Getting your kicks, clickety click style

And yes, the very obvious number involved here has more significance than it might this year.

Firstly, 66 days from today, I wont be typing up this blog in England. Allowing for time zone changes, I’ll be at JFK Airport, waiting for the plane to Rochester, NY. Without time zone changes, I’m at the hotel, catching up on events on the internet. Yes, even I find it hard to believe its getting that close now, and even more so, as I’ve still got 4 other days of holiday before then, at the beginning of March, the remnants of this years holiday allowance. Yes, our holiday year is April to March, for those who might be confused by that comment.

To be honest, I’ll be playing most of it ‘as it goes’, I have a few things planned, but thats about it at present. A day trip to Buffalo, a visit to a certain graveside, which I’m sure you can all work out who that is. Alright, for any newbie who doesnt know, its Louise Brooks, who is buried there. Hopefully a sporting event, though they are only very loosely pencilled in at present, as one requires the Ice Hockey team to make the play offs (fair chance at this moment), and the other requires the Indoor Football venue being reachable by public transport relatively easily on a Sunday. Beyond that, its very much just taking it as it comes.

Any suggestions, beyond the obvious ones would be appreciated, though please remember I only have public transport to get me around, so no, I cant do a day trip around the Finger Lakes area lol!

Clothes packing for the trip might be entertaining, could get almost anything in Rochester in April, including snow! And yes, I know that, the Weather Channel was showing pictures of it on the Sunday as I arrived in Seattle last April!

But as some may realise, its not the only significance of the number 66 this year. The famous Route 66 (more shortly) briefly runs through Kansas, though not a part I shall probably visit. Yes, thats my holiday for September, even if it is still very much TBA for exact details at present. And indeed will remain so, for at least a couple of months or so. And yes, you’re right, the other end of Louise Brooks life, what sensational news lol!

Right, the video. Yes, I think you’ve worked out what the song is by now, and if you havent, I’ll send out the bimbo certificate to you! Different version though, and one I hadnt heard before, and not sure how purists will react? But for the men at least, and some women, there is another attraction while watching this video. And no, its not a car driving down a road lol!