The game of brotherly love

Yes, I know, hardly surprising tonight, the subject matter is the Superbowl, a little over 2 hours away at the time of posting at least. One thing is for certain, the winning coaches surname will be Harbaugh lol! Which brother, whole different matter though.

Given my love of San Francisco, combined with the fact that as of yet, I’ve never been to Baltimore, its not hard to work out where my support lies. Mind, given my tipping record in the play offs so far, they might as well give the trophy to Baltimore now, I’ve been awful!

The most ‘entertaining’ thing I’ve noticed so far this week, has been that wonderful ‘foot in mouth’ moment from one SF player, saying some not very nice things about gay and transgender people. And seriously, he lives and plays in San Francisco, given the nature of that city in the LGBT field, oh dear lol! Ah well, such is life I guess?

In the old days, I used to stay up and watch the first half of the Superbowl, but then working hours changed, I tended to be working early on Monday, so I stopped doing so. Tomorrow, I’m not working, so yes, I’m thinking about staying up for the first half at least. Stamina might come into it, I’d done 9 days out of 10 prior to today at work, and its definitely all caught up with me. So by 11, or indeed 11.30 when the game starts, I might only be ready for bed! But we will see…

Right, the video, 2 for the price of 1 tonight, though really you only need to select one, its the same song. If you want to see the group lip synching to it back in 1967, select this version

Yes, its that man of many groups, Tony Burrows again singing lead.

If you want the song, with visual shots of a wonderful city, select this one

And that silver robot that briefly appears. No it isnt me lol!