So, Miss, Brain scan, or Brainwash, your call

Just to say I will probably do a more serious version of this on the other blog, at a later date, as its critical news, so for those seeing both, forgive the repetition. But otherwise…

Yesterday I got the letter from the Hospital confirming my Neurology appointment. For those in the US, used to paying for private health treatment, you might be shocked to hear its not until June. Yes, one dear, wonderful friend certainly was, for sure. For those in the UK, used to the National Health Service, you wont be surprised to hear that I havent got an appointment until mid June. Yes, if I had the money to get it done privately, it ‘might’ be a bit sooner. Yes, seriously, it would be. But I’m poor, will need to wait, as things stand, but if anyone has a few thousand pounds (or more) going spare, feel free to let me know!

As I’ve already mentioned, the thought of getting my brain scanned amuses me totally. Oh, fine the idea of it brainwashing me appeals even more, so if anyone wants to offer me that option instead, again, please do! Fine, ideally, given the choice, please scan, make sure there are no issues, and then brainwash me, oh heaven!

Complete robot makeover (after scan clearance), complete with chrome bodysuit, now we’re really talking! 😉

No, sadly (relatively), all I’m going to get is an MRI, and EEG done on my brain, and no tampering with my mind. But an old woman can hope…?

Video time. I was trying to find something suitable for the brainwashing/conversion side of things, and found this. Yes, I know the guy behind the video (not the lucky victim), and given I can see its a trailer, from about 3 years ago, why not use it? If anyone actually wants the video, or wishes to suggest to him that he converted me, either drop me a line, and I’ll pass it on, or contact him via his website. Oh, if only this worked for real…