Jean and Louise get together again

Alright, fine, me and Kate get together again, or did last night at least. Sadly her bob isnt quite as good as it was a fortnight ago, and fine, my curls have been a bit beaten up by 2 nights of sleep, but all the same…

The journey across was smooth, and pretty much on time, and customs and immigration was pretty easy too. Well, fine, they have an automated system now at Atlanta, which a 30’s girl like me had ‘fun’ with, but otherwise…very much easier than I’m sure Philadelphia will be in a couple of months time! Heck, even security was smooth and pretty fast, scary stuff.

OK, the fun stuff starts today, with the baseball game, more on that later, I’m sure.

But for now, the most entertaining thing, the driver was aiming at West 105th street, and the hotel is on East 105th. Apart from that, nothing much…yet.

At present, its still me in my mind, not Jean, but for how much longer lol?

Oh, my hotel bed, it might not be quite as big as this, but its not far off it. No, I havent yet got that nightwear, sadly

Harlow reclining

The video, a real oldie, the clue in the blog title. One rare thing here, a 70’s group actually performing live in a studio!