Have I the right?

No, I’m not demanding too much, just the right to survive until 2017! Seriously, 2016 seems to have been a terrible year for famous people dying, but I’m sure that if you were to look back at previous years, the numbers really arent that much more significant than before, or even more of the same. The facts are though, that through social media, we have more people grieving in public nowadays than before, and also, just maybe its more noticeable for people of my age, because its my generation that is starting to die off at this rate.

Yes, I havent had as wild a life as some of these celebrities, nor the stress of fame they have to put up with, but yes, I still suspect that maybe my time is a bit more limited than would be ideal. Fine, there are times when I might be glad when it is all over, but for now at least, I have a few things I’d like to do, and a few places I’d like to see, but if my time is nearly up, not a lot I can do!

I’m not going to mention a whole list of names, because someone will object to someone I name, or someone I leave out, so…Oh fine, I’m going to mention Carrie Fisher, not because of Star Wars, but because she was one of few famous people prepared to come out and admit to having ECT treatments, and doing so in a positive way. Yes, she admits there are issues, but at the same time, she calls it a positive thing. Yes, I know, my book was my own humble attempt to get people to think about it, though judging by sales, success was limited. Oh fine, part of me definitely regrets not being able to do personal research on the matter, though equally, maybe a little less than standard might have been wise, but I guess its not going to happen now, regardless. Yes, part of me says shame to that!

Beyond all that, 2016 has been a funny year for me. First year in a long time that I havent left the UK, even longer since I havent even left England. I believe the former is 1995, the latter is 1967, or 1968! Yes, I know, I’ll try and make up for it next year. More of that on Saturday, when I do the forward looking stuff.

The other big event this year was the marvelous moment when I got offered a job, after about 15 months of trying. The biggest irony was being offered a short term job the day before that, but in truth, it was no contest as to which one I took. Yes, I definitely did the right thing, has to be said, and its going to take quite an offer to get me to move on from here, willingly.

Fine, if I get offered a nice acting run in a theater, or in a movie, or more jokingly (I think?) someone offers to turn me into a robot type being, then I might reconsider, but otherwise… Yes, I wish on the latter, but hardly likely to happen, shame! Or someone will crazily fall in love with me, or wish to turn me into their submissive… Oh fine, the robot concept is as likely!

Yes, fine, can somebody give me the right to live, and work in the US for a while, if not longer, pretty please!

The video, an absolute golden oldie, but I wanted to use it, so…