A really nice robot look

Before I get started, this isnt my picture in any way, I just hope Doc Robo, Macro Lass and co dont mind me posting it, as well as adding it to my collection, simply because I so adore the look and style. Yes, the boots are as neat as the grey suit, indeed I think they set it off rather well. Yes, I think a helmet, or headset would make it even better, especially with an antenna attached, would just all add to the robot look. Yes, the boobs are a bit bigger (to put it mildly) than I’d prefer for myself (quite happy being B-C cup), but the good Doctor tells me they grow during the processing lol. I guess a robot wouldnt worry about the extra weight anyway lol. And for some reason, men do seem to like a girl with an ample cleavage, so…

Yes, I know the head is flesh coloured, but I guess that makes it more like a suit you put on, than a dramatic change in body form. Just imagine pulling that on, feeling your mind slip away, and pure robotic obedience. Oh, and of course the possibility that at the end of the day, you can return to a human look again by removing it, and those super boots of course. Maybe, you cant, or quite possibly wouldnt want to remove it, but… As I say, it needs something to show the mind is totally controlled, but thats probably just me being picky, I’d love a suit like that, and of course,  the robot effect, and control it brings with it. 😉

Most likely, knowing me, I wouldnt want to be humanised again, even if I could! It really is something, one of the best robot looks I’ve seen in a while, and one I’d love to try. But if thats the case, I so want the mind controlling helmet on my head too. And oh, evil designing scientists please, if my boobs are growing that big, make sure I dont feel the weight of them lol! 😛 And yes, I’d love to be shown the machine that turned her into that, and given a show of how it works…on me! 😉

The music video, well you could say this fits?


The original of this pic can be found at


Though his whole gallery at


is well worth looking at, and for me, drooling over

Holiday, Part 2

And here for your edification is the rest of the week

Wednesday 19th

Much better weather greets us, I’m delighted to say. We meet up with James, and head out of Albany. The only comment I get as we head north on I-90 is that, no, we arent going to Rochester lol, anyone would think it was a well known fact I was a Louise Brooks fan, or something! Yes, for those who dont know, thats where she is buried. I will get there, but next September, under my own steam. In fact, as a signpost soon gives away the game, we are heading somewhere apt for 2 baseball fans, Cooperstown, and the Baseball Hall of Fame. Seriously, its quite some place, and if you have any interest in baseball, try and get there some time. I managed, with a little help from James in distracting Kate, to get her a little gift. Back to Albany, say our goodbyes to James, and settle down for rest of day.

Thursday 20th

The day we head back to New England, and again, I know where we are heading, Foxboro. Yes, where some NFL team called the Patriots play lol. Most of the day was a straightforward long dostance drive, so I wont say too much about that. In the evening, we head out to Patriot Place for a meal, and so Kate can impress me with the stadium. It works, the stadium is impressive, it has to be said. Then the fun starts! We go to a Toby Keith restaurant (no, name didnt mean a lot to me, but to US folks…I gather it does), and order our food. As a good Kansas loving girl, seeing an item on the menu that seems apt to eat, I order it, and enjoyed it. Kate ordered something else, but guess what, they bring 2 of what I ordered! Hilarity ensues, but credit due, before long, her correct meal arrives, though I had already started, as sense, and Kate told me to. But no, thats not the end of the fun. Given its now dark, Kate sets the sat-nav to get us back to the hotel, even though we have a pretty fair idea of the route. Halfway back, we want to go one way, sat-nav wants to go another! So, unwisely as it turned out, we listened to the sat-nav. Ended up in the entry way to a High School! Yes, we eventually convinced the sat-nav to take us where we wanted, but…modern technology is a wonderful thing at times lol!

Friday 21st

Back to Patriot Place, this time on a shopping and sightseeing trip. We both do some shopping, and then head to a ‘proper’ burger place for lunch. Yes, proper in the sense they grill it in front of you, as you order it, not any sign of tired pre-wrapped food here! Absolutely lovely it was too. Then I got inducted into the world of the Patriots lol, at the Pro Shop, and an excellent display called the Hall, over 2 floors. Not only, but mainly Patriots stuff, college, high school, and teams of the past from New England also get covered here. Oh, and I get to see 3 Superbowl trophies too, quite a sight. I also get to ‘try on’ a Superbowl ring at a display point. Yes, I was able to slip my ring finger in it, and for Kate to take my picture ‘wearing’ it. I could also nearly slip another finger in it too, to be honest lol. The evening, we head out for our final meal together, first place we try, very full (and I mean, very full!). Second place, not much quieter to be honest. We eye up a Japanese place, and I say as long as I dont have to eat Sushi…I didnt, had a very nice meal with noodles, and glad we ended up there. Back to hotel, said our goodbyes, as Kate was off early next morning, and I was being collected by shuttle to go back to the airport about midday.

Saturday 22nd.

I get up about 7.15, Kate’s car is still there, so thought I might get to see her off yet. By the time I’ve been to the little girls room, she’s gone, so I didnt. From here, for a while it gets boring for the reader, breakfast, packing, all those tedious things lol! Just after 11.45 I head out to the lobby, thinking I’ll be ready when the car gets there. Wrong, its already waiting, with a cute label over the door with my name on it. I felt a proper lady as he held the door open for me, and put my bags in the trunk. Again, after getting to the airport, nothing all that exciting or noteworthy happened.

As I said before, but will say again, so many thanks to both Kate and James for making the trip so wonderful. Thanks to Fenway, and Kates AO for letting her loose for the week too. Next big holiday, next April, part 1 of what I’m calling the Louise Brooks Memorial tour. LB may not have truly loved Wichita,, but part of her life was spent there, and I want to go take a look. Not sure if there is much of, or any indeed any trace of her left there, but I’ll have fun finding out anyway.

Right, part 2 musically, is a summing up of how most of the British Summer has been. This is so old, I cant find a live video for this!


Holiday, part 1

Yes, probably the posting you havent been waiting for, especially if you’ve been following events in the Garden, somewhere else, or played a part in it, yes James and Kate, I do mean you lol! But for those few other people, who want to know about the holiday, wonder no more. It is fairly brief on the whole, I will take mercy on you in that sense at least.

I will however split it into 2 postings, due to length

Saturday 15th

As mentioned before, there is one huge advantage (apart from them generally being a good airline, though more later) of flying to the US with Aer Lingus, doing pre clearance at Shannon Airport. Seriously, no queue at immigration, through in less than a minute, and he was a lovely guy too. Flight was smooth, arrived early, and case appeared in a reasonable period of time. Somehow I got past Kate in the lounge, suspect it was because I was foicussed on finding Carousel 3, but anyway, she spotted me the moment I’d retrieved it. Shuttle back to her car, and we head off on to the road. Soon work out we arent heading for Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine, when we head south. Otherwise,initially at least, not a clue. Soon on the road to Cape Cod, so worked that much out at least. End up at a hotel with its own private beach, a wonderful setting, but sadly for both of us, no internet in the bedrooms. Given both of us had people and things we had to keep in touch with, the theory of staying there 3 nights went out the window. Thankfully the wonderful Kate found us a sister hotel in Hyannis to stay at the next 2 nights, and believe me, that setting was very nice too.

Sunday 16th

7.30am, I stroll down to the beach in my sandals, admire the view, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. About 8.45, call Kate, (we had separate rooms, because I’m a morning person, she’s a late person, so, let us both go to bed, and get up when we wanted to) tell her I’ll be down on the beach when she’s ready. I was, relaxed on a beach chair, reading my book, wearing my sunglasses, shocking stuff lol. Head off to Hyannis, park car at our new hotel, and via breakfast, head off to Martha’s Vineyard by the high speed ferry. Super lunch, but yes, guilty, when we got back to where the ferry goes from, I ended up with a sparkly t-shirt, only shock to some being that it was blue, not pink lol! 😛 Back to Hyannis by traditional ferry, then book in for the night.

Monday 17th

I’d been told this day trip was something special, and she was right. Did start in a hilarious manner as I had a short sleeved top on, and Kate suggested I might want to reconsider, while not wanting to tell me why. I might be domme(ish) lol, but I’m not daft, I changed! Whale watching, and as it turned out, a bit of dolphin watching too, on the way back. Seriously, absolutely magnificent sight, so glad we did it. Seeing those creatures, so close, absolutely awesome.

Tuesday 18th

We started out relatively early, as this was the day we headed for Albany, and to meet up again with James. Another good reason for leaving early, the weather forecast suggested the 2nd half of the day would be wet, and they were right! We did manage to get into the Berkshires before the weather fell apart, but it was (very) wet all the way from there. So much so, we didnt bother to leave the hotel after arriving, just eating downstairs.

First half music, lets have something obvious. You can tell how old this is, by how young she looks!



The thank you speech

I’ll just keep this brief tonight, if you’ll forgive me, time is getting on, and given I fly back tomorrow night, I need to get a good nights sleep tonight. Besides which, its been a long, and wonderful week, but it might be beginning to catch up with me now. Either that, or equally possible, I’m now so stress free, and relaxed, that the brain is just switching down a bit. Might well be the latter, I havent slept this well in a while, and that seems an obvious reason why, just relaxed.

I will fill out more details after I get back, I promise, but for now…Lets face it, it will be 1 blog posting I wont have to concern myself as to the subject matter lol!

So for now, my biggest, and most grateful thanks go out to Kate, who has made a wonderful companion for the week. She has done a lot of wonderful things for me this week, and its all been so appreciated. While on the subject, I’d like to thank her AO (adored one), and Fenway the dog (before he nips my ankles for forgetting him lol) for letting Kate loose for what has been a really super week for me. Hopefully we can get together again at some point in the future, that would be great.

I also want to thank James for being a wonderful companion on Wednesday, and for taking me somewhere special. As I say, more details soon! You are a wonderful guy, it was a pleasure to meet you again, and look forward to a repeat in about 18 months time, for a bit of a longer stay.

And alright, thanks to both New England, and New York State for providing me with such wonderful places to visit.

No, I’m not going to do a blubbering Kate Winslet performance at this point, just provide the music video. I have used it before, but its just too apt not to use now.


If You Could Read My Mind

Lets just say that some of us have stressful jobs, but dont have to be overwhelmingly clever to do it. You could say I fit that bill. Yes, the idiots in the shops can frustrate, annoy, and a few other things to me, but in the end, a good knowledge is more than enough to keep them under control. I do qualify on that front, probably more than so, but compared to some, my job isnt that challenging.

Kate, who I am on holiday with, whole different scene. No, I dont know the full details of her job (and even if I did, I wouldnt tell you), but what I do know, is that she has to be very clever to do it. By the sound of it, she also needs as much patience with her group of ‘idiots’ as I do with my respective bunch, but enough of that.

James has a marvellous, and worthy job, which he does with great diligence and devotion, and I admire him both for what he does, and how he does it. Andyes, you guessed it, again, no more details than that.

So after all those details, why am I writing this, I can hear you ask. Simple, and for tbose of you who come here because of mind control related sites, you should enjoy this concept. Well, its because if I had her knowledge of Kate’s role, I could stand a chance of getting a job over here, and wouldnt that be great? But lets just leave it at saying that I havent.

If you are old enough, or nowadays, if you check it out on Wiki, or You Tube, who remembers a series called Joe 90? Not many I suspect, it was made in the 60’s, and even then, I’m not sure if it crossed the Atlantic, or was just shown in the UK. But basically the plot each week came down to Joe going into a spinning chamber, and ‘learning’ how to do something, to help him solve his mission, or whatever. I cant remember the exact details, other than that his glasses played a part in downloading the details into his mind. And yes, wouldnt it be great if I could ‘learn’ her job this way, in more senses than one.

If anyone says it can be done, let me know before Saturday lol!

The music video, well, this song is nearly as old as the Joe 90 series! 40 years ago, this was a hit, and one I remembered even today.


Dont judge a book by its cover!

Firstly, apologies to anyone reading this for a holiday report, but given that Kate will be posting her version of events at the Garden, I’m going to avoid that as subject matter for now. Given there will be some who cant read it there, and certainly wont be reading my personal version elsewhere, I will do something after its all over, so that you can at least find out in time.

But for now, either join the Garden, and read a far better version from Kate, or you need to be patient.

Ah, the thread title. Yes, as some know, if their blog reading goes back far enough, know I bought a book with me, “The Chaperone”, by Laura Moriarty, with a pic of Louise Brooks on the cover, but before you jump too far, look at the title of this thread.

Yes, Brooksy is in the story, but main player she definitely isnt. No, the fictional star of this is Cora Carlisle, the eponymous chaperone, and a purely fictional character. Louise, well its a fascinating mix of fact and fiction, thats for sure. Certainly her style fits in with what we know, some of the events definitely happened, but others…?

And please, dont think this is dull stuff, it covers subject matter controversial today, let alone in the 1920’s, and before. Homosexuality, paedophilia, illicit affairs, all occur here. Oh, and orphans taken out of the big city, to start new lives, that if it happened today, people would have kittens about it!

No, I cant discuss how it ends, I havent got that far yet, but seriously, you should consider reading it yourself, if you havent already. It is a book that has Louise Brooks in it, and some have probably thought, if you arent a fan, no need to read, not true. She is in it, but there is far more than  that to it.

Oh, and its a good story too!

The video, a slightly left field look at events in the book, and lets leave it at that.


Why I Fly Aer Lingus to the US when I can

No, its nothing to do with them being the best airline, or anything like that, even if they are pretty decent, it has to be said. No, the beauty of flying Aer Lingus to the US through Dublin, or Shannon (my preferred option) has nothing to do with that.

That beauty, that makes it all such a dream, is something called US pre clearance while still in Ireland, where the queues for immigration, and customs, well, they are a bit quieter than Boston, or Chicago, to put it mildly! Its not quite as dramatic as in this video,


but its not that far from the truth either lol. Sadly its not an option I can use often, which is why Chicago immigration, and American Airlines know me so well, and indeed I’m an advantage card holder with them too. But on trips like this time, to Boston, guess who I’m flying with? 😉 Its interesting, you get to take a back route at Boston, avoiding Immigration and Customs, because though you come into the international terminal, on an international flight, you are strictly a domestic passenger.

Oh, and hopefully this year, unlike last year, the baggage carousel wont break down after 30 seconds, and the third case. Took someone 10 minutes to decide to reset things, but after that…

But no, this isnt an advert for Aer Lingus, just pointing out some information that might be useful to some.

Oh, and as you might have worked out, this will be the last post from the UK for a while. If you’re good, and lucky, you might get posts from the US, though unless I get good internet speed, you might have to live without the videos.

Bye for now, from the UK at least.