A new way to game (for ladies at least!)

Oh, and before I show you this, let me add that my whole gaming thing nowadays revolves around this


and the equivalent 9 ball version, and thats about it. I know, I know, but apart from time issues, I suspect I’m not competitive enough in life to seriously get into gaming anyway!

But for ladies at least, a new style of games controller may be on the scene, and lets just say the climax of any game using this might be exciting for the operator in more than one sense.


Fine, the link only takes you to the video. Go to Kickstarter.com, search for skea smart kegel exercise aid, if you need more details

Yes girls, you do use this controller where you think you do, hence the comment about climax lol! Hey, lets face it, this controller claims to ‘tickle’ you in the right place if you do well, and lets face it, we all know where that right place is likely to be, oh yes! 😉

Given I have zero knowledge of modern gaming controllers, there isnt a lot more I can say. Given that it is connected to the game by Bluetooth, using it with a Bluetooth headset might give an even more interesting experience, as long as there are no ‘mind controllers’ about, but then again, if there are, you probably wont care for long!

No, this little baby may not get me interested in gaming, but for those of us girls who do, it might give you a whole new look on gaming! And as I say, if that headset starts controlling your mind, you might really learn to enjoy it!

The video, well, a play on what this game controller might be doing to you, in the near future. Not Marilyn, I’m assuming Helen Kane, as the illustrious Miss Boop

Oh yes…oh yes…oh…YES! 😉