A first today

After the Space Needle today, I went on to the Science Museum in Seattle, only just around the corner. In terms of science museums that I’ve visited, its not the greatest, but still warrants mention for one reason.

Because my visit there was part of the City 6 pack, I automatically got a choice of IMAX film, and even that wasnt easy to do! The one I missed out on, was Tornado Alley, which tempted me, because I suspected that at least some of it would be from Kansas. But the other one was set in the Arctic, and Alaska, so alright, that won out.

What I didnt notice at the time of making my choice (I’m blonde, for heavens sake!) was that the Arctic one was one of those 3D films, something I’ve never seen before. Its weird, and not just the glasses, though wearing them, in front of your own, is definitely an experience in itself. The sensation is amazing, they had snow seeming to come out of the screen in the opening credits, and then all the words of said credits, turned to ice, broke up, and seemed to come flying towards you as well. And yes, at one point, I ducked out of the way lol!

Seeing a film in 3D for the first time is quite something, I was most impressed. How I looked, might be another matter entirely though! Also, I have to say it, I’m not sure I would like to watch sport in 3D, seeing a ball literally flying towards me would probably put me off more than any extra enjoyment I might get! Lets just say its something I’m glad I’ve done, but wont be rushing to repeat. But I suppose its like a lot of things, you get used to it in time, probably just me showing my age?

Tomorrow, while the weather holds up (though about 10 degrees lower than today), I intend to do the harbour cruise, and see Seattle from a different perspective. I also plan to visit the Aquarium, something I enjoy doing in places, though I have never quite worked out why? Soothing effect maybe, otherwise, not a clue.

Sorry for those who enjoy them, no video tonight, I just couldnt find anything suitable.