The cheerleader thing

Its funny, its one of those remaining Americanism’s that has never really taken off in the same way over here, not quite sure why? Rugby league has picked up on the idea to a small degree, but that really is about it. In cricket, it has caught on in some parts of the world (thinking mainly India, and their hideous Premier League) but not over here.

And also, lets face it, in terms of mind control stories, the cheerleader girls do seem a popular target to be the victims of mind control. Most in the stories are portrayed as narcissistic in nature, I have no idea how true that is in real life? I suspect if truth is known, some are, some arent! But story wise, they do seem to be the ultimate lust target for the nerds of the world, thats for sure.

Given my lack of rhythm, and co-ordination, I’d never have made a cheerleader. Besides which, they are meant to look cute, so… But I guess a lot of girls grow up dreaming of being one, cute or not?

Ah, the video, anyone would think this posting was just an excuse to squeeze thisĀ in, and they may even be right, lol! But truly, in pop music terms, the ultimate pop video just has to be…

A classic piece of 3 and a half minute pop! One hit wonder, what a shame.