Bimbo for a day?

The thing with almost all of the mind control stories posted on the Archive, is that the effects, for better or worse, are permanent. Seems to be the thing to do generally, and I’ve been as bad as the rest over the years, I guess? But in some, including many by a ‘friend’ known as Chrystal Wind, the effects happen for just a limited period (though a year or two might feel like forever!), and then the person returns to normal. Mind, after a year as a bimbo, with lots of blonde hair, and big lips, the change back might be as much of a shock to get used to, as the initial change was!

But lets just say, as in the new story which started last week, BXBI ( ), if you could take a pill that made you a bimbo, just for one day, would you take it? I know, guys, this question is loaded towards one gender as such, but if you can imagine the male equivalent, would you swallow it? Or, in the other sense, would you let your other half take it, just for your delights?

Me, if I knew it was just for one day, I probably would. I have no desire to be an airheaded bimbo forever, but just to try it out, for one day, probably would! Yes, the natural blonde hair would be fun (yes, I colour it), and nowadays, a full head of hair might be loved too. OK, slightly bigger boobs, I could live with, but…no brains up top, forever, deal killer! But one day, and one day only…giggle… 😉

And fine, absolutely, the chance to be a mindless, obedient robot for one day, oh absolutely, no contest! Yes please, sign me up! But having been a hypno-bot, longer than that, gets a hmm nowadays! I would love it, I suspect, assuming I could of course, but as an option that fills me with joy, maybe not so much now!

But yes, if BXBI becomes real, and makes for a younger looking bimbo (at my age!), then sign me up for the 1 day experience!…But no longer!

The video, an absolute oldie in sense of song, and though Connie Francis gets mentioned in the video header, its not her. Unsurprisingly, I cant find any live film of her, and the obvious song. But this sounds pretty decent, so…

Stupid bimbo (to be) presents what she wants, a Stupid Cupid!

Not the planned blog!

Well, I had a few words of wisdom lined up for you tonight, but having just read the news, you might, or might not get to read them later.

Back in the mid 1980’s (yes, I really am that old), the first TV coverage of American Football reached the UK, and I got hooked. Originally, we got a highlight package, about a week behind, but that quickly turned into live coverage of a match each week, as Channel 4 cottoned on to the fact that they might have hit the jackpot here. But that was it, back in those pre internet days, we were lucky to discover any other scores before the following weekend. But I, along with many others was hooked.

Funnily enough, for me, I had once listened on the radio to part of a game, way back in the 70’s, I caught up with American Forces radio somehow, and listened entranced. I have no idea which teams it was back then, but…

Very soon, people had teams to support, and most flocked to the successful teams of the time, the Cowboys, the Bears and the like. Other perverse souls like me, chose lesser teams to support, and I picked Buffalo, franchise name, the Bills. That first year I supported them, they won 2 games out of 16 all season! Then, during that close season, a rival league shut down, and a quarterback named Jim Kelly signed a contract with the team. They’d drafted him a few years before, but the attraction of playing for an awful team like the Bills, he went elsewhere!

Anyway, for him, he got that deal, signed with the Bills, and things took off from there, aided by a shrewd coach named Marv Levy. Suddenly the team that couldnt win, could barely lose, and in the next few years, they went all the way to the Superbowl, 4 times in a row! Fine, they lost all 4, one on a horrific missed kick, but…they were the second best team in the land, for sure!

Since Kelly, Levy and co retired, the team has gone back to its old moderate (to awful stuff), and havent even made the play offs in a long while now.

But for the sake of this piece, thats all an aside. Back in 1960, a rival to the then National Football League was started, called the American Football League. One of those original teams was the Bills, and the owner was a young, but wealthy man, by the name of Ralph Wilson Jr. Yes, you’ve guessed it, until today, only one man has ever owned the Bills, that man. Tonight, I’ve just first seen the news on Facebook (of all places!) that he has passed away, at the grand old age of 95! He probably was responsible for keeping the team in Buffalo, a far smaller city than most playing in the NFL, so what happens now, who knows? Hopefully they stay there, but…

Rest in peace, great man, the team might have been poor in recent times, but we’ve had some great times in the past, thanks to you. So as they say, thanks for the memories.

Just an additional few words, on a sort of related basis, to mention that sadly Jim Kelly (at a much younger age) is suffering badly with cancer, and my thoughts go out for him, and hopefully you will do the same.

I never thought I’d wait 35 years for the chance!

Back in the late 1970’s, a female artist took the music scene by storm. Her name, Kate Bush, the single, Wuthering Heights. Number 1 in this country for 4 weeks, I have no idea whether it was a hit in the US or not, but should have been. For those who havent seen it, the original video is

Much to many fans delight, she announced a tour in 1979, which in all, lasted about 6 weeks. For some reason or another, I didnt go, probably sold out before I could get a ticket in all honesty. But, I thought, there will always be another tour, and then I’ll go. But there wasnt! I suspect the tour was so exhausting physically, and mentally that Kate bailed out from touring, as she put it at the time, for a while.

But then, as the years moved on, it didnt happen, and eventually she totally disappeared from the scene musically. Her private life had been pretty private all along, even when the music was still being released, but…

Then finally, around 2005, a new album was announced, and released. No tour, no follow up, not a word! 2011, another new album, remarkably one with just 7 tracks, but lasting over an hour was released, but again, that was it.

Until today! This morning, the news broke that Kate had announced a tour for later this year. Great, you might think? Well, yes and no. Yes, she’s doing 15 concerts, but all in one venue, nearly 200 miles from me, in London! So no, I doubt, even now, I will get to see her live, especially as the bulk of it is in September, a month when I will be going to the US.

At least there is one consolation now, that wouldnt have happened in 1979, that part of the concert (or more) will probably end up on You Tube…with luck! Kate, its great to have you back live, but a nationwide tour would have been so much better!

A different way to end a cricket match!

Yes, over the years, there have been a few ways to end cricket matches, and not just the obvious ones of a team winning a match, or a draw, where time is batted out.

Over the years, rain stopped play is a very popular one, especially here in England, or indeed there have been a good number of games where play has been abandoned without a ball even being bowled. In England, early in the season, snow stopping play has occurred a few times too! But yes, weather and cricket, like baseball, can play a major part.

In the good old days (not as far back as you think with cricket), all matches were played during the day, and if the light wasnt good enough to be safe, it would be stopped. But then grounds got floodlights, and teams played under lights, and night matches began. As yet, no test matches have been played at night (though floodlights have been used, when the light is poor), but I’m sure it will come. Experiments with a pink (as opposed to red) ball have been carried out, to see how easy it is to see, so in the future, it will happen.

I actually remember one 20 over match in this country on Sky, at Canterbury, where the floodlight towers wouldnt switch on. Despite knowing that they wouldnt get through the game without them, they made a start. No, no attempt was made to shorten the game accordingly, so a full match could be played, the first side batted for a full 20 overs. Therefore, after about 3 overs of the second innings, it got too dark, and the match was abandoned! Now, if knowing events, they had played 10 overs a side (well above minimum), they would have got a result. But no, we’re British, we must carry on as if it wont happen, and…ah well!

Today, in Sylhet, in Bangladesh, Ireland were playing against UAE in a 20 over match in the World Cup. After 14 overs of the Irish innings (the second innings of the match), all the lights went out. A little while later, they came back on, 2 more balls were bowled, and…all the lights went out again, this time not to return! Fine, the result was what I wanted, Ireland were awarded the win (on a very complex formula I am not going to explain), and now, with a win on Friday, they qualify for the main part of the tournament. In theory, they could lose narrowly, and still qualify, but lets not go down that road!

Thankfully both matches on Friday are day matches, so the floodlights shouldnt be needed! Just as well?

The video, could just be OMD, with a very apt song title for Sylhet, other than their lights all went out at once!

Waiting for the train

Lets do a bit of a publicity thing, though unless you’re a member of the MC Garden (, or are willing to join the crowd (we don’t bite, unless thats your kink!), it might be tricky to join in. Saying that, if any budding author wants to give it a go, and for whatever reason, doesnt want to become a member, email it to me at , and I’ll post it for you.

You see, at the Garden, and indeed the Forum too, we have monthly writing contests/exhibitions, and from time to time, I get to host one. And this month, the one that starts in the middle of the month is one of mine! The revival of the Iron Writer series falls into my hands this month, for better, or worse. The normal course, is to provide 2 words, or terms, and let the writers loose from there. And the fun thing is, though its on a Mind Control forum, you dont have to include said form in the stories here, though you’re free to do so, of course.

This month, due to the fact that I commute by train a lot, and a big racing festival was held over here last week, my choice of words were, train, and race. Of course, both words have more than one meaning, and beyond one racially connotated one, anything actually goes! So you could be training for a big race, and something happens, or you could just be running to catch a train, you get my drift.

Despite rumours, and my love of them, and their eras, there are no bonus points for references to Jean Harlow, Louise Brooks, or the 2 decades they are famous from. Of course, I could be lying, but… 😉 Mentions by name, or as subtle as a character name of a film role is equally permitted by the way lol!

So, regular author, or budding novice, pay a visit to the Garden (or as I say, email me) and post up a story, be a devil. As I say, we’re a friendly bunch, its fun, but sadly no reward at the end, other than praise.

The video, well this is one of those rare things, a record that should have been a hit, but never was. Hey, I bought the single, but it still never charted sadly. But its apt for now, and definitely a lost gem, and live to boot.

From the underworld

And yes, the title is purely for the video, one of those incredible songs from the 60’s that never got the credit it deserved.

Jean Harlow passed on from this world in 1937, before colour films were generally being made. Therefore most pictures of her, are only in black and white. The thing is, there are artistic geniuses who have the talents, and skills to colourise these pictures, and bring a whole new look to a modern audience. What we truly cannot know is, if the colours are correct of course, but thats a minor concern.

Today, as a birthday delight, not only did I get the gift of one such picture from a wonderful friend, Kris, this one

jean harlow coloured 2

and there is also a guy on Facebook, under the guise of Colorised Hollywood, who does lots of these images, but chose today, my birthday, to post one of Jean Harlow, while not knowing the significance of doing so

jean harlow coloured

I love both of them, it has to be said! Thanks so much, both of you. Hopefully on Tuesday, I will look even more like her, after my hair is restyled, though I’m sure I will never be as beautiful as her, despite the lookalike comments.

So, despite being long departed, colour images of Jean Harlow still appear, if not strictly from the underworld. Which leads me to that video

The other main news of the day, I wore the pink flapper dress out in public tonight, albeit it with hose, as firstly its too cold out there not to, and secondly, its above the knees, and my knees shouldnt be seen in public! But it was fun, and lovely to wear it again, all the same.

A world championship?

Ah, a thorny subject, sporting events, and world championships!

There are some sports, like football, which genuinely have a world cup. Everyone gets the chance to qualify, even if some nations have about as much chance of qualifying for their World Cup, as I have of visiting Pluto! But, the point is, they have the chance. In fact, in the next European Championships, Gibraltar are attempting to qualify for the first time. See the above comment for their chances of doing so. In a friendly, they lost at home, to the might of Estonia (not a football powerhouse!) so the omens arent good, for when they meet stronger teams.

Ironically, they were drawn to be in the same group as Spain, but things were rapidly changed. If you need to know why, just type in Spain/Gibraltar dispute (or similar) into your search engine, and… ah, thats why!

Then we go to the other end of the scale, and one of my favourite sports, baseball. Yes, they have a ‘World Series’ to decide the title, but beyond 1 team from Canada, every team is from the US! Not all the players are, but the teams… and yes, the sport is played in many other nations, who probably couldnt win a genuine world series anyway, but never get the chance to find out! In fact, every couple of years or so (I think?) baseball has a sort of World Cup, and the US doesnt win it every time! Most of the players are in Major League Baseball, but…

Somewhere in the middle, are the 2 sports I’m featuring tonight. Rugby Union, and Cricket, if you must know.

Lets start with rugby, especially given that Ireland won the 6 nations title today (pretty much European championship) when narrowly beating France today. Yes, the 6 nations involved probably are the best in European rugby, but no matter what others do, there is no promotion or relegation involved. Equally, in the southern hemisphere, its basically 4 teams, that are spread around the globe that play off. And no, no matter how good, Samoa, Fiji or Tonga get, there is no route in. They do get to go in the World Cup, but because of their lack of really tough matches, they dont get a true chance to compete.
Not bad, but not perfect.

Then we get to cricket! There are in fact over 100 cricket playing nations in the world, of various abilities, though you would never know it! Officially 10, realistically 8 countries dominate the scene totally. Below which, comes the like of Ireland and Afghanistan. But at least some of the lesser nations do get the chance to play off to be at the World Cup, the 20 over version of which starts tomorrow.

But no, entry isnt equal, far from it. The 6 associate nations not only had to qualify through one tournament, to get to Bangladesh, they then have to qualify again, against the 2 weakest test nations, Zimbabwe and the hosts, to get to play the big boys! And yet the commentators will claim its a world cup! Seriously?

Yes, fine, its better than baseball’s world series, but all the same…bit of a joke! But this is what you get, when you virtually allow 1 country (India) to set down the rules for playing cricket, I guess? I hope Ireland can rub a few big team noses in the dirt, but they dont make it easy any more, maybe because we’ve made them look silly before!

The video, a cynical comment on matters mentioned above, as just the opposite rules in cricket

Change of heart

Well, in a sense the title is a bit of a misnomer, because its not so much a change of heart, as finally accepting the glorious fact I’ve already grown to accept, that with a bit of effort on my part, me, and Jean Harlow could at least be sisters! Alright, given how old she was when she died, she would be the younger, prettier one, whereas me, I’m the older, butch looking one lol!

But yes, even more so when I see pictures like this one, I can see the resemblance!

Jean Harlow

So though I wont be giving up entirely on the 20’s flapper scene, and my admiration for Louise Brooks, I’m going to try for a more practical look, the 30’s Harlow look. Hey, if I look that much like her already, why not? At least the hairstyles are a lot more achievable, with the fringe, and the dress style of the era was pretty classy too, so…

So next week, Tuesday to be exact, I’m going to get my hair coloured, and cut, and go for a 30’s style look, rather than failing to achieve the Brooks bob, and frustrating myself into the bargain. Also, my eyebrows (which are natural, not a pencil line) are going to get waxed next week, and Linda is going to see how close to that look we can get for me!

But before then, this middle aged (are you still middle aged at 55?) lady will put another notch on the age count on Sunday, when I reach the grand age of 56! Tragically, thats 30 more years than Miss Harlow managed on this Earth! The birthday dinner on Sunday, well, weather permitting, it will be one of the flapper style dresses in my collection. Though given its March, if the weather goes back to cold again, I might wear something a bit longer! But if it stays mild, well, my legs might get a shock, and an outing!

Hey, I’m not officially becoming a (middle aged) Jean Harlow lookalike until next Tuesday, so, lets go flapper, darlings! Should be a fun evening either way, thats for sure.

The video, well, the song might say that nothing will make you have a change of heart, and this is just the opposite, but…a super song, by a great singer

Like a ghost town

Lets get in another Iditarod related piece before the race is over. I know, it wont happen until next week, but I have only 1 chance in the next 9 days to blog, so lets go with it, while I can.

About a century ago, give or take a few years, Iditarod had a population of about 10,000 people. Nearby Flat, had a number between 6-8,000 depending on tales, and given their proximity, there may have been some double counting in there. On what is now the northern race route, was a much smaller community, Ophir, that got to between 100, and 200 people living in the area.

Now all have one thing in common, all are ghost towns. Iditarod was the first one to go, despite having been the largest, by the mid 1930’s, it was all but gone. Though strict ghost status only dates to this century, when the last trapper moved out of one of the derelict buildings, when he reckoned that the race coming through every 2 years made the place too lively for comfort!

Ophir survived the war years, but somewhere around the early 50’s, the gold ran out, and so did the last few people surviving there, heading for other points presumably?

Flat actually survived as a community until 10 years ago, though by then the population had dropped to 5! Then the post office closed, and like the mail, people no longer came to town. Funnily enough, the only one of the three not visited by the race, though I suspect a few trappers and the like, still make use of the buildings there.

I have no idea what its like to live in anywhere like the Alaskan wilderness of these areas, nor do I really want to, unless someone wants to provide an internet connection to the area lol! As for what it was like, a century ago, in the depths of winter, I hate to think.

But, at least all these places were once a community. Even more uniquely, there is one checkpoint en route, that only ever has people there when the race comes through, every 2 years! Cripple only exists as a checkpoint, to break up what would otherwise be nearly a 150 mile stretch between Ophir, and Ruby, not really practical. Its supposedly in one of the coldest spots in Alaska, in winter, and thats saying something! Probably why no one lives there!

I must admit, there is a perverse side of me that would love to visit Iditarod, just to see what its like now, and to imagine what it was like, just over a century ago, when the gold rush started there. Probably never will get there, but, until I know its out of the question, I can dream.

The video, a tribute to two tone music, and a comment on the Thatcher years over here, as well as an offering to these places

The Sweetest thing?

As any regular reader will know, I commute to work, using a, err, wonderful train company called Trans Pennine Express. Yes, equally any regular will know, that comment is very tongue in cheek, they could drive a saint to tears much of the time.

Lets just say that their services punctuality leaves a lot to be desired (they put a message on the train speaker saying that if you see anything suspicious, to let them know. If I ever see one of their trains run on time, I’ll report it as suspcious) to put it mildly, the fares are among the highest in the country, and due to having insufficient carriages for need, tend to be overcrowded most of the day.

Ironic story of the last few days, at the beginning of 2013, our fares went up slightly more than normal, to pay for the extra rolling stock that they would be providing, so we didnt feel like sardines most of the time when travelling with them. This week, it was announced that they arent arriving, due to a falling out with the leasing company! But I dont think our fares will be going down now, somehow!…rolls eyes!

But no, this isnt going to be a one sided insult of said train company, I’m about to say something nice about them too!

So when you’ve picked yourself up off the floor…

It seems I’m not the only one celebrating a birthday this month (16th, if you care?), Trans Pennine Express are 10 this month. And those of us long suffering customers who get emails, and the like from them, got an offer. If you sent a request, and were amongst the first 10,000 to do so, you could get £10 off an advance fare. Now fine, for most commuters, its not what we need to buy, but…I’m going to Jersey in May, and have to get myself to Manchester Airport. So by booking now, I got the single fare, first class, for £5! Less than the standard class advance ticket would normally cost!

So fine, I’ve paid for it now, not in May, just before I go (when it probably would still have been £15 first class), but I’ve got a bargain, care of the train company that drives me crazy. So, just once in a while, they do the sweetest thing. Mind, that train will probably run late, but…

The video. Well, Bono has gained a bit of a reputation for being too forthright for his own good. This video, just the opposite, very tongue in cheek. A few cameos in it too, though whether many will spot them now?