100 years on from the day that changed the world

Yes, that’s right, on this day, 100 years ago, in 1914, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo, setting off the fuse that would inevitably lead to the catastrophic eruption that was World War 1.

Its funny to think how different Europe was back then, no mass of countries, as we have now, but several bloated empires, that would never have imagined that within 5 years, they would either be in their death throes, or already gone! Funnily enough, about the only Empire to survive it all, was the British one!

Its fair to say that life was very different in those calm days, before that fatal gun shot in Sarajevo was fired. The idea of most women going out to work had not even been thought of, the most taxing tasks suitable for females being servants in wealthy homes, and governesses, often in the same homes! Of course, there were some doing, err, more interesting work, but lets face it, those rules of etiquette rarely revolved around the working class, who for many, had a pretty awful, poverty stricken life.

But once war actually broke out, 37 days on from this date, and all the men went off to fight (and for so many, to die) in the war, then someone had to do the work at home. Yes, suddenly people thought the idea of women working was wonderful…rolls eyes!

Of course, it did have benefits, it was not long after the war was over that women gained the long overdue right to vote, even if most were expected to give up that ‘hard work’ now that the men (those that were left at least) came home.

I think its fair to assume, that even without the War, that the development of planes, and flight would have happened, but its not hard to see that it was all pushed forward, to develop a new weapon to use against the enemy! And of course, it was events created by this (the reparations against Germany, after the war) that led to the rise of Hitler, and the inevitability that was World War 2!

Just imagine, if that car hadnt taken a wrong turning, the Archduke would have lived that day, and well…?

The comment much made, in those 37 days between the death, and the start of WW1 was that the lights were slowly going out over the world. Which makes this video poignantly apt

The name can be deceptive

The other night, I was watching a game of Baseball involving a team called the Los Angeles Angels. Fine, but did you know (I’m sure all the Californian’s do) that its actually in Anaheim, 25 miles away? I mean, thats like the New England Patriots calling themselves the Boston Patriots, and still playing their games in Foxborough!

I mean, I dont expect them to play in downtown L.A, but…I suppose I’m spoilt, Fenway is not far from the centre of Boston, the Mariners play literally just south of Downtown, but…Anaheim!

Over here, to be honest, the trend is growing, as several teams build new stadiums, they are gradually getting further out of town, but not 25 miles! Cricket grounds, despite needing a large green area, are generally in the proximity of town, though the new Hampshire behemoth is nowhere near a major town.

Of course, as the Angels would point out to me, public transport to get to the stadium is pretty good, and thats true. And I guess the Anaheim Angels wouldnt have the same feel, as Los Angeles does?

Oh, and I know, the Atlanta Braves are getting ready to build a new stadium nowhere near the centre of Atlanta, so…not a great trend imo.

Ah well…

The video, a sly dig at whoever thought moving a L.A team to Anaheim, without changing the name, was a good idea.

There are some shocking adverts about

The only snag with this, is that I have no idea if this advert is also inflicted on my North American friends, or not? Given its for an I-Phone, I’m suspecting it is, but anyway…

In terms of product placement, with me at least, they’re wasting their time. Like all good 30’s girls, I have no need for, or desire to own said product. Indeed, in terms of this country at least, I’m the perfect 30’s girl, I dont have a working mobile phone.

So why this piece, simple. Over here, on many of the lesser cable stations, the variety of adverts is very limited, so this one gets played a lot on ESPN, where I get my baseball fix. Thankfully we only get about a minute of this crazy song, but some would say thats more than enough.

But anyway, it got into my head, so I did this thoroughly modern thing (I know, not the perfect 30’s girl, but…If I didnt, you wouldnt get this!) of investigating the song on Google. So I discovered its someone called Robert Preston, dates to 1961, and was part of JFK’s plan to get Americans fit! Ah well, looking around today…oops!

Seriously, its driving me nuts, and I hope this campaign doesnt run much longer.

But just to annoy my readers (though take my advice, dont play it), here is a longer version than the ad

Just be grateful I didnt punish you with all 6 and a half minutes of it! 😛

Oh, be proud of him

Yesterday evening, I was watching the baseball, on ESPN, over here in the UK. I know, no shock there, I guess. Anyway, the early game for us, was the bore fest between Detroit, and Cleveland, which was all but settled very early on, in Detroit’s favour. But, as is the way with these things, they stuck with it until the end, before moving over to the late afternoon game, between Los Angeles Dodgers, and San Diego.

The thing is, they dont really pick a moment to go over, they just switch as soon as the game is over, whatever the situation may be. What we switched over to, was not the ball game at all, but the commentators, talking to a guy, who had clearly served in the military, about his life, and his injuries. Unfortunately, due to the timing of things, I missed out on the tale of how he got his injuries, where he got them, and everything else. One thing I did learn, his name, Corporal Kyle Carpenter. Yes, an amusing note for me there, the same surname as Jean was born with!

Thankfully, later on, they showed a picture of this man, sat in the crowd, and fortunately for me, they repeated the story of what had happened. It seems that several years ago, in Afghanistan, this man was serving in the Marines, and a grenade was thrown at them, landing very close to one of his companions. What Carpenter did, was shield the other man from the explosion, by basically smothering the grenade with his body. How he survived, I have no idea! Yes, he lost an eye, suffered some other pretty traumatic injuries, from which it took him about 3 years to recover, but he did. The other guy, seems he was fine!

Oh, the critical factor, Carpenter was awarded some high military honour for his bravery, well deserved, I just cant remember exactly what, so go Google it, if you need to know.

I know, the Marines are amazing, both sides of the Atlantic, but this guy just had me in total awe for what he did.

So yes, as the song says (and the blog title), be proud of him, because, after all, he’s just a man. Superman maybe, but all the same, just a man.

I’m not American, but if by chance, anyone reading this knows Corporal Kyle Carpenter, just tell him there’s a Brit who thinks what he did, was truly amazing. I’m just glad the Cleveland game ended when it did, so I got to know what this amazing man did.

Yes, you’ve guessed the video, surely? Tammy Wynette, suspiciously looks like live, not a tape?

A different line of thought

One line of thought that seems to be gaining momentum over my look, isnt the Harlow one! Oh, dont get me wrong, its still very popular with me, and with many others, but one other name seems to keep getting mentions, and ironically kidney failure played a part in her death too, but at least she lived to 50! Her name, Veronica Lake. A picture, for those who dont know

veronica lake1

And yes, I can definitely see the resemblance in many ways, apart from the hair length! No, I’m not sending that picture to my hairdresser if I ever want it trimmed again! Also looks like it takes a lot of maintenance, something I really dont have the time for.

The thing that picture doesnt give away, is how tiny she was, just under 5 ft! Yes, she would have looked up to Jean Harlow, and that is saying something! And no, I dont know how she put up with that peek a boo look, it would annoy the hell out of me! But other than that…

Oh, and she could sing, ‘of sorts’, as shown in this wartime effort

But being compared to all these glamorous ladies, I’m not complaining!

And lastly, to complete my early movies foursome, the other lady I havent mentioned before, and another one, like Brooks, I definitely dont resemble, Clara Bow!

Clara, like Louise made most of her films in the silent movies days. Thankfully, more of her movies have survived the test of time, though an awful lot are still described by that awful term, lost film. Clara, like Louise, was never a fan of the talkies, mainly because she hated working to a mic, rather than to the audience. Like so many stars, her Brooklyn accent is used as an excuse, but if you hear her talk, like Brooks, it wasnt true. Just that Bow didnt enjoy talkies, and Brooks hated the whole Hollywood thing, but both soon stopped making movies, Bow’s last was in 1933.

The thing that made me write about her tonight, an interesting find that suggests she auditioned for the part of Scarlett O’Hara! But all in all, what Clara deserves to be remembered for, is her bubbliness in films like this one

Last interesting point, in 1933 Jean Harlow made a film called Bombshell, a pastiche on Clara Bow, made by one of her former loves.

Very last interesting point, both Bow, and Brooks worked for Paramount.

There, all 4 in 1 blog, how’s that?

‘Jean Harlow’ seeks her ‘William Powell’

Alright, I was going to post something different here to this, but it can wait, hopefully end up being more entertaining than a cynical piece about Royal Ascot. Inspiration for this, firmly credited to my friend, Teri Cross Chetwood, btw (pretty sure its not her real name!)

On Facebook today, she posted this (I’m assuming language isnt a concern here?)

I f’ing swear to God, if one more Facebook guy I’ve never laid eyes on asks me to marry him, I’m opening a mail order bride service on here. I don’t know you. I’m not marrying you. And I’m not setting you up with any of my friends. That’s how I manage to keep my friends. By not pimping them out to total strangers!

But yes, it happens, mainly for me, young men from the Indian sub continent, looking for an easy passage to England, who see marrying a local as the best way to do it. Me, I see through them in about 30 seconds, and they get blocked pretty quickly.

Lets face it, if I’m having anyone contact me about love, and romance, he (or she)’s either going to be in the UK, or possibly in the US, most likely about my age, but not in India, and 30 years younger than me! Besides which, even if I was looking for a man to wine and dine me, he’s going to be able to do it, and not just beg me for money to get to England. Seriously, I’m not looking, but as I’ve been told, ‘that person’ might just walk into my life, and who knows where that might lead?

But as I replied

Who knows, I might get to Hollywood next year, find the ‘William Powell’ of my dreams, and we can live a happy married life, as he, and Jean should have been able to. But the words, pigs fly, do come to mind on that front!

Or even of course, he might decide to date ‘Jean’ in Kansas City, in September, where she was born! No, he doesnt have to look like Powell, that goes without saying, just be as sweet as Powell seems to have been to her, judging by most things I’ve read about him. He’d need to be brave, taking on a woman with 15 years of solo living behind her, but I guess I could change, even without my mind being controlled lol!

He might even read this, here in the UK for all I know! But in all likelihood, I wont find him, or him find me, or even exist, far more likely! But lets face it, ‘Harlow’ meeting ‘Powell’ in Hollywood would have to be the ultimate irony, and sweet story.

Oh, the video, something I suspect I’m unlikely to hear, but you can never tell…

Are you sure this isnt the 1930’s?

Yes, seriously, it has to be said, that in terms of concert style, and feel, the last thing a Postmodern Jukebox show feels like, is, well, modern. Might be unfair to say 30’s, because equally there are parts where it feels like the 50’s, and others more like the 20’s, but, hey, whatever the era, its great fun!

When Scott Bradlee (the genius behind the group) first announced the tour, he suggested going to the concert, dressed for the part, i.e vintage clothing, I thought, why not, unsurprisingly, and jumped at the chance. But you know me, why stop at clothing (blouse and slacks, as you will see soon, rather than a dress), I’ll go for the make up (a rare treat for me, expertly done for me), and get my hair curled, a la Harlow, and do the whole thing, so I did. I might even have gone with a vintage style dress (actually got one on as I’m typing this), but it was a Saturday, with football folk about, having had a bit to drink, so, I took the easy option. Besides which, given a choice, Harlow preferred that look anyway!

What, you want a peek at how I looked? Oh fine!

silver 30's look 1

silver 30's look 3

I know, Harlow never wore glasses, nor tragically, did she ever reach the age of 56, so how literally I look like her, your call!

To be honest, those of us who dressed up the part were definitely in the minority, but I guess thats hardly surprising. But there were a few more, from various decades (20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s) looking the part, which was nice.

Oh, the concert, as I say, if it wasnt for the mobile phones, you could have believed you were in a different era. Well, if you looked at the stage, not the sound system at least! It was really good, and the quality of performance really did stand up to those on You Tube, which isnt always the case. Yes, I would go again, given the chance, and you should too, if you get the opportunity, its really worth it.

The video, yes, they played this number last night, sounded pretty much as good.