Is swimming like riding a bike?

In the sense of you never forget how to do it, that is?

For about 10 years or so, up to 1999, my main form of exercise was swimming. I used to go, with my other half (yes, female lol) swimming on a Tuesday at a nearby school pool in Sherborne. We then tended to ruin it by having a cake with our coffee afterwards, but at least we’d worked off the calories first!

Then we split, I moved away from the area, and the convenience of a local pool disappeared from my life. So my main form of exercise became walking, and I did plenty of it. Still do to a lesser degree, though the physical state of the body means I have to take it slightly easier now, more in the sense of distance, than speed though, in my case!

I have swum a handful of times since, when on holiday, but thats about it, and not in a while now. Funnily enough, one of those pools was in Richmond, back in 2000, though I have no idea which hotel that was, or whether its still there. Its not the one I will be staying at this time though, I could walk into Richmond from there (2-3 miles or so, I did tell you I could walk distances!), and certainly wont be doing so from this one.

But yes, the hotel has got an indoor pool, and looking at the picture on the hotel website, it looks quite nice. Now, somewhere upstairs, I have a swimsuit. Plain black, almost certainly feeling unloved, and I have no idea how good a condition it might be in. Where in my room, no idea, but a hunt might be needed. It has been to the US before, one of the hotels I’ve stayed at near San Francisco had an outdoor pool, but I never ventured in, so it just stayed in my room. Mainly because I spent most of my time downtown, and swimming outdoors in the evening didnt have quite the same appeal, even if it probably was still warm enough, even in September!

But this one is indoor, I will probably have some downtime at the hotel, as Kate will be sharing host, and work duties while I’m over there, so…You dont forget how to swim, do you? I can always splash around the shallow end anyway, I guess?

The video, someone who looks good in a bikini, something I definitely wont be wearing, even if I cant find the swimsuit, or its worn through by now. I’d love one of those full body ones that the Olympic swimmers wear nowadays, but my budget wont run to that!

Coincidence factor, I have met a few famous names in my time, or semi famous at least, that might be a better term. But yes, one of them is Geri Halliwell! Soon after she left the Spice Girls, preparations were made for her first solo album, of which this is a track off. Thing is, I knew some of the team working on, and playing on the album, and one day, when I was up in London, I got invited out for lunch. Yes, you’ve worked out who else was there, Ms Halliwell herself!

Lets be honest, when she was Ginger Spice, she was loud, and in your face, so I inwardly groaned. In fact, so it seemed, that was pretty much an act too. Dont get me wrong, I dont think she had nun-like qualities, but if you thought Ginger was the real her, you were wrong! Conversation was good, intelligent, and yes, alright, I actually found the new unpainted blonde look quite cute on her.

So Geri, if by the faintest chance you read this, I’m glad I met you, changed my perception of you dramatically.

But, if anyone has a metallic silver swimsuit, size 14, full body preferred, that needs a new wearer, let me know! 😉