Nothing to do with robots! Shock horror…

But entirely to be with somewhere I shall be visiting in just over 5 weeks time, well alright, 5 weeks tomorrow! I could make some witty comment about MIT working on a plan to robotise me, but as I promised not to mention robots, thats it!

I have been to Boston before, and what I remember of the place, I really liked it. Snag is, that was 23 years ago, now I’m showing my age! So my memories of the exact details are rather vague to say the least. Funnily enough that was also in September, but no idea what date it was lol! My partner at the time had an aunt living in Groton, so the main purpose was to visit her, though both of us also planned that the main part of our 2 week trip would be just us, and so it proved.

2 Firsts happened then, though neither in Boston. First ever Ice Hockey match in Hartford, though neither of us knew anything about the game, we got invited, said yes, and well, I dont remember much. All I know is that the Hartford Whalers are now in Carolina, hope that wasnt anything to do with us! Other first, and of more interest to me, my first ever live game of American football, a college game at Yale, against Columbia. All I remember is Yale won, seeing the public parts of the college beforehand was interesting, and Sheila’s fascination with the guys shouting, and selling ‘Soda’! Nothing like that happens in our country, even now!

Oh, alright, Boston. We spent the first few days there, before heading down to Groton, and saw a lot of the sights. The topical one at the time was the ‘Cheers Bar’, though as we saw it at 9 in the morning or so, we didnt go in! Memories otherwise are very vague, other than the Heritage walk, and Feneuil Hall to be honest, so it will be more like a first time visit I guess? Saw somewhere called Fenway Park from the observation platform somewhere, I think it was the John Hancock Tower, but could have that totally wrong? Been told I might see more of Fenway Park this time lol!

It seems 2 ‘Gardeners’ seem to want to meet up with me this time around, one of whom is a lovely guy I’ve ‘known’ most of my time at the Garden, and hey, I even know what he looks like! Pretty much fitted my image of him too in all honesty. Hopefully he will be able to get across at some point, if not I might be doing an Amtrak trek to meet this wonderful person, but that wouldnt be the biggest hardship in the world, other than it would mean an overnight stay away, and I’d hate to be a hardship on him.

The other is a lady I know far less about, certainly have no idea what she looks like, and to be honest, no great image in my head either. Oh, and she has a dog named after a famous baseball park, or is that the other way around? 😉

Guess they might sound familiar to some?

5 weeks from now, I should be in bed, as I’ve got an early start the next morning, but here and now, I can blog about a trip I’m really looking forward to.

Fantasy v Reality

Yes, there are times when even I wonder if there would be a difference in my attitude to the concept of being turned into a mindless, obedient robot if it was about to become reality, or indeed could become so. I dont think there is, but I guess its one of those things that, until its really about to happen, you just dont think too deeply about it.

As a fantasy, it really works for me, indeed its something I find the concept of to be a very hot, and exciting one. Sat (or laid) there, very restrained, very wired up, and either a helmet, either arcing electricity, or just about to, straight into my brain to brainwash, and/or robotise me, or by using an electrode cap to do the same, a very exciting one. And no, I dont think I’d feel any differently if it was about to happen for real, but…

I dont think I would resist in the slightest if it was going to happen for real, but at the same time I do wonder if some sort of survival instinct would kick in, causing me to try to resist, however futile it was. I guess the safest way to find out would be some form of roleplay, where I dont know whats going to happen next, and I have no control over events, which I assume to be a robot transformation scene. Yes, theoretically at present I know technology doesnt exist for turning humans into robots, but if someone could really set up the scene, and get inside your head that it might just be real, it would be fascinating to see how I reacted mentally to that. But lets face it, the chances of finding someone prepared to do that are pretty slim to say the least! I know it still wouldnt be reality, or I assume not, but…

And yes, alright, I do tend to get a fit of the giggles when I go to the hairdressers, and go under those hairdrying devices. Sadly none have made any attempt to brainwash me as yet though, lol! Well not that I’ve noticed at least! But again, the fantasy of being brainwashed, and the reality of it happening to me might just be 2 different things anyway.

But for now, I’m happy to go on dreaming, and fantasising, and maybe one day this question will truly arise. Hopefully one day I can at least be in a roleplay scenario that feels so real, that I can make a call on that, but wont hold my breath for even that happening.

Unless you know different…?

Its NASCAR, but not as we know it!

Apologies for the play on the Star Trek thing, if any trekkies get to read this! Ironically its not quite Jim that provides a lot of the entertainment, but its close, being James.

Alright, this posting only really works for Garden members who read this, but I suspect the majority are anyway.

Most weekends, generally on a Sunday, there is soimething called NASCAR racing in the US, I know its car racing, but beyond that my knowledge about it could be written on a postage stamp! I have a handy website which helps me to be competitive, but I’m not giving away trade secrets here lol! Without it, I wouldnt have a clue, and couldnt pick out one driver if they stood in front of me. Mind, they are so well clothed (much needed) that I suspect I might not be the only one.

In theory there are 11 of us in this, though 2 seem to focus on picking via the lucky dog method only lol. So that should leave 9 trying hard to win it? Nope, leaves 7 trying to win it! And 2 trying their hardest to be, err, well, last! Give James credit, he’s got this off to a fine art, much as Freeze Frame has got picking good drivers off to the same fine art. But this year James has had competition on the bad driver front, much to people’s amusement. Trouble is, Rosie isnt so good at it lol! Good enough to be well and truly one but last, but nowhere near as bad/good as James at it.

I like James a lot, and plan to write more about this great guy sometime soon. But yet again this week, James seems to have stopped his driver, and Rosie hasnt! Its probably just as well the drivers dont know about all this! My driver yet again seems to have run well for most of the race, then drops right back when it counts. I’m not competitive, but all the same…

One day I must watch one of these races lol!

Turn me into a mermaid!

The other big fantasy of mine

Certainly currently no more feasible than turning me into a robot, to do this properly, and in some senses at least, probably more tricky, as being able to breathe underwater in comfort definitely sounds a complex physiological change lol! Not that I suspect turning internal organs into internal wiring and the like would be easy I suspect, well not without nanotechnology and the like!

The big difference is, whereas a really good robot outfit doesnt seem within the standard fancy dress realm, the mermaid one definitely is. Why, because I guess the latter is cute in a sense, whereas in films at least, the former just tends to be intimidating I guess? Also I suspect the likes of Ariel, and Darryl Hannah in Splash created a more romantic image of mermaids than there used to be. She used to be the so called siren of the sea, luring sailors to their death etc, something Ariel would never dream of doing lol!

The long wig (used to always be blonde, but has Ariel changed that too?) is fairly compulsory, unless you have very long hair anyway! So does the ‘seashell’ bra, which I suspect has varying degrees of comfort to wear somehow, but tends to be fairly standard in look. The big difference is generally the tail. These can be anything from something so wispy that you could probably walk in it, right through to a tail so strong and rigid that a girl would need to be carried everywhere! Funnily enough, the latter would appeal to me more.

A camera shoot dressed as a mermaid would be great fun, though clearly, the stronger and more rigid the tail, the better for me! The ability to swim underwater woiuld be even better, but very unlikely shall we say? Thats not to say I wouldnt mind a photo shoot in a really good, silver, metallic robot outfit, but suspect the former is more viable somehow?

Cost is a major reason why neither is likely to happen though lol!

in tribute to my favourite fembot

Well, perhaps other than me, but I’m not narcissitic that way, or dont think so at least. But alright, she’s currently as much of a real fembot as me, but we can both dream. Given things at the moment, I think she’s more in need of a healthy, strong robot body than me!

I’ll call her Heather here, even though I know its not her real name, and yes, I do know her real name, but thats a secret between 2 good cyber friends.

To say life is being a bit hard on her at the moment would be to put it mildly. I suspect Garden visitors know, any Forum visitors might well know as well, so I’m not going to go too heavily into details. But the one thing I do tend to slack on, is showing emotions and support on said forums, its never been my thing, and at my age, thats hardly likely to change! But I suppose there has always been a sort of bond between me and Heather over the whole fembot thing, and just wanted to shout my support for her at the moment.

My ‘real life’ blog has a bad habit of including old songs on most postings, and though I have no plans to do the same here, this posting is going to get one. Why, because amongst all the things I like about Heather, there is one thing that stands out, her avatar pics. I have no idea why the 20’s style appeals to me, especially the hairstyles, but they do. And guess what her avvie pics are! 🙂 If my hair was strong enough, and long enough at the front, then yes, I might well go in for her bob style.

It helps that I always was a big OMD fan, so knew, and loved this song when it first came out, and first led me to discover more about Louise Brooks, an amazing lady in more senses than one, just like Heather is today. I’ve posted this song ‘for her’ before at the Garden, but in an attempt to gain it a larger audience, here is ‘Pandoras Box’ for your enjoyment

playing with electricity

Its probably fair to say that for some electro play would cast the image of either the old Frankenstein type thing, or the electric chair that was used to kill prisoners in the past. Though ideally I want nothing as terminal as either of those, both those sort of set-ups, with moderated voltage would appeal to me no end. The former because of the whole electrodes to the brain and body thing,  the latter probably because of the restraints and the headpiece used! The table, or a tube would probably appeal to me more in that sense, though the chair would work so much better for an actual brainwashing scene, it must be said.

The funny thing is, a large number of people today do use electro stimulation treatments, though TENS machines are more used to help with sore muscles, than turning people into obedient robots! And yes, I’ve had them used on me in the past, though not technically in a medical sense! 😉 A lot is talked about safe places for electrode pads, much of it wise (no, dont place pads over, or around the heart) but sometimes I think the medical police make things a little too safe. I’ve had nipple to nipple done, fine, perfectly safe, and I dont mean at very tame levels either. I’ve also used it on neck and head (temples, forehead) at lower levels, equally with no problems whatsoever.

I’m not saying its for everyone, but for me, electrical play is a big love, just need someone to build a nice electrode helmet for me, wire it up, switch it on, and…bleep!

Hello world!

Well the plan here is just to hopefully entertain a few forum members who know me already, with some suitably blonde musings, and, if I’m lucky, the odd mad scientist or doctor into brainwashing and robotisation! Well, I’m hoping I can more than entertain the latter group, in more senses than one of course. If I can help with their research in such fields, in any way… 😉

I suppose the thing I’m most famous for (and how famous that makes me is a moot point) is my writing, mind control science fiction with a lot of robotisation stories thrown in for good measure. For anyone who doesnt know already, and wants the link to them, its

You will note a lot of the ‘victims’ are named Stephanie, and a good number of those Stephanie’s get robotised, anyone would think I wanted that to happen to me, lol! Well alright, I do! Sadly, as far as I know, its a bit ‘difficult’ in reality at present, but a woman can hope, even at my age, that maybe one day…but probably not!

So alright, its not going to happen for real, I assume, but whats the next best thing? A real life fantasy roleplay maybe? So, if anyone thinks they can rise to the challenge of setting up such an event, where I could really believe that I was going to be turned into a robot, or at least brainwashed by some lovely machine, then let me know it. Or at least tease me with suggestions of what might happen at least!

I think its fair to say I have a couple of other ‘weird’ kinks, the main other transformation one being a mermaid, preferably complete with the ability to breathe underwater naturally, but that is only optional lol! The other might just involve wearing latex clothing, preferably pretty full enclosure stuff, but thats unlikely too given my age lol. But yes, plying my mind and body with electrical ‘stimulation’ is definitely the big thing for me, I must admit.

If you want an idea of a couple of appealing scenarios…

Both pics are Sue Chan works btw. The first is a simple brainwashing scene, the second far more playing to my kinks, I must admit, and yes, I have no great objections to having my mind downloaded into a robot body, as opposed to just plain robotisation of my own, happy with both!

As stated in the about section, postings here might be a bit intermittent, unless something exciting comes up, in which case…