Super hero(ine)s in movies

Alright, this is sort of a step on from the equality in Hollywood rant a couple of blogs back. When you look at all the super heroes in the movies, have you noticed one thing, its nearly all men! And even when, for example, Batgirl gets into a movie, its really only as a secondary role to Batman, lets face it. And yes, as to the like of Power Girl, et al, getting a movie of their own, I wish!

Fine, its action stuff (though there is no reason women couldnt do it, especially given the amount of the action nowadays that is CGI anyway), but wouldnt men like to see a woman in a cute super suit, giving it out to the villains? But like far too much else in that city, its pretty much just jobs for the boys, sadly. And beyond Cat Woman, how many good female villains get a decent part either? I know, Halle Berry is enough to put anyone off Cat Woman in a movie, but Michelle Pfeiffer?

Anyway, what was asked was what Super Heroine we ladies fancied being? I cant remember the 4 options (pretty sure it was Bat Girl, Super Woman, Cat Woman and one other, Black Orchid, maybe?), and I chose Bat Girl. Yes, the outfit might have played a part in that decision, but anyway…

Then someone picked one that wasnt on the list, and I jokingly commented that I’d only picked from the list! So the obvious reply, well, who do you want to be then? I quickly checked Wikipedia, and to my disappointment, discovered there had never been a Robot Girl. Still, I mentioned it, and got asked what sort of uniform I fancied. I suggested something combining Maria from Metropolis, combined with Iron Man. No idea what it would look like, but it sounds fun! Got a bit of agreement on the matter, but of course now I’m wondering how it would look? So, if there are any designers out there, want to create it on paper, I’d love to see it. Fine, I’d love to wear it as well, but at least seeing how someone would design it might be fun.

So, expert or otherwise, feel free to create, and email to me at or put it in a comment on here.

Looking at it (there are a couple of possibles before then), this time next week I will either be booking, or have booked that 4 week stay in the US, almost certainly Hollywood. If air fares go crazy, or there is a mass of small apartment bookings, it might not happen, and who knows, a job might even happen too. But otherwise…

Mind, might be fun, having my photos taken on Hollywood Boulevard, as Robot Girl, I must say. 😉

OK, the most apt video I could think of.

The new story is up!

Yes, today marks the first new ebook from me for a while, though it was written late last year. But given that December is the busiest month of the year for my editor (no, he isnt Santa Claus lol), its taken a while to get this far, and then I have to have a gap at work when I can get to post it up! But today, everything came together, and now, at Smashwords, and Amazon at least, the new book is up


Despite the look in the picture, she’s a super heroine, though yes, it is set in the 1920’s. And yes, Belinda is a sassy, young flapper, while also using her chemistry skills to battle against villains, in and around River City. You want links, please say you want links!

Amazon is or or whatever is Amazon’s tag in your zone, the last segment of the link will take you to the book. Smashwords is . It has also gone to Barnes and Noble, but not published there as yet.

And for those who noticed, all the other books are either back up at Amazon, or will be shortly. There seems to have been a falling out between them, and Draft2Digital, and all the stories posted through them got pulled. But I’ve sent them direct today, and hopefully some might even think they are new, and buy some!

Right, the video tonight, something different. As buyers will discover, Belinda’s home town in the story is Coffeyville, Kansas. Yes, not too distant from another certain famous Kansas born flapper lol! So lets show you Belinda’s home town

I suspect Cherryvale has a similar level of liveliness, hopefully I’ll find out later this year!

River City Fun

Well, actually, to be honest, this got even more fun when I typed River City into You Tube, and found the video.

Yes, the break is over, thankfully all the writing I planned on doing, and a bit more has all finally got finished today, and I recently sent my efforts over to my wonderful, and long suffering editor, who does a wonderful job of turning my scratchings, into readable English, probably of the US kind, but given where my main audience is, not a problem.

Oh, the title? Well that relates to the inspiration for my writing, to do 1 piece for JD’s anthology of superhero (and heroine) pieces, set in the fictional metropolis of River City. Though now, it seems there is one place in the US, that I visited recently, that also calls itself River City. Pure coincidence, I’m sure.

But yes, one of my 2 characters I wrote for, was such fun, I didnt stop at 1 piece, I’ve ended up doing 5, and she was so much fun, I might even do more in the future, especially if her stories prove popular, when they go on sale. Dont worry, it will only be $2.99, for 5 short stories, an absolute bargain, just a perfect gift for Christmas lol!

Yes, no surprise, it was Flapper Girl, more formally known as Belinda (Billie) Nicholson, that started the writing spree. Once I got the whole 20’s idea in my head, I went with the flow, and it really did flow, much to my delight! As I say, if I can come up with a few fresh ideas, there may well be a follow up. Not till January at least, though, as thats the next time I will have the time to write, no chance of doing so while I’m working, sadly.

Funny thing is, if it wasnt for Mr Darksong, I would never have created her in the first place, so special thanks to him, as thinking up a Superheroine character would have been the last thing on my mind, when trying to come up with an idea.

But now, I’m pleased with it, just hope others are too, though the first one seems to have gone down quite well so far. Hopefully my editor will give me the thumbs up on the other 4, when he sends them back.

Ah, that connection I mentioned? Well think back to where I was in September, so it amused me greatly to find this video, I must say. Personally, I might add, this is not my music tastes, but this was just too good a coincidence not to use it.