Suspicious Mind

OK, I know, I’m old school, and all that, but I managed to amuse my lady contact at the benefits office on the phone yesterday by querying the back payment figure they were offering me for my cancer status, because I thought it was…too high! Yes, I’m not saying its the first time in her work she’s had that query, but I would imagine its fairly unique. But yes, it was right. Cancer diagnosis might only have been in September, but I’ve been off with that issue since March, and providing sick notes, so dated all the way back! Means I can pay back a lovely man who has been helping me since then financially, but beyond that, my financial sanity has gone up amazingly with that news!

Yes, thats all the health news you’re getting, other than all continues fine for now, and hopefully will do so for sometime yet!

The other thing I got suspicious about today, actually relates to railways. Yes, that branch to Kirkburton that closed to passengers in 1930, though it lasted till 1965 for goods. Well, today, after picking me up, my transport driver headed off to Kirkburton for the next pick up! At that end of the route, there were 2 stations that came to my mind, whats left of it, lol. The obvious terminus station, but it was obvious to me that the route was also taking me close to the previous station on route, Fenay Bridge and Lepton.

Sadly, as Google maps proved to me when I got home, and checked, I saw neither, as neither was on the main road that the vehicle was travelling along. Not that as far as I can tell, there is any extant evidence of either station now according to facts I could find online, but anyway…

In fact, I have been closer to Fenay Bridge and Lepton station site in my time, as apparent it was only about 400 yards from Aromatic Beauty, further down the road (Station Road, and Station Court being big giveaways), though I’ve never been beyond Linda’s place when going down that road, up to now. Maybe once I’ve recovered, well… not that I’m going to find anything but street names, it seems?

Kirkburton station is also now seemingly just a housing estate area, but hey, its over 50 years, so all in all… So that suspicious was crushed, lol.

OK, video time. Yes, the obvious song, and yes, the Elvis version, live. Its ironic to think that 50 years ago, women swooned at this behaviour, whereas now it looks horribly sexist. Ah well, the change in times, and attitudes…

It kills the depression, honey

Musicals did help to kill the depression for some at least, and kept a certain Oklahoma lady in work too. And besides, if I did have any depression, the goodies, and the money news this weekend would have killed it anyway.

This week, as mentioned a couple of blogs back, the golf contest I do generously ran the Fantasy side of the contest as a benefit for some old cancer patient (me, for those not reading), and that, combined with a couple of generous donations on top, enabled me to treat myself a bit. Who me, chocolate, as if I would, lol?

So on Thursday, after the money had arrived, I spent some on that lovely treat. To keep delivery costs down, I took the 3-5 day delivery option, the cheapest available. So fine, delivery was made this morning, less than 2 literal days after order was placed (Thursday afternoon to Saturday morning), ooh! No, I’ve been good, none yet, though tomorrow might be a different matter.

The other thing that helped my mood today (if it needed it), beyond a genuine lay-in in bed this morning, was a letter and online message from various benefit people. Both were formalities, but had to be done, so…Personal Independence (Disability) payments agreed, and back payments seemingly went in bank account yesterday, a nice bonus. Well, it will be when the cash machine is working again at the hospital, but anyway…

The other was disability acceptance, so I can get unemployment pay, without job searching, for the obvious reason I’m incapable of working now, especially in call centres, voice is busted!

Now, if I can only find a way to turn that white, plastic, non full face mask (nose opening, other tiny holes) into a full face silver metal one, lol…? Ideally with matching body suit, but anyway…

OK, video time. For those in the know, yes, its the same video for both blogs. I was going to use a different take for this, but its harder to see Clara Johnson in the other one, to put it mildly. Whereas, in here… Yes, Ginger was in both, no shock.

Fade to silver

Before we get to the amusing part of tonight’s blog, a brief piece with other health news for me. Yes, all is going positively with me so far, you might be glad to hear. So much so that as from my new stock tomorrow, my daily steroid count is being cut from 2 mg daily, to 1.5 mg, with the plan being, that if I have no issues with that, then to cut to 1 mg daily as from end of next week. I have been told if I do have issues, to immediately up it again, but if the nurse was expecting that, she wouldnt be cutting me in first place. Hard to believe, not so long ago, it was 16 mg daily!

Tomorrow is the halfway treatment, by the way, 15 down, 15 to go, quite a landmark.

Today, at the end of my treatment, I was asked if I was planning on taking my face mask home with me, when all treatments had been completed. Yes, of course I am, lol, might be the closest I ever get to a robot mask in my life, lets face it! I know, its plastic, its white, and though its hard to turn it into metal, I dont know if giving it a silver paint job would be so hard? Of course I would lack the fixing things that are on the machine, but wearing it on my face, all the same would have to be fun, especially if painted silver. Its also not quite full face (they let me breathe), but pretty good, all the same. So yes, I might be looking to see if it can be painted, and if so, to get someone to do it for me, because my hands certainly couldnt before, let alone now! Any offers? Something fitted so that it stayed around my head too?

Yes, my excuse was that I write science fiction, but lets face it, the real reason…

OK, the video. If you want a version of Steve Strange singing this, they arent hard to find. But finding Midge Ure (part writer/producer) providing a live version, well…

Stuck in the middle of the fairway

Its funny how things have turned around with the blogs, at one point this was the popular one, and my personal one struggled along. Now its the other way around, but who knows where it might all be 6 months from now?

Now given I’m only working to a limited market in more senses than one (reads this, be on Twitter, or prepared to be), lets keep this fairly brief, as I also need to get it done before I run out of steam, lol. Golf! Do you know anything about it?

This week in South Africa, there is a tournament taking part called the Nedbank, which I’m assuming is the sponsor? I dont know, I only play along for fun. But basically, there is a fantasy competition going on, where you pick 7 of the golfers, go find a Twitter account @tipsterstour, and either message him, or post on the relevant thread, because…well every entry earns me a little bit of money. Yes, its the ‘help the cancer suffering me’ this week fantasy contest, with my full approval. Basically, every entry earns me a small sum to make my life a little easier (or more likely, a chocolate treat for me), so if you want to support me, without actually needing to send money, then this is it, and hey, it will cost someone else money instead!

Equally, if you just want to support me in the short term, my Paypal address is, or I have a Kofi thing at that you can happily use.

But yes, isnt it more fun to make someone else pay, or pay too, lol? And yes, as I prove regularly, you really dont need to know much about golf to get involved in this!

Right, video time. To say this is weird, and crazy would be putting it mildly. But hey, it was filmed in the 1970’s, and sorry, but for those who think this blog should be weird, the chocolate eclair moment covers that!

Goodnight girls, and boys

No, dont worry, I’m going to write the blog first, but wont be long before I’m saying goodnight after that, believe me. As so often it seems, its not the treatment thats killed me today, as much as the travel, though I must say both drivers today were great, it was the weather, something out of Noah’s Ark, or it felt that way at least.

Roads were bad enough this morning on way to Leeds for treatment, and test results, but if you allow for the fact that it never stopped raining all day, it was like lake land coming back this afternoon. So…not a great travel day!

The main news, which is what I hope you want to here, all seems reasonably fine with tests at this point. A little dehydration (my addiction to coffee, over water), but other than that, all fine, seemingly. Hard to believe that tomorrow I will be one third of the way through treatments, wow.

Yes, the one thing I’m really noticing is the tiredness hitting me, which I’m sure is a combination of the treatments, and the travel, but beyond that, no sickness, no headache, and minimal hair loss (until I wash it at weekend, maybe?) are all good news. But yes, another reason for the goodnight comment is that my appointment tomorrow is 8.30 am, which means I have to be ready to leave at 6.30 am, which is not going to be fun! Also, all the travel issues today have worn me out, anyway, so…I suppose the only positive is that I should be home at a decent hour, and then thats it until Monday!

OK, video time. Wet, Wet, Wet tend to be remembered mainly for 1 song they covered, but this is a different track, that I love of their collection. Be good, give it a listen, lol.

Going to make a sentimental journey?

First, sorry, 4 videos embedded here, would have been 3, but I’m a bit concerned about 1 for those with epilepsy/flashing light issues, so covering myself on that. Oh, and partly because the system set me up with an entertaining railway choice, concerning a line I would love to travel again now that I dont have work concerns, though that is before I see the rail fare, which will be a lot more than when I done it in the 70’s, lol. So yes, I’d love to blame Geoff Marshall, but I really cant!

Yes, today was the day the letter, and phone call settled the matter of medical retirement, so now I can think about a few things I want to do as an event, now I dont have to plot around work holidays.

Its fair to say there are a few rail lines, both here, and abroad that I want to travel on for the first time with luck, but there is 1 that I travelled over 40 years ago, in 2 sections, that I would love to do again, the Mid Wales line. So fine, when this appeared in my You Tube suggestions…

I had to watch it for old times sake, and all its done is made me want to travel it again more! There were, in the good old days, as Paul Whitwick would tell you, and indeed me, a number of lines that crossed Wales in this way, but this really is the only one left. Mainly because they werent all viable, but anyway…

The line does run through glorious scenery, but I still think that part of my determination to return is the fact that of all my Rail Rover hotel bookings, the only real disaster was my interim stopping point on that line. No, I cant remember which station it was close to, or even what station it was, but that was the only bad point on the whole journey, so a wrong needs to be righted, lol. I very much doubt the place is still in business anyway!

Maybe I can work it in with the Cambrian Coast line (not yet done) as both meet at Shrewsbury, and I do want to travel that line in full as well. So… Might need an overnight somewhere, probably Shrewsbury, as neither line has a ton of trains run over them! Hmm?

Right, apologies, 3 more video’s though really you only need to watch one of the Metroland ones, unless inclined. The live one is the full version, but as I say, lots of flashing lights, so if they disturb you, do not watch it! The single version is fun, but if you’ve seen one, apart from the clever animations, not much difference there.

Single version

And lastly, despite what might be insinuated, this is miming to the 1945 version of the song, its not even subtle in places. But yes, the title of the blog comes from

Using just a little time.

To be fair, even before all my issues started with my brain, I was always capable of a blonde moment or 6. As for now, well, what do you reckon, lol? Well, today was the amusing one, shall we say?

Basically, I have to be ready to leave home by transport provided by hospital 2 hours before my treatment. So, ‘smart redhead’ thought she’d put them all on her Google calendar thing, but work on starting the appointment 2 hours before the treatment, but… If you put in the time of the appointment instead, so someone is still in her pyjamas when the transport arrives, oops! Thankfully, you’d be amazed how quickly I can get changed when I need to, so with the help of an obliging transport driver, crisis averted!

In fact, because he arrived 20 minutes into the 2 hour period, I arrived at the hospital with an hour to spare, and because the machine was available, I ended up getting my treatment 40 minutes early! Unfortunately, due to several accidents, and breakdowns, the journey home on the motorway wasnt express, but such is life. But I was still home 5 minutes later than when ‘dumb blonde’ me thought my treatment was due to start!

Right, video time. The irony here is that the female singer is neither the woman who sang on the original single, or the lady who replaced her. But she does a good job, so…