One way, or another, you’ll be a bunny girl!

I guess it depends on your opinion of the matter as to whether Hugh Hefner used the young women he put into Bunny Girl outfits, or whether they used him by using his fame to get their faces (and tails) noticed by people to help boost their fame. Which is correct, who knows? my opinion, six of one, half dozen of the other, but anyway… it worked out well for both!

Yes, the Bunny Girl outfit was sexy, was aimed at men, but it has to be noted, that unless you know otherwise, all the girls who wore it, wore it willingly! Mind, some of us might have enjoyed being mind controlled into becoming a sexy Bunny Girl, but thats beside the point, I doubt it happened! There might have been a few ‘convinced’ into wearing it, though I suspect most of that was friends, rather than Hefner himself. I have to say that one of my stories, ‘Of an innocence divine’ could be accused of turning girls into similar sex objects, but that was mind control, and that was fiction, so…

Oh, for those curious?

What people conveniently forget when condescending Hefner for the whole Bunny Girl, and Playboy Club thing for women, was that this was the 60’s, when liberation for women, both sexual, and in the job market was just starting to develop. Oh, and I suspect the pay was pretty good by the standard of those days too! So, good looking, confident young women, who wanted to get themselves noticed, by the right people, this was one of the better job outlets going! I’m not saying Hefner didnt get something out of it himself, as over the years, most of the playmates were younger, or much younger than himself (more recent times), and these girls probably thought they owed him something. So in those days of sexual liberation, and early birth control, I’m sure the inevitable happened!

Would I have become a Bunny Girl, given the chance? Who knows, a young actress, who maybe wasnt going to become a star, who could dress up sexily, and might ‘pull’ a rich man as a husband because of it, well, just maybe…? No, by the time I reached that age, the peak of its fame was gone, and besides, I was never that pretty anyway lol!

But let me say one thing. If someone offered me the chance to dress up, just once, as a Bunny Girl, I’d do it, and probably parade wearing it too, but that maybe the actress in me talking, who knows? Equally, all the same, if someone wants to ‘brainwash’ me into thinking I’m really a bunny girl, then go for it, though I would definitely want the outfit in that case.

So, RIP, Hugh Hefner, and thanks for all the memories of youth, and so much more.

The video, big clue in blog title. However this live, very raw version of the Blondie song is a bit different to the single version. For better, for worse, your call only.