Its not that far…

As promised, the second Kirsty McColl video at the end of this piece, this time one of her own songs. And yes, the title to this blog is a line from the song, not the title for once.

I think that the lyrics for this song have some meaning again today, or certainly did a couple of years ago when the whole economic situation started to go wrong. As a good number found out, its really not that far from an uptown apartment to a night on the A train lol! Well, maybe not quite that far, but you get my drift. The trouble was, it wasnt just the people that created the mess that found themselves in this situation, I only wish it had been!

I was lucky, even more so at my age! Made redundant 2 1/2 years ago, I managed to pretty quickly walk into another job. Then a year or so later, that department was getting closed as well! Luckily I was one of the ‘desired few’ that they wanted for a new role, even if now, just a year later, it doesnt seem like the same position! Yes, I’m getting stressy about things, and I only wish I thought ‘something new’ would be easy to find, but at my age, and the current economic mess, well I wont be holding my breath.

In the time I’ve been on the MC Forums, some have lost jobs, while others have found them, some of them indeed the same people. Hopefully nobody has yet had to sleep frozen on the church steps, though I’ve roughed it in my time, mainly when the money ran out near the end of my lengthy US trip in 2003, and I will always owe great gratitude to a Mission Hall in Seattle for helping to keep me going till it was time to fly home! Lets just say that was an eye opener though, and leave it at that!

So I send this message hoping that everything could be perfect for everyone, but know its not going to happen, so I’ll just do the best I can.

I dont know if there is a ‘Madison’ in Seattle, but if there is, I probably walked down it! I suspect Kirsty’s was in New York though!

Hope you enjoy


New England

No, sorry Kate, James and anyone else who assumed so, this isnt about my holiday, though the title at least is rather apt. The sentiments are about something else entirely though.

Many  assume these were the lyrics originally written, not true. Lets face it, Billy Bragg would have looked a bit silly if they had been! What is true is that he actually tweaked them for Kirsty though, and what a great job he did of it. These lyrics pretty much sum up the teen/early twenties years of many girls, the whole boyfriends thing, the pill thing (if they are wise), and of course, the sex. And then the jilting by him lol! And yes, I suspect we all went through it, some of us with both sexes lol!

No, I dont want to change the world, and I suspect this England isnt as bad as I portray it sometimes, though some matters do annoy me, but hey, I have to live with it. A new England, not sure if that would be good or bad, I suspect it depends who runs it, lol! New England was very nice, though whether I’d say that living through, and trying to get to work in their winter might be another matter? See, holiday did get mentioned after all! 😛

Thankfully I’m now to old to be a mother, even if I did have such desires, but thats for the best, I would have made a lousy mum! Though who knows how I would have reacted, had it happened?

As some readers at least will know, Kirsty is no longer with us, taken in a tragic accident in Mexico a few years back now, but will never stop me being a great fan of her music, thats for sure. These arent her lyrics, as I said, but they are her style of lyroics all the same, as I will prove in the near future, already got another words/video set to one of her songs all worked out.

For now, enjoy a talent taken from us at far too young an age

Its finally arrived!

No, not winter, though I’m told that there is a possibility of snow here, either at the weekend, or more likely the early part of next week. Sounds crazy given the temperatures have been up in the 70’s the last few days, but thats the wonder of the British weather for you! No, what arrived just over 2 hours ago was the photograph relating to one of the great, fun events of my holiday, the trip to Fenway Park with Kate.  Yes, its the picture taken just outside the stadium of the two of us, while we were waiting for them to open the gates and let us in. And no, I wont be posting it anywhere lol!

It seems to have taken forever to actually get here, but I guess ordering it at the start of a weekend, then add on time for international shipping etc, and…still seems a long time lol! Fortunately the one of me and James at the Aquarium (also not being posted) was purchased at the time, and brought home with me when I came back.

As far as I know, thats my travelling done for the year. Well other than commuting to work that is, lol! Oh, and a couple of trips out when I have my week off in November, but thats the long distance stuff over at least. Thankfully Expedia has ‘arrived’ on my laptop, and planning for next year (well April at least) has already started. Next September is sort of planned as well, but I’ll worry about that nearer the time!

The one sad thing thats arrived, the first Bills defeat of the season. Still, if you’d told me that it wouldnt happen to week 4, before the season had started, I’d have taken it lol!

Oh, and finally, the corny video link, because I’m no longer waiting for that photo to arrive

Is it an age thing, or just the long distance travelling?

Its funny, I never used to get bothered by the time and distance involved in travelling to the west coast of the US, but I’m beginning to notice just how much tougher this long distance travel is getting of late. It might be an age thing, certainly the old body doesnt seem to enjoy being confined to a plane seat for long periods now, and I’ve noticed that on 2 trips to the east coast this year, Toronto and Boston! I suspect the monotony of the flight plays a part as well, but I know my legs have been complaining this time around, even with decent legroom.

So I’ve pretty much decided that its time this middle aged lady eased off a bit, and I’ve decided I’m going to cut out the west coast trips…after the next one that is! Chicago/Minneapolis, and a sort of line there on will then be the limit, at least until the body disintegrates some more, or I get an upgrade lol! So where is the one place left to go to, before I retreat, why Seattle of course!

Its funny, I’d never even seen Seattle until 2003 (I nearly said my age, but thats something a lady shouldnt do, lol!) but instantly fell in love with the place. Maybe it was the climate, maybe it was the people, most likely a combination of both. I was fortunate enough to spend a good period of time out there then, and loved every minute of it, even if the budget was a bit tight at times! I was also lucky enough to go back a few years later for a week, when the budget wasnt as much of a concern! And yes, I still loved the place.

So unsurprisingly, I want to go back one more time before the old body screams enough, and see the city again. It will be funny knowing its probably for the last time (both times previously I knew I would be back), but I’m fast approaching my mid fifties, and the body is beginning to wear out a bit, and travelling that far is becoming a struggle. And alright, I want to see the Mariners play at some point too!

Next autumn will be east coast, thats for sure, I’m hoping I can get at least a few more years of coping with that length of journey at least, but a lot will depend on how the body (especially the knees) hold up, I guess. Well unless MIT, or the Cybermen can upgrade me anyway lol!

Musically, I could have picked Nirvana or something, but they were never my scene, so I’m not! So finding Seattle area artists came down to 2 that are more my era, or before. One was Judy Collins, the other, even older, and the one I chose, The Fleetwoods! I doubt a jet plane comes softly anywhere, but…

America, there is a world out there, you know

Yes, that comment is tongue in cheek to some degree, though I do wonder at times.

Many years ago, someone joked to me that for a number of Americans, international included Canada, world also included Mexico, and beyond that…!

Funny thing is, I’ve seen a couple of examples of this over the last week, one of them, a major US company, AT&T.

Quite simply, I bought (an absolute boon) a pre paid mobile, a Go phone, I think it was called? Yes, it does international calls, as the website states, you’ve guessed it, as long as you only include Canada and Mexico, you’ll be fine lol! I’m not saying the roaming rates shoukd be a bargain, but in these days of contractual arrangements, surely AT&T must have some sort of facility to use their phones over here?

Ah well…

Rant two,

I wanted to order something online yesterday for someone, fine, not a problem you would think with a pre paid card. Wrong, I couldnt use the facility unless I had a US billing address! Please, dont tourists (or even Canadians) ever want to buy things from these voucher companies?

So yes, at this moment in time, I’d like to point something out to some Americans out there, the world doesnt end at your borders, didnt you know lol?

Of course, if someone wants to provide me with a US address, and workplace, so I could do those things, well I might not say no lol!

Frustrated of UK.


A robotunit in Boston, last part

Well it isnt quite all over, but its not far off it.  I’m sort of hoping to get a last quick dash into the city in tomorrow, but a lot will depend on what time I’m being picked up to go to the airport on whether thats practical or not. Fingers crossed, but will have to wait and see how packing etc, goes for that.

Wednesday, I got taken down to Falmouth on the Cape, the weather was wonderful, so was lunch, eaten with a fantastic view out over a very calm sea. Fantastic area, and look forward to getting back there, and far sooner than the gap leading to this visit to the area.

Yes, yesterday was the big event, the getting together of 3 ‘Gardeners’ and what a fantastic day it was. So alright, I knew Kate already, but this was the magical day that both of us got to meet James for the first time. He looked just like I expected him to, but thats hardly surprising, I’d seen a picture of him beforehand lol! An absolute gentleman, lovely to know, and we went to lunch, and the aquarium together, and I have the  picture to prove it!

After that we teamed up with Kate, and did the ‘Duck tour’ of Boston, an entertaining and informative trip, in wonderful company. Then dinner, and back, having worn poor Kate out in the process.

Today, Kate and I managed one last trip out, before parting for now, though hopefully her problem with her phone has been sorted out by the time I write this.

Special thanks to her for being such wonderful company this week, and for chauffering me around so much, its so appreciated. Thanks to James for finding me this wonderful, peaceful place to stay, and the books he provided me with.

Next posting will be from England again, not quite sure when I will be straight enough to do something, but suspect it will be the early part of next week. Until then, I leave you with a song from a Boston group, that ties in with what Kate has done for me this week.