Everybody’s beautiful

So fine, sue me, thats not exactly the title of the video, but the sentiment is pretty close. Oh, and if there should be any white supremacists reading this, or homophobes, then I should look away now!

This last weekend, close to Kansas City, where I will be visiting in September, a horrible event took place. No, I’m not going to turn this into an anti guns thing, or anything, I suspect this guy would have had a gun under the circumstances, regardless of the rules.

In Overland Park, an area in Kansas, close to Kansas City (indeed part of the metropolitan district, or whatever its called) a shooting took place this last weekend, in which 3 innocent people died. A 73 year old, former member of the Klu Klux Klan took a gun into a Jewish community area of Overland Park, and randomly killed 3 people, assuming he was killing Jews, who seemingly he hated. Unfortunately for him, 2 of his victims were Christians! So he couldnt even get that right. Thankfully he was quickly arrested, and with luck, will not see freedom again in his lifetime!

No, this gentleman was not from KC, or indeed Kansas, but a Missouri community about 180 miles from the area. For that I’m grateful, even if it is only a small mercy, and no consolation for the families of the victims. I know, I know, I might only be 20 years younger, but I come from a whole different generation, though I know there are many, of my age, or younger who would support his views, but anyway…

I just feel its a shame, that even now, people feel this way about others, just because they have different views, or religions.

But its funny how times have moved on, even in my lifetime. When I was a child, not only was homosexuality regarded as sinful in my country, it was illegal! Even when it was legalised, there was plenty of homophobia around, and though things have improved dramatically (now we even have single sex marriages legal, at long last), there are still plenty around with deep centred views against such people. Funny thing is, lesbian porn is supposed to be a turn on for many men! But maybe I’m wrong, but has it always been worse for gay men, than gay ladies? Hmm…?

Maybe one day, the last part of LGBT will have equal rights, I think its fair to say that transgender rights are still way behind others, even if it is slightly better than before. But there still seems to be too much hate for these people, principally men, and that is a great shame. Of course, transgender women, becoming men, are probably less noticeable than the other way round!

Ah well, one day, all will be equal, though probably not in my lifetime!

The video, a wonderful song, nearly 50 years old, hard to believe.