When clothes were dull!

And yes, there is any amount of tongue in cheek in that title, because the time I’m going to talk about tonight, well clothes were a little outrageous to say the least, especially amongst the Glam Rock cult.

Sadly (or otherwise) I was a little too young to be allowed to get into the whole Glam Rock chic, being as I was still only in my teens for those short few glorious years. Others may not have been as demure as myself, despite all that, but hey, I had a mother to cope with who wasnt keen on me going wild in that sense. Ah well lol…

Didnt stop me loving all the Glam Rock music though, absolutely adored it. The funny thing was, my mother didnt mind my incessant playing of Flower Power music, the Kinks and all that back in the 60’s, but she probably thought I was too young to understand, and she was right. The connotation of Lola, by the Kinks sailed straight over my head!

But I was in my teens by the time glam rock came along, and maybe she thought that was a dangerous age, but anyway…If only she’d known what seeing the video for Radio Ga Ga would do for me, lol!

By this time, colour TV had been around for about 5 years in the UK, though I’d never seen it other than in a TV showroom. But what happened then, was that this group (not sure what song) were becomning popular in the charts, and I went to school with a girl who was related to one of the group. The one wearing the Indian headpiece in the video, for those who want to know. And I got an invite to go and watch Top Of The Pops in colour, at her house, a TV bought for them by said guitarist in fact. Could I go on my own, could I hell, I got chaperoned by my mother! Aargh! In fact fate was to show that Glam Rock would bring me freedom by singing locally in a tribute band for a short period of time. No, not Sweet, a group called Middle Of The Road was the main part of our act, though we did a few other songs as well, mainly New Seekers. Would have loved to have done Abba, but we didnt really last long enough for that, lol! Be a devil, type Middle Of The Road into You Tube sometime, and imagine me doing the Sally Carr bit, only nowhere near as well!

Oh, back to the TV thing, all I know is that shortly after seeing colour TV for the first time, we soon had one in our house, though I dont think ours was bought by a member of a pop group!

Gentle warning, these outfits, especially Steve Priest’s (said guitarist, thanks to Wiki for name reminder) are not designed for those of a nervous disposition!