A fascinating hat?

Well, the dress for the wedding has now arrived, not that I’ve tried it on yet, but I will do, but probably be Tuesday now, at this point, as I have got a bit behind with matters today. All entirely my fault, though I could blame the 3 week interval on updates at the EMCSA, but wouldnt be entirely true. But yes, deed done, and its ready for the big day. No, not mine yet, nor is it likely to be, but who can tell? Someone might fall for my charms in LA, or in September, but…yes, stop laughing, now! Fine, I am, anyway!

That matter sorted, I then discover I’m expected to wear a hat on the big day. I cant remember the exact words Stacie used, nor can I find them now, which is annoying, but anyway, lets just say they arent meant to be boring and dull! Oh, and let me add that the last time I was seen wearing a hat, was October 2015, in Hollywood, where a handy Dodgers cap stopped sufficient numbers of those people offering trips to see the modern stars homes from thinking I was anything but a local. Might need to get it back off someone for a few weeks time! If anyone has any other tips, to look like a local, not a tourist, they would be much appreciated, as thats the image I want to create while there.

Oh fine, given the dress is silver/gold, when it turns to hats, I’m thinking of something of that kind, that could work as a vintage look, which is totally me, or something apt for a robot. Then this hat came to mind as a guide…

Nancy Carroll, for those who want to know, though originally it got into my picture collection because it came up as a Google search for images of Clara Johnson! Still need to find a picture of her, somewhere!

Oh, fine, dont worry yourselves about the concept, unless you fancy the challenge, or know someone that might. Stacie has said she will ‘sort me out’, and I’m sure that will be great. But if anyone wants a design contest or something, feel free to send sketches, or ideas to me at stephmajor8@hotmail.com , all the same. No, it doesnt have to actually turn me into a robot, or anything, though if it could…lol! Just one thing, I’m not a wealthy lady, so dont go designing something that will cost a fortune to make, unless wearing it has, err, interesting effects! 😉

Right, video time. I’m hoping that a few of my British readers might have heard of Steeleye Span, though I’m not convinced that many readers from further afield will have done. So, let me educate you! The song was originally released in 1976, this live version from 2004 shows Maddy could still perform then. Still can, in truth, so if anyone knows of a show, and has spare tickets…?