2013 in review

As promised, the WordPress review of the years activity

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,800 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

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A pair of NFL farewells

Its a fact of life that time moves on, as I know too well myself. At 55, I’ve probably got a few more years left in this life, but in all likelihood, not as many as I’ve had already, by a long stretch!

But when it comes to sports stadiums, it seems to get hit and miss. Fenway Park has been around for over a century, and Wrigley Field hits that landmark next year as well. But others seem to have a brief life, and then pass away, usually in a cloud of smoke, from demolition, by explosions.

Last Monday saw the last NFL game at Candlestick Park, San Francisco, and today, the same event is happening in Minneapolis, at the Metrodome. Both will be demolished at some point in the New Year. In the case of the 49ers, the new stadium will be ready for next season, though it will be in Santa Clara, not San Francisco, but I assume, no change of name? The Vikings will be playing outdoors for a couple of seasons or so, while the new stadium is built, and that wont be fun in December!

One boring fact, did you know that will only leave 1 stadium which both an NFL team, and an MLB team have called home, Oakland. SF Giants left at the turn of the century, the Minnesota Twins just a few years ago, but until then, they were both joint sport stadiums. Now the only one will be the Oakland Coliseum, and there is talk of one, or indeed both teams leaving there too!

I did see a game of Baseball at the Metrodome, but never made it to Candlestick Park. Now I will never visit either again. Farewell to both of you, but your mark in the history of the NFL, and MLB will remain

The video, lets call this the moment that probably broke the Metrodome’s back!

A few pictures from today

Well, I’ll warn you now, if you’re looking for 500 words of wisdom, wait for the next blog. A bit like a Trans Pennine Express train, it will arrive, err, sometime soon! I could jokingly say that today, and tomorrow are the only days in the year that their trains aren’t late, and thats because there arent any! On the other hand, if you want a picture of ‘the dress’ and a couple of other shots from today, you’re in the right place!

So getting started, at long last, here is a picture of that delicious pink, flapper style dress, complete with bared knees.

flapper dress 2

Next, a picture of a wonderful present, a necklace that is absolutely gorgeous, and fits in with the look

necklace close up

Yes, as you might quickly spot, this was taken before I changed, and I’m wearing a ‘most expensive’ grey/silver dress, which is lovely to look at, and equally nice to wear. I’m kidding about the cost, its one of my charity shop specials, and did not cost a fortune! A full length shot of it next

full length grey dress

My thanks to Nicole Woodhouse for taking the photos for me.

So thats it, I hope it was worth the wait?

I’ve had a lovely day, but yes, thats it for me, back to work tomorrow!

The video, probably the one Christmas song I havent heard this year, and I have no idea why?

Merry Christmas Everyone

Yes, thats a major clue to the video, though as I’m not sure this song ever crossed the Atlantic, my North American readers may not know it without looking at the video. Might be better if they dont, but anyway…

To all my readers here, and there seem to be a few, can I wish you all a Merry Christmas, from both me, and my alter ego, Merry Brooks.

Whats that, you thought my name really was Merry Brooks? Ah well, next you’ll be telling me you believe in Santa Claus? What? Aah…lets leave it there, shall we, lol?

Lets face it, at my age, I’m long past the point of getting over excited about Christmas, and with no family to share it with, it will just be the four of us here having a lovely day together. Then, for me at least, back to work on Boxing Day. Thankfully today was one of my days off for the week, so I have got a break of sorts.

If people are good (and I will get Santa to confirm), I might wear the dress I wore to the dinner tomorrow, and get one of Dave, or Nicole to take a picture, so you can finally see what it looked like. Whether I inflict my bare knees on you, you’ll have to wait and see! If you’re lucky, I’ll wear the leggings too!

Oh, and for those of you lacking a present for Christmas, there is always


for a Kindle treat. I know, I know, naughty, but the extra pennies would be nice, and the sales might boost the ego too. There are other options, like Smashwords, Kobo etc, for those of you without a Kindle too. Or as I have myself, you can download Kindle books to your computer anyway.

But anyway, advertising over now, honest it is.

Presents will be a few, one I know is the Louise Brooks biography by Barry Paris, a treat I’m looking forward to, I must say. I know that, because someone asked what I wanted, and this appealed, funnily enough. Beyond that, and the bottle of wine from work, not a clue!

So as I say, enjoy your day tomorrow, religious or otherwise, with a family or not, just have a lovely day.

Oh, and if you really want to think that I’m really a stunning young woman, named Meredith (Merry) Brooks, feel free to do so. Oh, and Santa, if you want me to look like my avatar pic that Merry uses as a Christmas present, please do!

The video, an oldie, but they are the best, so they say

I believe in Father Christmas

Well, alright, maybe I dont, I’m a bit old for that now, but all the same…its a nice idea?

So here we are, 3 days from the big event, and just 1 more working day to go, tomorrow. Actually, thats a bit of a strange one, given there is no horse racing now in the UK, or Ireland until Boxing Day, but still the gambling goes on. Foreign racing, greyhounds, and virtual racing will keep assaulting the punters through the next 2 days, and indeed those computerised chances to lose (or occasionally win) money, on the machines now in all betting shops. Oh, football and sport betting too, of that I’m sure. Yes, we actually shut on Christmas Day, the only day now that the betting shops actually shut. People will still be betting online though, that is for sure!

Shops used to shut on Good Friday, and these 2 days before Christmas as well, but money nowadays is the main concern, and so the shops are open. Not quite so bad in our place, but not good, all the same!

What am I expecting for Christmas in gifts, no idea. I was expecting the usual choccies and booze routine, but I’m told there has been some ‘out of the box’ thinking done this year, so it will be interesting to see what I get. Something 20’s related might make for a good bet lol!

2014 looks like having an interesting start for me, beginning with the release of my 5th ebook, when I get it back from my wonderful editor, James. The other interesting looking event early in the year, could be me getting to be a hypno-bot, at least for a little while, now that should be fun! More details nearer the time, I suspect.

The video, a Christmas song, a live version from somewhere I will visit in 2014, Albany. Probably my favourite Christmas song in all honesty, probably because of the nature of the feelings, and lyrics

Facebook friends

So admit it, well, those of you on Facebook at least, which seems to be most people nowadays, how many of your friends there do you actually know?

My own personal account has about 100 friends (roughly) on it, and in all honesty, I’ve actually met, and know about 50% of them. Mind, a lot of the make up on that are people involved in either supporting, or being part of the Irish Cricket set up, which is fair enough, I guess? But would I know most of those, if they passed me in the street, or I met them at a Cricket match, no chance!

But I dont mind being ‘friends’ with them, we have a common bond at least.

Fine, when I started publishing my stories, I set up a Facebook account for Merry Brooks, as much for a publicity machine, as anything else. So alright, I use it as an opportunity to ‘like’ many things Kansas, and indeed, Kansas City, despite it being just over the border, or the sports teams are at least!

No, she doesnt have a big friends list, currently 14, I just checked. Of which I have good online knowledge of…7! There might be one or two others I know, but just dont recognise the name of, but…So yes, I occasionally get the odd friend request, and just tend to approve them. So if you want to friend an author, feel free. Just dont send me games requests, or poke me, or anything like that, or you wont be a friend for long!

The best one though, in a truly wonderful sense, happened a few days ago. I checked it in the morning, and there it was a friend request. So I click through to see who it is, and its a Mary Brooks. Good name, I must say! 🙂 Unsurprisingly, approved. So I look at her details, guess where she lives now, Cherryvale! Wow! So, for a few moments, I assume its another fan of the lovely Louise, but on reading more, that doesnt seem to be the case.

If I get to Cherryvale next year (fingers crossed), I must so try and make contact with her, even if Merry Brooks isnt my real name. I guess she knows that, the avvie is a bit of a give away on that front somehow! But all in all, meet her or not, having a friend named Mary Brooks, from Cherryvale is just the most wonderful thing that could happen for me.

I did send a message to her, asking if there is any connection, or if there are any comments around town about her name, but she hasnt replied yet. But hopefully…

The video, well something that seems apt for Facebook at least

An amazing writer

I’ve mentioned a friend named Kris P Kreme before a couple of times, both for providing me with a super book cover, and also the little blog piece on here. Well, tonight, he’s going to get another mention.

Now, you know I write stories, some of which have made it into ebooks, plug, plug. My current total of published stuff is 4, though sometime between now, and the early part of the new year, that will go up to 5, the latest effort is currently with my wonderful editor, so that its easier for you buyers (hint, hint) to read it.

But like many others, Kris makes my efforts numerically look pretty feeble. In fact, he has just hit the century, publishing his 100th story, wow! I know he aims to make more of a living out of it than I do, which explains the respective numbers, but even so, thats an amazing effort.

I havent got his links unfortunately, but I’m sure if you type that name into any good ebook site, his stuff will appear. So, I just want to say in public, to a friend, congrats on the century, Kris, and a toast to the next ton.

As you know, he’s living in Alabama, and he writes a lot about bimbo’s, who like love, in the form of sex, so maybe this is the right video for him?