey, I even know what he looks like! Pretty much fitted my image of him too in all honesty. Hopefully he will be able to get across at some point, if not I might be doing an Amtrak trek to meet this wonderful person, but that wouldnt be the biggest hardship in the world, other than it would mean an overnight stay away, and I’d hate to be a hardship on him.

The other is a lady I know far less about, certainly have no idea what she looks like, and to be honest, no great image in my head either. Oh, and she has a dog named after a famous baseball park, or is that the other way around? 😉

Guess they might sound familiar to some?

5 weeks from now, I should be in bed, as I’ve got an early start the next morning, but here and now, I can blog about a trip I’m really looking forward to.

Fantasy v Reality

Yes, there are times when even I wonder if there would be a difference in my attitude to the concept of being turned into a mindless, obedient robot if it was about to become reality, or indeed could become so. I dont think there is, but I guess its one of those things that, until its really about to happen, you just dont think too deeply about it.

As a fantasy, it really works for me, indeed its something I find the concept of to be a very hot, and exciting one. Sat (or laid) there, very restrained, very wired up, and either a helmet, either arcing electricity, or just about to, straight into my brain to brainwash, and/or robotise me, or by using an electrode cap to do the same, a very exciting one. And no, I dont think I’d feel any differently if it was about to happen for real, but…

I dont think I would resist in the slightest if it was going to happen for real, but at the same time I do wonder if some sort of survival instinct would kick in, causing me to try to resist, however futile it was. I guess the safest way to find out would be some form of roleplay, where I dont know whats going to happen next, and I have no control over events, which I assume to be a robot transformation scene. Yes, theoretically at present I know technology doesnt exist for turning humans into robots, but if someone could really set up the scene, and get inside your head that it might just be real, it would be fascinating to see how I reacted mentally to that. But lets face it, the chances of finding someone prepared to do that are pretty slim to say the least! I know it still wouldnt be reality, or I assume not, but…

And yes, alright, I do tend to get a fit of the giggles when I go to the hairdressers, and go under those hairdrying devices. Sadly none have made any attempt to brainwash me as yet though, lol! Well not that I’ve noticed at least! But again, the fantasy of being brainwashed, and the reality of it happening to me might just be 2 different things anyway.

But for now, I’m happy to go on dreaming, and fantasising, and maybe one day this question will truly arise. Hopefully one day I can at least be in a roleplay scenario that feels so real, that I can make a call on that, but wont hold my breath for even that happening.

Unless you know different…?