The last man on the moon

It was announced this week that the last man to walk on the moon had died. Fine, he was 82, which is a pretty fine age to reach, and we still have 6 people living who have walked there, but even so, its a sad landmark to make. Even more so when you realize that the last time we visited the moon was just over 44 years ago! Since, then, no one! Maybe because for the US, it was all about beating the Soviets to the moon, and once that was achieved, ambition over! The funny thing, of those that flew to the moon (15), but never landed, only 4 are dead! And one of those is the same man who was the last to put foot on the moon, Eugene Cernan. Yes, 3 people have flown there twice, but only Jim Lovell never landed, though he was meant to, but he was part of the crew of Apollo 13, so never got there.

I’m sure at some point in the future, some more names will be added to the list of people who have flown to, or landed on the moon, but when, at present, who knows? It surely makes sense to go back before they head off to Mars in a decade or so, but when did sense come into matters like this?

But yes, sadly, the last man to leave a footprint on the moon is no longer with us, RIP, Eugene Cernan.

Fine, the video. Well, I’ve been talking about a man on the moon, so…though fine, its safe to say Andy Kaufman never went there! REM, and Springsteen!

Its the end of the world…

Well, if you believe a certain group of people, this is my last blog here. Why, because the world is supposed to be ending on Friday, and I certainly wont have the time to post again before then. Whats that, no, I dont think its my last blog either, but anyway…lol!

Much has been made of this, probably far more than is healthy, if we’re being honest. And lets face it, how many times has it been declared that the end of the world is coming…far too many! They might be right this time, but I cant see it! And all because the Mayan calendar ends on, yes, you’ve guessed it, December 21st 2012. Hey, I’ve got a Betty Boop calendar for the whole of 2013, and I’d rather have faith in her, than in a bunch that supposedly could see the end of the world, but couldnt see the Spanish ending their civilisation, hmm…?

Yes, I’m expecting to be eating Christmas dinner here in Huddersfield, without any great worldwide congflagration having happened. But if I should be proved wrong (ha ha), then its been great fun blogging for you, and I’ll see you in heaven!

The video, yes, its the obvious one