Just an ordinary girl?

Well, there were about 3 stories that I could easily have plucked tonight for discussion, given I’ve got little else to offer at present, and I decided this one won the vote, because its the sweetest of the 3. Another would probably turn into a personal rant, and the third, well, its quite possible I might get to it yet. Lets just say the guy has a couple more scripts, with more apt parts for me, but they arent on the archive at this time, lol.


Read the story, go on, its beautifully told, and absolutely heart wrenching, and really not an overdose of that weird mind control stuff, though there is some, for those who come here because of that.

In truth, in many ways, I see my life as pretty ordinary. Yes, I’ve done some acting, and even done some work in a tribute band when a teen, but nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve never appeared on any major stage as yet (though there are plans afoot that I might yet, in Blackpool in near future), and certainly done nothing to get the big studio acting scouts rushing out for my services.

Same with sport, I’ve represented my school, and club teams at a few sports, and hey, I was a 13 handicap golfer a long time ago too, though now it would be closer to 130! But nothing out of the ordinary in any of them.

I’ve been thrilled to take a stand in recent years on LGBT related issues, an area I feel strongly about, but again, I doubt its going to be anything that gets me any notice beyond local, or work, in truth.

I’ve met a few celebrities, briefly, but nothing that will stick in their memories, I am absolutely sure! Oh, and I’ve written a number of stories, that I’m sure are never going to stand the test of time, lol!

But you know, out there, somewhere, could be someone who sees me as someone who changed their life for the better? I know, cant think of one, but then again, neither could this guy in the story, but equally, I’ve never rescued anyone from a fire as of yet.

So yes, I see mine, so far at least, as an ordinary, average life, that will be forgotten soon after I pass from here, and I doubt that will change. But just like Sam, who can tell, until you’re actually gone?

Right, video time. One of those down to a You Tube search, nothing clever on my part in remembering this. Its not Alison Moyet’s greatest moment, just a very ordinary average song, but quite apt for this, dont you think?