Goodnight girls, and boys

No, dont worry, I’m going to write the blog first, but wont be long before I’m saying goodnight after that, believe me. As so often it seems, its not the treatment thats killed me today, as much as the travel, though I must say both drivers today were great, it was the weather, something out of Noah’s Ark, or it felt that way at least.

Roads were bad enough this morning on way to Leeds for treatment, and test results, but if you allow for the fact that it never stopped raining all day, it was like lake land coming back this afternoon. So…not a great travel day!

The main news, which is what I hope you want to here, all seems reasonably fine with tests at this point. A little dehydration (my addiction to coffee, over water), but other than that, all fine, seemingly. Hard to believe that tomorrow I will be one third of the way through treatments, wow.

Yes, the one thing I’m really noticing is the tiredness hitting me, which I’m sure is a combination of the treatments, and the travel, but beyond that, no sickness, no headache, and minimal hair loss (until I wash it at weekend, maybe?) are all good news. But yes, another reason for the goodnight comment is that my appointment tomorrow is 8.30 am, which means I have to be ready to leave at 6.30 am, which is not going to be fun! Also, all the travel issues today have worn me out, anyway, so…I suppose the only positive is that I should be home at a decent hour, and then thats it until Monday!

OK, video time. Wet, Wet, Wet tend to be remembered mainly for 1 song they covered, but this is a different track, that I love of their collection. Be good, give it a listen, lol.