A milestone or two

The first one is pretty trite, the second, far less so.

Yes, this blog hit a milestone overnight my time, as it crashed through the 10K barrier in spectacular style, given there has been 59 views today, and 31 yesterday. Wow! The irony being that my ‘personal’ blog is barely past 5K, despite having been going on longer. Yes, this has slightly more support than the other, the main one only gaining credit by word of mouth, and Facebook, whereas this has a couple of Forums, and a few other blogs supporting it. But even so…

The second milestone, 50 years ago today, Martin Luther King made his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech, in the battle at the time for racial equality. Yes, seems incredible now, doesnt it? Only sad that he barely lived long enough to see the dream starting to come true, let alone flourish.

Who killed him, I guess we will never really know?

The video, yes, it relates to the more important milestone