An old pair of new glasses

Ha, that fooled you, not giving away the video in the title! 😛

Yes, today I had my sight test, and after all the clever stuff, I went and selected 2 pairs of frames. Yes, with Specsavers, when you spend more than £69, you get two sets of frames, and lenses for the price of one. So yes, I got my very 30’s style cats eye’s glasses, in a blue frame, really lovely for a vintage loving lady like me. I also got a pair with silver/white frames, not quite as round, but very much in with the time, and look, all the same.

Absolutely thrilled, will get them in just over a week.

The thing I really noticed is how much the eye test has changed over nearly 50 years. Back when I first needed them, it was a lit screen at the optician, and you simply read down the list as far as you could. Nowadays there are multiple ways of doing things, and the letters can easily be changed, just so you dont know what they are. Of course, nowadays they have devices that look at the back of your eyes, test the pressure in your eyes, and several other things too.

And to be honest, today, including eye test, I paid less for 2 pairs of glasses, the eye test, and anti glare on both pairs than I was 10 years or so ago, for 1 pair! Just under £170 ($260) in fact.

Oh, and I finally got my hair done, but not at the usual place. My regular lady had to go to the doctor, so I went elsewhere, just around the corner in fact. Judging by reaction from everyone, including me, I will be sticking to going there! You want a look, oh fine. Thanks to Nicole this afternoon for taking this for me, not a strict selfie, but close enough. The curls have died down a bit since Thursday, but you can get the idea at least

Me with curls

There will be even more shortly, after the perm make up top up, I’m absolutely sure. Seriously, its getting to the point where I really do only need the Jean Harlow neural download, and she really could live again!

The video, a song from the year I first started wearing glasses, 1968, though this is a live ’69 version.

A pair of vintage glasses

Yes, I’ve finally done it, only about 15 months late, I’ve put in for an eye test! Needed doing for several reasons, in all honesty.

Firstly, I know my eyesight has deteriorated again, I’ve long since needed reading glasses for close up stuff, but my regular pair are getting less good, for slightly further afield, and lets face it, I’m getting old, and my eyes are going.

Secondly, the anti glare reflection stuff on these has well and truly worn off, leaving a bit of a smear on the glasses, so they need changing anyway, regardless of any sight issues.

So I gave in tonight, and booked it, even though it will not be until after pay day on Friday, I am that practical! Mind, there is also the fact that the only other day off I have before then, is Thursday, when I’m getting my hair done, and nails too. But, in the near future, new glasses.

And before you ask, no, the glasses, or the frames are not genuine vintage, just a modern take on them. Of course, the fun challenge was, finding a pair that look like they are from the 30’s though. And lets face it, Jean Harlow never wore glasses, did she?

Wrong, though this may have been an absolute one off, in a radio station studio

Jean in glasses

And so, when I found this pair at Specsavers…

Well, they make a pretty good match, dont you think?

As Specsavers do 2 for 1 at this price level, I might get a more modern second pair, or another vintage style look, I will have to wait and see.

The blessing today, over lenses back then, they are no longer glass! So yes, I might really look like a certain 30’s movie star when I hit Hollywood lol!

The video, what my optical look will be doing, going back in time

My life in 2015 – a brief guide

So fine, a (fairly) serious look at what lays ahead for me this year.

January – Due to polio as a child, which left me with a slight tremor in my hands, I’ve never really been able to do my own make up. I mean, I probably could get one of those big powder puffs, and apply foundation, but doing anything that requires a steady hand (brows, lipstick, mascara), no chance! So I’ve been very lazy, and tended not to bother.
But, in just under 2 weeks, a friend, and ex workmate will be providing me with a permanent make up look, that with the exception of those crazy brows, will pretty much match Jean’s. Yes, including beauty spot!
Really looking forward to it, and who knows, the end of the year might be changed dramatically, as some man has swept me off my feet, and I’m lining up to be married (Oh yeah…rolls eyes)

February – I’m currently about 14 months overdue for an eye test, and I really must put that right. Due to the cost of above, and the Hollywood trip being paid for in January, it wont happen until next month. Ideally I can find a ‘leading optician’ with a selection of suitable glasses, that look like they’ve been wafted here from the 30’s. No, dont expect it to happen, but a girl can dream.
No, I cant do laser treatment cheaply, because
1. I’m really, really short sighted, and the cheap version wouldnt cope with that.
2. I’m pretty sure at my age that my eye sight is beginning to get worse, and will presumably continue to do so

March – About all I can see here is the old lady getting a year older, and beginning to get hopelessly excited about the Hollywood trip

April – Yes, Harlean finally gets to Hollywood, or I do, anyway. Flight plans will be booked when it hits the 3 month mark (and fares should drop drastically), but the hotel is done already. Should be an amazing trip, even if I cant get as close to Jean’s crypt at Forest Hills as I’d love to, given its in one of the non public areas. Ah well, I’ll get as close as I can, and maybe see her ghost at that famous old mansion of hers, if I get the chance.

May – August – At some point in this period, I’ll probably head to Ireland for a few days, meet a few people, and take in some cricket. But until I see what work allows, and when the fixtures are, its all a bit up in the air as to dates. Beyond that, its pretty much a solid work period, not too much exciting.

September – I will be back in the US…somewhere. At this point, a lot depends on how the body stands up to April as to how far west I go. If I’m fine, it will be Idaho, and to meet a lovely man I’ve known for a while, and spoke to while in KC. If I’m not so fine, Northern New England, with Kate will be on the bill. If I do the latter, I suspect I might try and visit S. in New Hampshire, so we can put me in a trance for a few hours, and do a full, lengthy interview with Clara Johnson! Hopefully he will be able to resist making Jean-bot my permanent state, or maybe, hopefully not!

October – December – At this moment, beyond the works dinner in December, no great plans. No, I wont be coming across for Thanksgiving this year…I’m pretty sure, really cant afford it! Of course, by then, ‘Miss Carpenter’ may be being wined, dined, and generally romanced by a wonderful man, or woman, but I wont hold my breath on that.

And thats it, or is as I see it now. Think its fair to say that there will be nice surprises, and not so nice ones between now, and the end of the year, we shall see.

The video, well, lets go back to April, shall we? Lets go with this