Come follow the band?

Right, change of plan tonight, due to something discovered this morning. Yes, lets add to the Clara Johnson story here!

For those with short memories, I did a past life regression a few years back, and discovered that I had been an actress in Hollywood, during the late 20’s, and 30’s. No, not the famous one, whose original name I’ve taken, but humble, bit part actress, Clara Johnson!

The annoying thing about bit part actresses back then, is they never got film credits. So, beyond one movie, working out which films she appeared in, impossible challenge! But yes, thats right, in 1937, she got a credit, albeit in an uncredited role, in a movie called Thin Ice.

I must admit, from what I’d discovered about her (not a great deal, but getting there slowly), I assumed she was a dancer in this. She might actually have been a dancer in this, as well as, or instead of, but look at all these uncredited musicians in the orchestra, trying to pretend they’re playing the music! Yes, all female!

So, is Clara in the band, is she one of the audience watching the show, or is she simply in another scene, who knows? Some day soon, I hope to get to watch the movie in full, but even then, its not likely I will truly know which one is her. Annoying, I guess, but at least I’ve now seen a bit of the movie that I know she’s in!

As always, at this moment, if anyone has any more details about Clara E Johnson, photos of her, can identify what she did in this movie, or knows anyone related to her, or even her married name, I’d love to know. Thanks in advance, I hope!

My Old Kentucky Home

Fine, I know, I normally try and avoid politics here, because we can all vary in opinions, and given mine are slightly left of centre (or centrist), I’m sure I could upset some of my more right wing followers quite easily lol. But yes, earlier this week I saw something that I found rather depressing, and had to comment on it, even if not too radically!

One night this week, I caught the news programming over here, and it included a report on the US election, featuring on Kentucky! Specifically, Lee County, which is regarded as one of the poorest counties in the whole of the US! I know, somewhere has to be, regardless, but fine this was depressing.

Not just in the sense of the way people were living there, though yes, that does play a major part in my view. I know, we people who only visit places like Hollywood, and Boston, and the like have no idea how bad things are in some parts of the country! But no, I wont be rushing to add Lee County to my tourism trail, not that they’d probably want me there, but anyway…

For those who dont know, it what used to be mining country, but of course those days are pretty much gone, Leaving behind people suffering, both in terms of employment, and general lifestyle. Most, if not all are on the Food Stamp system in the US, just to simply survive!

Fine, the sad irony, and where I get political, is that in terms of the forthcoming Presidential election, they, pretty much to a person, are going to vote for Trump, a man who wouldnt care about them in the slightest, and would probably take away their food stamps, if he could work out a way to do it, just so he could give the money to his rich buddies. They seem to think that when he promises jobs for Americans, he means them, but somehow I have my doubts, at least while they stay in their home county.

I know, Clinton probably doesnt care an awful lot more about them, but I cant understand why in their situation they want to support Trump? Fine, Kentucky seems a fairly Republican leaning state in recent times, so that might play a part, but…?

But yes, the political views depressed me, but what really saddened me was the way that people living in the US, one of the supposedly leading countries in the world, could have people living as impoverished as them.

OK, rant over. And before anyone says anything, I wouldnt rank as a fan of either Trump, or Clinton, but if I had a vote, I’d bite the bullet, and vote for her! But fan of her, no, I’m not!

The video, well, I picked the obvious one that mentions Kentucky, I guess?

Thanks for the memory, P.T.I!

As I usually do, this morning I watched yesterday’s P.T.I. (Pardon The Interruption) while getting ready for work. Yes America, we get to see it the next morning, our time, which does mean it loses some effect when talking about that nights sport, but its the best we can do, seeing it goes out at 10.30 in the evening, our time, in its late afternoon (East coast)/early afternoon (West Coast) slot over there. We also get Around The Horn, on the same delay, but sorry, Tony Reali, this isnt about you!

What they reminded me, on their anniversary segment, was that 1 year ago yesterday (27th), was the first game of the World Series between the Royals, and the Mets, and I watched it live. It started at 5 in the afternoon, LA time, and it was gone 10 before it finished, 14 innings later! Yes, the Royals won, went on to win the World Series, and make me very happy.

After that, very soon, I went to bed, because I had an early start the next morning, to fly back to England. Hopefully some day I will add to my live WS games, maybe in the stadium, but I doubt that, given the prices of tickets!

That, my friends, was the last time I flew anywhere, and on this night, I crossed the Atlantic, for what, in all likelihood, until May at least, will be the last time. Funnily enough, if things go to plan, then, I will be flying back to LA with a new name! In a sense, it was my name then, but I couldnt change the paperwork until I got back, so…One lovely friend insisted on calling me Harlean, even then. Looking forward to meeting her again in May too!

Today, an event that wont make PTI, I finished my training course at work. Yes, I start on my official hours on Monday, which means I can be slightly later up of a morning, which will be nice. Well, apart from Saturday’s, but 4 days of the week… ๐Ÿ™‚ Scheduling of blogs will change, to Tuesday, and Sunday in future, I guess?

So thanks, Tony Kornheiser, and Mike Wilbon, for reminding me about a special event that happened a year, and a day ago! Oh, I’ve tweeted, asking for a shout out today, but doubt it will happen! If it does, let me know, as we only have 1 showing tomorrow, and as thats following a live college football game, it might not be shown! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The video, which I suspect may have been filmed in LA (Fallon normally films there), seems apt for what I was doing this time last year.

I wish I knew a place where I could go

…and get a new body!

Yes, unfortunately this week, old age, and arthritis seem to be catching up with me fast, which has led to today being only my 19th day off sick in 42 years, but as far as the new job is concerned, ah well…

To cut things short, my back is bad, and I mean bad! To say that now it is a massive improvement on last night, and this morning, but even so, when it goes into spasm, well, I might know how several hundred volts at the base of my spine might feel! I’m sure its not as bad as childbirth, but having avoided that delight, I cant guarantee that. Fine, its not that bad (from all I’m told at least), but 58 year old’s arent designed to give birth to babies either!

It started to get bad on Sunday evening, but hey, I’ve suffered with my back intermittently for more than a few years, nothing I cant survive. So fine, despite knowing about it, I set off for work Monday morning. Fine the bus seats dont help, and the chillier weather definitely doesnt, so yes, it got worse during the day, but nothing that couldnt be sorted by paracetamol.

Well, until 3.30 this morning, at least. I woke up in intense pain, and tried to turn over to check the clock. Snag, my back, and therefore my body wasnt moving! After about 20 minutes or so, I managed it with a great deal of effort, and the rest of the night was spent between bouts of sleep, and bouts of pain.

Anyway, about 7.45 this morning, I tried to get up, and with a bit of effort, made it. Snag was, after 2 steps, my back gave out, and I slid (hopefully gracefully) onto the floor. I was rescued about 10 minutes later, and called work, and let them know I wouldnt be in. Now, several hours, and a few painkillers later, its down to spasms that hurt like hell, but the rest of the time, not too bad. Work tomorrow, yes, unless I relapse overnight, and I hope I dont.

Now, if anyone knows a place where I can swap this beaten up, battered 58 year old body, with the butch look, for a cute, good looking 20 something body, I’d be glad if they would let me know about it. Organic, cybernetic, or in between, I really dont care! Fine, I’d love the adorable body to be a fembot one, but just at the moment, anything in decent health, and fitness would be nice. But no, I still dont want to have babies, even then! ๐Ÿ˜›

The video, well, as so often, there is a clue or two in here. Incredibly she was 71 when singing this, I’d be thrilled to be half that fit at that age! Amazing lady!

A Californian in England!

As opposed to an Englishman in New York! Yes, I was contemplating a song of that title (possibly not the obvious one?), but suspect I might find that useful in a couple of weeks time lol!

In truth, this hasnt been a great weekend for Los Angeles sport. My dear Dodgers finally succumbed to the Cubs yesterday in the Championship series in the baseball, though in truth, its probably as good as they were, the Cubs seem to be the exceptional team this year, so I suspect that 108 years of hurt might end shortly, though Cleveland might end a 68 year blank period, who knows? Lets face it, they’ve won the NBA, the AHL, so…?

But yes, the amusing thing for me, Los Angeles sport wise, was happening a lot closer to me. This afternoon, my time, which was 6.30 am back home in California, the Rams played a home game in London! Yes, crazy, they move to get a bigger audience, then play a home game in London! Ah well…

Yes, 10-0 up, I had hopes for them, but no, that was it, they lost 17-10! As I say, a bad weekend for LA teams (though the Kings won in the NHL, I’d better add), but hopefully things will get better.

But fine, this old lady was wondering if there were any rich (optional, but if you can fly to London for a game…?), single people in London looking for an English partner to whisk back to LA? Or a submissive, just maybe? No, thought not, but no harm in asking lol?

Funnily enough, this time last year, I was an Englishwoman enjoying her last few days in LA!

Right, video time. I guess its fair to say I need a man, or a woman to do this to me! Yes, much under rated group, go check out some of their other stuff on You Tube, or elsewhere!

Early In The Morning

So fine, lets do a bit of reminiscing about this weekend last year, and events surrounding it.

The main thing was, it was my last weekend of my Hollywood stay, and it was also the weekend that Europe moved the clocks back, at the end of summertime. This year, because of the way dates split, next weekend is the last in October, so that will be when I get my extra hour of sleep, which I missed out on last year. Why? Because I was still in the US, obviously, and they change the clocks back later than we do! So, all in all, I missed out on it! I know, technically the time I landed in Manchester, on return was an hour earlier than normal, but due to ‘fun’ meeting up with the taxi, I missed out all ways around!

Oh, the other funny thing about this weekend last year? Well, on the Friday night, I never went to bed! No, only on a technical, but it was about 2.00 on Saturday morning before I got to bed that night. And yes, funnily enough, the next morning was the latest I got up all holiday, about 8.30! Me, I am normally in bed soon after 11, and definitely before midnight, but, for one night only…

I had a good reason. That was the night I met 2 lovely people for the first time, and went to the incredible place that is the Magic Castle. Yes, unless you know a magician, who is a member, its tricky to get in! Fortunately for me, one of those lovely ladies, who I only knew through Facebook at that time, got me in. Yes, I had to put on a dress to go there, but I love doing that anyway. In truth, I spent much of the break in summer dresses anyway. Yes, I know it was October, but this was LA, and it was 80, or above, pretty much all of my stay!

We didnt even meet up until about 9.15 (we had planned on 9, but all had traffic issues!), so it was never going to be an early night, lets face it. I had a wonderful evening with her, and her friend (no, no names without their permission, and I havent had time to ask!), seeing numerous talented magicians, having a great time, with lovely company. Eventually we decided to call it a night, and I checked my watch, it was about 1.30 in the morning! By the time they had taken me back to near my place (I got dropped off on the corner, of Beachwood, at my request, as roads are narrow after that), and I’d got in, it was nearly 2.00 in the morning! So I put on my nightwear, crawled (quite literally) into bed, and went to sleep. And yes, I was late up the next morning lol!

And unlike so many of these things, all things permitting, we will meet again! Yes, next May, when I go back to Hollywood, I need to pack a nice dress! And yes, looking forward to meeting them again!

Lastly, the other element of early mornings is actually about next week. Yes, its the last week of training hours, so its the last week when I will have to keep getting up about 6.15 in the morning! After that, my weekday hours will mean a noon start, so I can get up, err, a little later! Well, about 7.30/7.45, at least!

OK, video time, a real vintage number! Thing is, it might seem vintage to you, but its a song of my childhood, so…

I’m beautiful? Clearly not, but my boobs meet with approval at least.

Yes, bonus edition, for your pain lol!

Last night, I was making my daily, working day dash for the bus station in Bradford (officially an interchange, as there is a railway station in same building) after work, almost certainly not looking my best. Not to say that my best is all that great anyway, but hey…

As I was covering the final 100 yards or so up the hill to the Interchange, I passed a group of 4 men, of my age, or just older, certainly no hunks among them, speeding by, without taking a great deal of notice of them. Hey, my only aim was catching the bus home! The fact that the bus crawled along very slowly, even when there wasnt any traffic around was beside the point, I made my bus at least. Yes, the journey up from Huddersfield to home was even worse, ended up about 30 minutes late in. But thats not the point of this little post!

Just after I’d passed this group of men, I heard one of them say to the rest,

“Well, if beauty is skin deep, she was born inside out.”

Now I have no idea whether he meant me to hear this, or just said it too loud, but anyway, I did. Just when I would be beginning to feel down, if I really cared, I heard one of the others reply, and a smile crossed my face. He said,

“Yes, maybe, but did you see the tits on her, they were great!”

How I stopped from bursting out laughing at that, I have no idea! I think thats more subtle than Trump’s pussy grabbing comments, though probably not much?

Question is, should I feel insulted about the comment about my looks, which in truth, is harsh, but not that harsh, I’m 58, a bit butch looking, so…? And should I feel amused, or affronted that one of the other guys enjoyed the sight of my breasts, albeit thoroughly covered up in a blue top?

Ah well, the quality, and subtlety of Yorkshire men, lol!

OK, video moment. Well, according to one, my cleavage is at least, even if my face isnt! I know, its one of those songs you either love, or hate, so…?

Do vampires get a raw deal?

Oh fine, its only 2 weeks to Halloween, so lets get sort of topical. Yes, inspired by a story I read today!

To save those who would rather not go read the story, this is the big quote

Intellectually, I know youโ€™re perfectly safe, but I just canโ€™t help remembering all the people in all those horror movies who thought they were perfectly safe too.โ€
Isabella sighed. โ€œI swear, I wish I could erase every one of those movies! So many hurtful stereotypes.โ€

So fine, I know, in real life (pretty much) there are no such things as vampires, in the classic movie sense, at least. But is she right, do vampires get a raw deal in the image we have of them, or not? No, I’m not offering my neck to one, as a meal, just like that, before anyone gets any ideas lol! But equally, if say, someone was willing to let a vampire have a meal of their blood, should it be totally frowned upon? I know, its all hypothetical (I assume?), but just consider it, all the same.

I mean, I know how ‘Isabella’ feels, because given the subject matter of my recent book, ECT, and the reaction of people to it, I know what she means. Because yes, if anyone asked most people about ECT, they’d think of ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest’ in all likelihood, and modern treatments are nothing like that! I’m not saying its perfect, but the old image of ECT is just not true nowadays!

In truth, me, apart from a few blood tests, which involve very small amounts, I’ve never given blood to anyone. Mainly because I suffered with jaundice as a child, and was told back then, that meant I couldnt give blood donations. True or not now, no idea, but because of that, I’ve never actually got around to doing it, but probably should, if I can? But give blood to a vampire, like that? Hmm? I dont know, I sort of secretly fancy having my neck bit like that, but at the same time, the repercussions of doing so?

I know, I know, I’d love a scientist to inject me with robotizing nanites, or any kind of solution, so is there any great difference?

Right, video. I found this on a random search on You Tube. Warning, those who dont enjoy the sight of blood, dont watch it! I know, should be obvious, but…rolls eyes…

Any designers out there?

Though in truth, it will be at least a couple of months before my finances start to return to a sane level again, and possibly a bit more, given I’m diligently saving up money for holidays next year (and yes, the pound getting a lot stronger against the dollar again, would help a lot), at the back of my mind, after about 18 months of barely buying anything for myself, has been to treat myself to a little silly something, clothing wise, or in this case, bedtime clothing wise.

Something that has caught my eye, and seems quite popular at present, for both children, and adults, especially women, is something called the mermaid tail blanket. Yes, I think they’re cute, though equally they are a bit more loose fitting than I would ideally love my mermaid tail to be. I know, I’d love something far more akin in both look, and fitting to a real mermaids tail, though I suspect I might not feel the same way about it when trying to get into it, and more pertinently, trying to get out of it, especially if I needed to do so quickly, like in the morning, when I get up!

Fine, the ability while wearing it to be able to breathe underwater would be a nice bonus, I’m not sure how desirable that would be, and certainly beyond technology at present. Fine, if I can ever convince myself that buying one isnt just a silly thing to do, I just might, though probably not, I’m far too practical for things like that, in truth. Yes, fine, if it was more like the fitting of a real mermaid bodysuit, then maybe, but something as loose as that…?

The other nighttime wear that has always caught my eye, and had secret appeal, is the onesie! The only snag is, I want one in a style that they dont seem to produce them in, the robot look! The closest I can find is

which is nice, but I’d prefer a more robot look, and obviously something a bit more like a robot shell, which I guess means a little more tight fitting than the standard one. My other snag with the standard ones might be my height. I’m 5′ 9″ tall (1.73 M) and I gather most are designed for shorter women than me!

But just being curious, is there any designer out there who could customize something to fit my desires? Or simply create one, though having said that, as mentioned already, I’m not in a position to spend a fortune on one of these! I doubt it, but if anyone fancies creating, by whatever means, a robot sleep suit, or a mermaid tail, more like a ‘real’ mermaids, then…? The latter, ideally I need a body suit top, though flesh colored would be fine! If I’m going to sleep in it, I need to stay warm, so…

I know, I know, but if you dont ask?

The video, what I might do in one of those outfits, though more likely I might dream of the outfit creator lol!

A tribute to a legend

Yes, you’re getting a bonus, extra blog this weekend, due to the fact that today would have been Lillian Gish’s 123rd Birthday, if anyone actually lived that long! She actually managed to live within 8 months of her 100th Birthday, but thats beside the point. Its pretty fair to say that she is one of the absolute legends of the silent movie era, though it actually needs to be pointed out that her final movie role was actually 75 years after her first, in 1987, at the age of 93!

In a sense, you could say she lives on today, though not strictly true, as someone delightfully provides postings for her, on Twitter, under the handle of @MsLillianGish which I’m sure isnt really her, but who knows, it might be her ghost lol? Regardless, the person posting for her does it in the most wonderful way, and I’m sure she’d approve! Not sure that Marion Davies would approve of her teasing of her, or maybe she would?

Its fair to assume that nowadays no one is going to have a movie career that lasts 75 years! Even when not making movies, she worked in the theater, never seemed to stop. She never married, it has to be said, probably because she could never find the time to stop, to fit it in. I suppose it is possible that her preferences couldnt be solved by marriage back then, but in truth, if that was the case, surely by now, someone would have said something about the dear old lady, and no one ever did!

Until this time last year, I dont think I’d seen her in a major role, but then in an amazing twist of fate, while I was in Hollywood, TCM decided to show one of her famous movies, The Wind, on an afternoon/evening (might have been her birthday, not sure?), and I wasnt going to miss that for the world. Yes, she truly was an amazing actress, and if you get the chance to see this, or any of her other major roles, take it!

So I’ll close by saying, Happy Birthday, Miss Gish, wherever you may be. And if that really is you on Twitter, then you already knew!

The video, I did think of a film clip, but in truth, if you want to do that, just go on You Tube, and find one. However, in 1991, shortly before her death, The Smashing Pumpkins released their debut album, and called it Gish, as a tribute to her. This is a live version of an apt song from that album