Working my way abroad

When I was younger, I always fancied taking the chance to work abroad, but it never happened, for whatever reason. In my time, around the turn of the century, I finally set to, in an attempt to achieve this aim, applying for jobs in Bermuda, and Russia. Both in the betting industry, but no joy on either count. Lets face it, the first was a tropical tax haven, and the second was one of those crazy openings that occurred after the Iron Curtain came down, and gambling took hold in Russia, especially Moscow.

Ironically, when I was finally offered the chance to work abroad, in 2003, in the US, I went and turned it down! No, the jobs werent glorious, but they were interesting, but at the time, having just lost my mother, and all that, I wanted to return home. Easy to say in hindsight that it was the wrong call, but anyway, at the time…ah well!

The other tempter I had at the time, was to go and work in Estonia, a country that I loved (and probably still would), but it would have required me to learn the language, and lets just say its one of the harder languages to learn, and leave it at that. So eventually, I let that dream die too.

Since then, apart from the crazy dream that someone might take on this poor waif while she was in the US, and employ her, its a dream that had died, until today. Oh, PS American folks, especially those in California (even more so LA area), if anyone does want to do a crazy thing, and employ this poor, battered waif, she’d love you forever! Fine, I know, but no harm in begging!

Yes, until today. Among other calls today (yes, I still sometimes get one), I received one from an agency, asking me if I would be interested in working in Greece. Yes, Greece, you know it, the one with the biggest financial hole in its economy in the first world, thats the one! Not that I’m sure if the situation is as bad out there now, as it was, as its disappeared out of the news at present. Wages arent great, but when you see the cost of living out there, it really doesnt matter! I’d actually seen this role before, last year, when things were bad, and thought ‘no thank you!’ and left it at that. But now, whats it like, especially as I’m reaching desperation point? To be fair, I suspect they are widening their job hunting options, as I suspect many still arent keen to go and work out there.

I did think I could talk myself out of it, as I had no great expectations of Greece being an LGBT friendly country, but it seems I’m wrong. Its not utopia (its a country dominated by Orthodox religion, for pity’s sake!), but better reports than I expected.

So maybe I will get to work abroad, though being the cynic I am, when it comes to jobs, I wont hold my breath just yet!

The video. Well, you could say I’ve been working my way around to that!

A man I’d love to meet

Oh seriously, if you’re talking the past, then I can see why Jean fell for William Powell, and why she was quite happy to regularly work with Clark Gable, shall we say? 😉

But no, tonight, I’m again focussing on a man who is totally fictional, who could seduce me anytime, and turn me to putty, or his mindless slave, or whatever. Sadly, even if he did exist, I’d be too old for him, not pretty enough, but anyway… Oh, his name, Karsten Talv

Doesnt mean a thing to you, then try reading this, and not falling for his charms

OK, the men might not fall for him, but hey, this is all about me, and my fantasies, right? There are other stories about him, by this author, but this is just the latest one that I’ve been swooning over him about.

Yes, his technological skills delight me considerably, but even without them, this smooth charmer has that delightful edge that I just love. I know, fine, if it was real life, and really happening to me, I might feel differently, but I doubt it.

Oh, and another factor that Mr Talv has, that appeals to me no end, he comes from Estonia. Well, strictly, his main residence is there, but the feel from the stories suggests he is a native of that country, which will always have a special place in my heart.

I know, he’s strictly a naughty guy, but for some reason, for so many ladies, arent they the ones you fall in love with? So fine, sadly, meeting him is rather out of the question, he only exists in fiction, but if I could, he could do anything to me he wanted, mind control talents, or otherwise.

Oh, and while I’m mentioning this author, I have to drop this one into the equation

The lady who got the big break, Jean Harlow. The poor girl who didnt, Clara Johnson, myself in a previous life. Yes, this was written for a challenge I set up, and its great. Not true, but if it was… 😉

Seriously, Interstitial is a good writer, you should read some of his stuff.

The video, just for Mr Talv, is the one song sung in Estonian that I know. Yes, thats right, that song about Louise Brooks!

Dealing with a slippery character

In my life, I have been fortunate enough to have visited Eastern Europe, both before, and after the fall of the Iron Curtain, though curiously, there’s only one that I visited both sides of that event, Hungary. Believe me when I say, even though my first visit after the fall of the wall was no more than a few months after the big event, the changes were noticeable, even then.

I’m not certain if saying that people were more relaxed then, though attitudes seemed to change pretty quickly, it has to be said. That trip, was actually a holiday, with my ‘other half’, and one night we stopped for a drink in the bar, at the hotel we were staying at for a few days. In said bar, was a lady, dressed in a cleavage revealing top, and leather skirt, looking around at the men, in the bar, and surrounding area.

I understood more than a few words of Hungarian back then, and I heard someone disdainfully say in Hungarian that she was a ‘lady of the night’. No, not a vampire lol, a prostitute! And this was brazenly in the bar of a good quality hotel in Budapest! To say she wouldnt have been there a year earlier is putting it mildly, even though Hungary was a lot more laid back than the Soviet Union (or most communist countries) it has to be said!

In a sense, I regret never going back to the Eastern part of Germany, but in many ways, the change would have been so dramatic, it might have been for the best. Prague, would be nice to go back to sometime though, but no idea if, or when.

Of course, the countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania didnt even strictly exist before 1991! I still hope one day to return to Estonia (my favourite of them) but I have no idea when! Maybe when the body is no longer up to transatlantic flight hopping, and I need to go somewhere nearer. Ironically, due to the arrival on the scene of budget airlines, I suspect Tallinn has changed dramatically in the last 15 years or so, but anyway…

No, I’ve never been to the Ukraine, before, or after the wall came down, so I have no idea what Kiev (Kyiv) is like. But in Vilnius, I saw signs of what life must have been like under Soviet rule, and they werent nice ones. So yes, its sad for me to see current events in the Ukraine, given what happened in the past. No, I dont think Russia will take over the whole of Eastern Europe again, but events in the area concern me all the same.

Snag is, Putin isnt the type to step down from a challenge re events there, and Obama seems ready to stand firm over things too. I just hope this doesnt lead to bloodshed, war, and even worse, thats all I say. So for now, I hope events play out well in the Ukraine, and things can be settled peacefully. Snag is, I’m not sure if they can, at the moment.

The video, rather apt I feel, from an artist no longer with us, whose music I love. Mind, if you want to see that light that ‘comes down from above’ as a mind control element, feel free to do so, the lyrics do seem to fit in!

Apologies re the non video, video, but its all I could find.