We’re the (LGBT) kids in America!

And now ‘we’ can get married in all 50 states! Yes, I know the news has been out a little while, but due to various matters, I havent had the chance to comment until now. And besides, on the anniversary of independence for the US, what could be more apt?

I guess the thing that has amused me the most about it, is the people threatening to move to Canada, because of the decision, the only thing being, Canada changed their rules about 10 years ago! Russia might welcome them…oh, maybe not? 😉

Personally, I have no plans to take up the offer, mainly because of my age, my total lack of interest in sex (hardly makes me a great romantic target, lets face it), and after all these years of independent living, living with someone else might be, err, fun, now!

Yes, there were a few states where same sex marriages were fine, but to say it was a jumbled mess, would be to put it mildly. Now, wherever you are in the US, go ahead and do it, if you want to! I only wish this had been the rules for a very long time, but such is life.

As far as the Golden Age of Hollywood goes, there were a few L’s and G’s about for sure, and more than a few B’s too. Most were discreetly hidden away, though by now, its a well known fact about the likes of Garbo, but anyway…

From all I’ve seen, and read, Jean never dabbled in the Sapphic stuff. Though supposedly there were a few Hollywood actresses, who ‘requested’ her presence in their beds, so who knows? However, its definitely fair to say that Jean preferred men, seemingly those older than herself, but anyway…Given that my 1 long term partner was much older than myself, anyway…mine was female though!

But yes, I’m delighted for all those of the same sex, who wanted to marry in America, now you can go out and do it! Maybe one day, someone will want me…nope, I doubt it!

Oh, and before I finish, happy 4th of July, America!

The video, well, it has got America in the title. And yes, there is a bit of a clue in the blog title!

Kids in America

The irony of this, the song is about American kids, but its sung by a girl from London, England! But anyway, apart from the video, thats the only English thing here.

Getting the house to myself for a week over New Year was a real change, I actually had some form of power over the TV remote control lol! I actually also had some form of power over the cats, the fact I was feeding them! That too made a major change!

What it did enable me to do was watch some American Football. Yes, Sunday I did see some NFL, but principally I’m talking the college bowl games. No, I’m not strictly affiliated to any college, for an obvious reason, I didnt go to any of them! I sort of root for Washington Huskies (think where the uni is?) but not in a major way, its just the city thing. Yale (the only college game I’ve seen live) Bulldogs (I think?) and Idaho Vandals (gold and silver uniform, thats it!) are others I sometimes watch out for, but thats about it. Oh, and I’m getting into Oklahoma State, I have no idea why…whistles innocently… I suspect Mary Brooks (think about it) probably never went to college with her track record (and the different nature of things back then), but someone might tell me otherwise.

The thing is, the NFL, with the possible exception of Tebow, you know what you’re getting, the offences and defences might vary slightly, but thats it. College football has all sorts of crazy goings on. I got to see Air Force (and a couple of others) playing some crazy kind of option offense, a total new thing to me, but I gather a number of college teams play this way? But yes, its fun, seemingly far more fun than the NFL with all the bands and things. Maybe thats because there isnt the same money at stake?

BCS Championship, given what I said about Ok. State earlier, I’m not going to say much about that. Were they robbed of their place? Kate would say yes, Kris would say no, me, I’m none the wiser to be honest!

Sport in the US is different, the kids go to college, then go on to the pro’s if good enough, but are drafted into teams, so in theory all teams have an equal chance, even if it doesnt work out that way! Over here, a small number of teams just buy up everybody, no surprises in results long term, and thats probably why I’m not a soccer fan. But yes, I’m looking forward to an NFL game live, but I suspect if I lived over there, college football might just hold more interest for me.

The video is older than the kids playing in those bowls, its from the early eighties. Now thats showing my age. Hopefully all will enjoy