Stuck in the middle of the fairway

Its funny how things have turned around with the blogs, at one point this was the popular one, and my personal one struggled along. Now its the other way around, but who knows where it might all be 6 months from now?

Now given I’m only working to a limited market in more senses than one (reads this, be on Twitter, or prepared to be), lets keep this fairly brief, as I also need to get it done before I run out of steam, lol. Golf! Do you know anything about it?

This week in South Africa, there is a tournament taking part called the Nedbank, which I’m assuming is the sponsor? I dont know, I only play along for fun. But basically, there is a fantasy competition going on, where you pick 7 of the golfers, go find a Twitter account @tipsterstour, and either message him, or post on the relevant thread, because…well every entry earns me a little bit of money. Yes, its the ‘help the cancer suffering me’ this week fantasy contest, with my full approval. Basically, every entry earns me a small sum to make my life a little easier (or more likely, a chocolate treat for me), so if you want to support me, without actually needing to send money, then this is it, and hey, it will cost someone else money instead!

Equally, if you just want to support me in the short term, my Paypal address is, or I have a Kofi thing at that you can happily use.

But yes, isnt it more fun to make someone else pay, or pay too, lol? And yes, as I prove regularly, you really dont need to know much about golf to get involved in this!

Right, video time. To say this is weird, and crazy would be putting it mildly. But hey, it was filmed in the 1970’s, and sorry, but for those who think this blog should be weird, the chocolate eclair moment covers that!