Red Theme

No, not my clothing, or anything else, its a comment on the EMCSA for once. A few weeks back, on the MC Forum, the idea was tossed up for having a red themed story this week. Now for those who dont know, Simon has a colour coding scheme for the stories, and red is the colour used for the ff stories. For the innocent ones, that means girl on girl sex, with not a man in sight!

Dont get me wrong, it sounded a great idea, until for me at least, Simon decided to take a week off, the week beforehand. Which means, as you know, this update was a large one, to put it mildly. Luckily, I had 3 days to get through it, though I did have other appointments to fit in as well, which is why I havent quite made it. Still 35 down, just 5 to go isnt a total disaster all the same. Given my shifts, I should make it anyway by Friday, all things permitting, nothing left is ‘that’ long. But please Simon, no breaks for a while, though the week of my holiday in September might be a handy one!

What must be said, is that one or two new writers have come out of this experiment, and they’ve been good too. There is one who appeared a few weeks ago that is even better, but, I’d hate to inflate his ego too much lol! But just in case he reads this, Big Daddy Five, I do mean you!

The video, and no, I’m not going hunting for some lesbian porn, credit me with taste lol. So it came down to two songs, the selected one, and a Billy Ocean song. But yes, bias set in, so I picked this very early offering from a group you might have seen here before.


I hate Simon!

No, I dont really, before he banishes all my stories from his website in a fit of pique. But alright, in a sense, he’s not my flavour of the month at present either. No, its nothing personal, its just the 3 week gap between updates that we’ve just had, and therefore the read load this week is, well, horrendous! A quick count up left me with 37 stories to read, though thankfully I’ve since found out one has disqualified itself by being a single posting of over 73,000 words! Even so, 36 isnt a lot better lol.

Will I get through them all, or will I just abandon some this week? No idea, I’ll see how it goes, and how the mood takes me. Plus, how large next weekends posting is, may play a part too. Given I’ll be out part of tomorrow afternoon as well, that will limit my time even more. Why, you might ask? Sorry, my body is getting ancient, and my back needs regular massages to keep me mobile nowadays. No, not that sort of massage, I’m a woman with no interest in sex whatsoever lol! ūüėõ

I know, Simon has to have a break sometimes, and hey, he very much deserves them. But yes, I hate the backload when he gets back! Oh, just to mention, some hack writer has also posted the last chapter of her story this week at the EMCSA, nothing like a bit of self advertising.

Oh, dry humour in the video selection here. Given the story site is all about mind control, what could be more apt than just doing as Simon says! Yes, this video is ancient, from the sixties, and at least one member of the group is taking it less seriously than others!

Its that time of year

Yes, its that time of year (well, one of them at least) when the Master of the EMCSA disappears from view for a few weeks, presumably to go on holiday, though it might just be to top up his collection of mind controlled slaves lol! What this means, is that we actually get a break between updates, not the regular weekly basis. In fact, the next one is 3 weeks away, the weekend of June 8.

Good news, bad news for me. Good news, I can get on and do other things, more on that shortly. Bad news, the first couple of updates when he gets back are usually large, a nightmare¬†for people like me who try to review as many stories as possible. I know, some would say, just read the authors, and stories you know, but I know what will happen, I’ll miss a new writing gem that way, so…I know, I’m silly, but I try all the same.

Ah, the good news, well even if I’m not going to try and blast through everything in 1 week under these circumstances¬†(this weeks¬†update is slightly larger than most of late), but even so, 3 days reading (normally I get 2) will see me through. All of which means, with a bit of luck, I¬†should get time to do other things in the interval. And much though I probably will do a bit of studying up on hotels and the like for next year, that wont take that long in all honesty.

What it will enable me to do, is get back to writing my latest story, which in theory at least, only has 1 chapter to go. Snag is, its had one chapter to go now for about 3 months! And before anyone says the last chapter was posted only in March, as my editor will back me up, it was written well before then! In all honesty, I was struggling to get Chapter 5 right in my head, I had an idea all planned out, and then took a dislike to it. So much so, that when I did have a 2 hour writing opening, I couldnt get it done. Shortly after that I had a massive rethink, worked out a plan that I do like, but since then, havent had the chance to commit a word to the laptop. Now, in the next 2 weeks, I should get the opportunity to put that right.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering what I’m talking about, this is the story

Some might note the setting for the first few chapters, and spot the Louise Brooks connection, absolutely right. And no, I’ve never been to Cherryvale in my life, Google (especially maps) and local websites have helped a lot in that sense. I would love to visit, but given its a public transport black hole, its hard to see it happening. The thing is, the next (and probably final) chapter is being set somewhere else, albeit another place with a well known Brooksie connection, and one I will get to visit next April, God willing. Where, oh, Rochester, NY if you really want to know. And another LB landmark is the target for September next year, that being Wichita, but have no plans to feature that in the story.

I have been to Rochester before, but given it was nearly 25 years ago, I dont remember much about it. In fact, in all honesty, the only thing I remember is us going down to the lake, and looking out over it for a few hours, and thats it. This time I plan to discover a lot more about it in a week, and pay tribute at a certain special graveside as well. But thats all nearly a year off, and the story will be finished long before then lol!

So in one sense, thanks to Simon, for the writing gap. In the other sense, aargh for all the reading I will have when he gets back. Should he be one of my readers, have a great break, but I doubt he is somehow.

The song in the video is one I’ve used before, but the version is a different, live one. Guess where the venue might be, and its not Cherryvale lol!


Its all coming back to me now!

Writing stories that is!

This weekend I’ve finally started on the first multi chapter story that I have written in absolutely ages! Its nice to know I can still do it with the time, and the inspiration, I always assumed it was still there, but you never really know until you try, I guess? It will get to the Archive in good time, but given Simon’s rules. it might have to wait until Chapter 2 is completed, and edited before I can do that. For members, Chapter 1 is posted at the Garden for now, though only the rough pre edit version.

Those from the Garden already know who has inspired it, anyone else probably doesnt have to be a genius to work out that a certain 20’s actress might have played her part as well. She hasnt been playing such a major part in my dreams of late, but maybe thats because she knows she has done enough already.¬†I do swear I’m starting to get a few of the facial inflections shown in the Pandora’s Box video, so maybe¬†her spirit is now within me, which is why I dont see her in my dreams anymore!

In case anyone reads it, and wonders where I got the names from, try looking at some film parts played by Ms Brooks. No, I didnt discover them all for myself, a wonderful woman called ‘Heather’ helped greatly with that. Even more so with her help, I know what Louise sounded like, a real nice thing for me to be able to do.

Before my dear editor (James, to those who dont know) gets too excited, the answer is no, I dont yet plan to get back to anything like full time writing again, mainly because of the lack of time. But I have to admit it, this has been fun, and its sparked my enjoyment of writing again, which has to be a good thing…for me at least! This will be 2, if not 3 chapters that will be lovely to write, and not a robot, Stephanie, or technically a Louise in sight lol!

The song, again the Garden folk have seen the video, but for those who havent…

The irony of the group name will appeal to some, but thats Jim Steinman’s fault, not mine lol!

That man of mystery

Anyone reading this from either of the MC Forums who has ever written a story knows exactly who I mean! That amazing man (well we assume its a man?) known to us all as Simon Bar Sinister, the genius, and hero who keeps the EMCSA going, and gives us readers our regular fixes of stories. No, he definitely isnt a drug dealer in the literal sense, but the stories he puts up have grown addictive to many over the years.

I’d love to say I’ve known Simon over 10 years now, and in a very literal sense, I have. Though in recent times, having taken a break from writing, I havent had much contact with him to be honest. But I dont really know Simon, nor I suspect do the vast majority of us, if indeed any do. I always tended to include brief notes to him when sending in a story to him, but never really got what you would call replies. Well unless you regard its up (yes, the story!), or its posted as a form of contact that is. Well a couple of rejection notes, plus one confirmation email about another story, but thats it.

We dont even know where in the world he is, but if I had to guess, I would say East Coast US, but it would be guessing. Some might jokingly say he’s the only person more reclusive and mysterious than the Stig! For those who dont know

But what I do know, as do so many others, is that we owe Simon the biggest possible thanks of gratitude for what he faithfully provides for us nearly every week of the year, our fix of new mind control stories. I know I owe him, he’s enabled me to become a decent author, and to allow me to have plenty of robotisation (and other) fantasies in my life.

Also, without him and his site, the 2 MC Forums wouldnt exist, and I’d have missed some great cyber friends in my life.

So the toast is, Simon Bar Sinister!