Feeling Loved

No, not in a literal sense, heaven forbid. Not that I think anyone would be crazy enough to want to get romantically involved with an “independent soul” like me. I was going to use another word, but James has told me off often enough for self deprecation, so lets settle for that.

As those of you visiting from the 2 MC Forums, or who know those places will know, I review a lot of the stories in each weeks update. There used to be a few more doing the same thing, but I seem to be the only crazy one left, doing that on a weekly basis! Err, lets just say it can be an entertaining experience at times, and not always in a good way. But most of the time, yes, it is.

For me, its just the least I can do, to let the authors know what I think of their work, even if one or two have suggested they’d rather not hear lol. Thankfully, it is literally only a very tiny number, considering all the authors I must have reviewed over the years. But anyway, tonight, when I log into the MC Forum, there’s a thread called ‘Merry Brookmas’ on there, a play on my forum name, and when I click on it, like the nosy woman I am, I find its a thank you thread for my reviewing. Personally I dont think there is any need for it, I like to support writers, and thats the best way to do it, but its still nice to see people thinking about you that way.

So yes, though I have no desire to be loved in a literal sense, its nice to know that you’re appreciated all the same.

And no, anyone thinking I’m hinting for a beau, no, no, no! Friends, yes, lovers, definitely not!

Anyway, the video, a slight adjunct to that comment, but its a great song from the 70’s. Sadly I seem to have found one of the few videos where she’s not wearing leather, but… Oh yes, thats a hint, the arrival of the latex skirt had me hunting around for my leather trousers. I might have a pair or two (three actually), and a pair of skirts too (one genuine, one leather look), but I might not look as good in them as Suzi Q, all the same