Its raining!

The title really does sum up the summer over here to be honest. Shock horror, the cricket tonight has been wiped out by the weather, and the only play at Wimbledon at present is under the roof on Centre Court, says it all about this summer in all honesty. The way its going, they will be able to hold the swimming events in the main Olympic Arena, instead of in the swimming pool! Oh, and if the temperature reaches 60 over here this summer, we all faint with shock lol!

Meanwhile in my favourite country across the Atlantic, well, the problem is a slightly different one, heat! Only last week I was reading an article telling me that Hill City, Kansas was the hottest place in the US, even hotter than Death Valley. I think the figure of 115 was mentioned, frightening stuff. But many far more northern areas were having temperatures well up in the 90’s, so… Oh, you asked, (alright you didnt, but) Cherryvale as I type this currently is at 91 degrees, a mere 34 higher than here! And yes, its raining again here too lol!

No, I dont know what is the matter with this summer, I just know it all seems to have gone crazy, thats all. And equally no, I dont want to know what 115 degrees feels like either, thats far too hot for me! I’d just settle for a few nice days in the high 60’s/low 70’s at present over here. At the moment all I can hope for is that September in New England is good this year.

Well alright, I could hope to find a job there while over, but wont hold my breath on that front lol, but fingers crossed. Well unless someone in Wichita wants to beat them to it, though if that happened, I fancy another name change somehow! 😉 I’d keep the middle name, but otherwise…

The video, beautifully sums up the summer over here,  a great song from when I was much younger.