What is it today?

I know I’m getting old, and maybe I’m just becoming a ‘grumpy old lady’, but seriously, I dont remember literally everything (seemingly) having a national day back then, but now…? Yes, I guess commercialization plays a big part lol?

Anyway, ironically on the only day of late here in my part of the UK when you wouldnt need them (though I gather we wont for the next few days either), it was National Sunglasses Day! Sorry, what, seriously? If you need to wear sunglasses, because of the weather, you wear them. If you live somewhere like Yorkshire, where its grey, and wet, and…no, you dont, regardless of what title the day is given!

I wish I could say this was a one off for ‘silly’ days, but of course, as you might have gathered, it isnt. Its not even as bad as National Jelly Bean day, which I saw in the past, and sincerely hope will never see again! Oh fine, if you want to have a ‘dress as a robot’ day, and make it official, I’ll definitely join in, but otherwise, no thanks!

But yes, if I ever meet the idiot that came up with those stupid ideas, I hopefully wouldnt be indicted for murder! Well, unless he wants to take me up on the robot one, and then I might just overlook it…? 😉

I’ll let you decide if you were better off with this crazy piece of lunacy, or would have preferred a political rant about Trump’s new Muslim travel ban. Hopefully you vote for this, but if you want the latter, let me know! Then, if I havent got any better ideas for Sunday…?

Right, the video. A real one hit wonder, for sure! Lets just say it live, its not perfect, but its better than the insipid Status Quo version I found!