Los Angeles, past and present

Firstly, let me say, in case anyone thinks this is one, its not a tourist guide to the city. As yet, its somewhere I’ve never been as yet. Mainly because I was told, many years ago, that for a non driver like me, its not the easiest place to get around and see. Whether that was true then, or not, is it still the same nowadays? Because lets face it, though Louise Brooks didnt leave much of a mark on the city, she was there for a while. No, she never got a Hollywood Star, probably because she didnt play the game as the film makers wanted her to. Of course, to be fair, her more famous films were actually made in Europe, but even so…

But yes, her reputation, and style ensured she never got one! Jean Harlow did though, it must be said, and that is one star I would love to see. Might also like to see Doris Day’s as well, but…If I could only see one. Oh fine, Veronica Lake too, maybe, as one friend reckons I look like her, but as that is very close to Jean’s, that wouldnt be hard to do!

And equally, I have no idea how easy it is to reach Glendale, as a non driver, but to pay my respects to Baby, if I got there, would be wonderful, as I did with Brooksie, in Rochester. And maybe, just maybe see that infamous house in Easton Drive (more at the end) that she supposedly haunts!

But if L.A is impossible/tricky for a non driver, then maybe its a challenge too far? So can it be done by public transit, or not?

Anyway, for all that, thats not what brought L.A to the forefront today, it was someone on Twitter, posting a link to this place, which is definitely not still there


No, it didnt even survive the 30’s, let alone until now. Regardless of prices, that would be such a fun place to eat! Now, its a McDonalds, and car park, aargh! A great shame, we need more fun places to eat nowadays, not the wall to wall sameness of the major franchises.

OK, the video, yes, that supposedly haunted house. Will I ever get there? If I do, will I see Jean’s ghost? Maybe to the first one, I suspect not to the latter, but who knows? But a brief video, about the place…