Super hero(ine)s in movies

Alright, this is sort of a step on from the equality in Hollywood rant a couple of blogs back. When you look at all the super heroes in the movies, have you noticed one thing, its nearly all men! And even when, for example, Batgirl gets into a movie, its really only as a secondary role to Batman, lets face it. And yes, as to the like of Power Girl, et al, getting a movie of their own, I wish!

Fine, its action stuff (though there is no reason women couldnt do it, especially given the amount of the action nowadays that is CGI anyway), but wouldnt men like to see a woman in a cute super suit, giving it out to the villains? But like far too much else in that city, its pretty much just jobs for the boys, sadly. And beyond Cat Woman, how many good female villains get a decent part either? I know, Halle Berry is enough to put anyone off Cat Woman in a movie, but Michelle Pfeiffer?

Anyway, what was asked was what Super Heroine we ladies fancied being? I cant remember the 4 options (pretty sure it was Bat Girl, Super Woman, Cat Woman and one other, Black Orchid, maybe?), and I chose Bat Girl. Yes, the outfit might have played a part in that decision, but anyway…

Then someone picked one that wasnt on the list, and I jokingly commented that I’d only picked from the list! So the obvious reply, well, who do you want to be then? I quickly checked Wikipedia, and to my disappointment, discovered there had never been a Robot Girl. Still, I mentioned it, and got asked what sort of uniform I fancied. I suggested something combining Maria from Metropolis, combined with Iron Man. No idea what it would look like, but it sounds fun! Got a bit of agreement on the matter, but of course now I’m wondering how it would look? So, if there are any designers out there, want to create it on paper, I’d love to see it. Fine, I’d love to wear it as well, but at least seeing how someone would design it might be fun.

So, expert or otherwise, feel free to create, and email to me at or put it in a comment on here.

Looking at it (there are a couple of possibles before then), this time next week I will either be booking, or have booked that 4 week stay in the US, almost certainly Hollywood. If air fares go crazy, or there is a mass of small apartment bookings, it might not happen, and who knows, a job might even happen too. But otherwise…

Mind, might be fun, having my photos taken on Hollywood Boulevard, as Robot Girl, I must say. 😉

OK, the most apt video I could think of.

Bright ideas for a story

Yes, go back a few blogs, and you might remember I mentioned about an anthology of superheroine stories, set in the fictional setting of River City? Well, yes, Robotica came quite easily for me, and indeed it was quite fun writing a piece about a robot (though strictly she’s more cybernetic, than robot, but anyway…), and it came to me quite easily.

Flapper Girl, now that was a whole different challenge. Firstly, I tried to write a story about a modern girl, who styles herself as a Flapper, and write a piece that way. To be honest, it might have been fun, but all I could draw was a blank.

So finally I decided, if River City has modern day Super’s, they didnt just arrive overnight, of course. So why not put Flapper Girl in her natural era, the 1920’s? But still, given you cant use computers, or the internet as a tool back then, what could I use as a storyline?

Then I remembered one of those popular films set back then, and no, not The Great Gatsby. In fact, the first film version of that was made in the 20’s, though beyond the trailer, nothing survives today, its a lost film, sadly. Sadly, a good number of Louise Brooks’s films have met the same fate.

But, does anyone remember the plot of a certain Julie Andrews film set back then? Probably not, but there was supposedly a bit of a white slave trade going on back then, shock horror! So I updated it a bit, tweaked the title slightly, and…If I say the heroines first name is Belinda, and you shorten it, you might work it out!

So, yes, I settled on the slave trade, though given its going on the EMCSA (as in E for Erotic), I made them being turned into sex slaves. Belinda (aka Billie, for those still trying to work it out) eventually wins the day, with a measure of chaos and fun thrown into the mix. To be honest, I’m planning a series of ‘Billie’ shorts now, to put up as an ebook. Not all will feature sex (this may well be the only one that does, and that is only mentioned in the story line), some will just be in her ‘day job’ as herself, though I am planning one more piece of mayhem with her as a Super.

What I’m surprised, and pleased about, is how easily I found it to write again, I thought it might have been tougher than it was. Still going to have the time issue, but anyway…

Yes, the video, I love it, just love Julie Andrews reaction to events around her. If you want to sing along, fine. Just change the name slightly, thats all… 😉