Facebook, for the common woman?

Its funny, isnt it, social media? Half the time you cant stand what people are posting, you want to disagree with postings from friends whose political views might differ from you, or have read the wrong Harlow biography, or numerous other things, but in truth, you get addicted to it, however much you say you’re not going to.

I tend, on a normal working day to spend a bit of time looking at it in the morning before I leave for work, and then again, do the same after I get home from work, and thats it. I’m in a few interesting vintage movie groups (silent era, and 30’s), which are probably the postings of main interest to me, more so than a lot of the other stuff posted there.

So you would think that, if it went down on a certain Monday evening (yesterday) for a couple of hours, I wouldnt be missing out on much. Hey, as far as I was concerned, it was only Facebook that was down, but…

For once, I’d been tagged in some pictures that a friend wanted me to see, its an amazing home, somewhere in France, and for those who dont know at this time, thats all I’m saying, beyond yes, there was a very good reason she wanted me to see those pictures, and I couldnt!

The other annoyance was that in the morning, before I left, another friend, whose birthday is actually today, posted me a video link which he knew I would love, and he was right. And yes, I wanted to post it somewhere else, which is why I wanted to get at it, but…no go. What was it? Oh, you’ll find out soon!

I’m delighted to say that last night, just before giving up for the night, and going to bed, I gave Facebook one last try, and it worked. Yes, that property is as stunning as I thought it was! Yes, I could grab that link again too!

So fine, I might like to think I’m not addicted to Social Media, for good, or for bad, but in truth, I probably am. Or did I just have a justified cause, for once?

Right, the video. Yes, its the one in the link I wanted to get to. Some might see this as 70’s prog rock pretension, but I just love it! This is the full length version, not the single length version, just saying…