Shopping with ‘Jean’, and other tales of the last 2 days

So fine, picking up from where I left off last time around.

Yesterday morning, at 11.00, I was picked up from my hotel by S, and whisked back to Worcester, to catch the bus back to Albany. Another entertaining chat en route, which led to me discovering that in fact ‘Jean’ was still in my head, and just needed releasing, to make a show. First S did it, just to sort things out between him, her, and me. More correctly, him, my sub concious and me, but that’s just nit picking. Next thing I know, I’m told to do it for myself, and lo and behold, here’s Jeannie!

But before anyone gets any ideas, there are only 2 people that can wake her up, S, and me! Carla is safely tucked away though, before anyone thinks otherwise.

So fine, I’ve quickly discovered that there is a firm that makes Trans Pennine Express look punctual, and that’s Greyhound buses! Anyway, we finally get away from Worcester about 20 minutes late, and head for the Mass Pike, and the journey home. Big snag, accident on the Mass Pike, was a crawl (or slower) for the first 10 miles, and we finally reached Albany 2.5 hours late! Consolation, the most wonderfully sweet taxi driver on the way home, lovely guy, got a better tip than I normally would give, for sure!

Fine, it was well publicised on the news, and on websites that Albany was going to get hit by a big snow storm about the middle of today. So fine, I went out early, and not far, to a nearby Mall. Alright, time for a little fun, I let ‘Jean’ go shopping instead. Now, that was fun! Main moment of amusement, well it seems that Jean possesses quite a Kansas accent. Slightly combined with my own, but predominantly…

Fun moment, when I mentioned about flying back to the UK to one of the cashiers, given my Kansas accent, she asked me when I moved to the UK. I muttered some random year, and just left it at that! Alright, I did think about getting my sub concious to swap me back, change accents totally, (and huskiness of voice) and confuse her, but I’m a good girl, so I didnt.

By the time I got back out of there, the snow was in free fall, with plenty on the ground. Sadly this morning, I’d lived up to my blonde reputation, and only gone out in shoes, and a medium ‘strength’ coat, instead of boots and anorak. I knew it was coming, so why I did that…no idea?

Its different, seeing so much snow, when its only November. The last time I saw this, was about 2000, in Kirkenes, Norway, and thats the other side of the Arctic Circle! Mind, that was the beginning of November, not the end, so…

Right, you’re now up to date, and no, despite the clearness of the roads at least, I’ve decided to forego the Ice Hockey match in town tonight. I’m not the biggest fan of the sport, but if the weather had been good, I might well have gone. But now…

The video, sums up today’s weather really.

A Somerset island

No, not a genuine one, as in the Arthurian legends, even though many believe that Glastonbury, and the area surrounding it, could have been Arthur territory. But there are other claims for that title, and anyway, that isnt what this is about, so…

To say the weather this winter has been wild, would be putting it mildly. Lets face it, friends in Atlanta, and Alabama are facing snow and ice at present, and thats not normal! Oh, and Atlanta has coped with it even worse than the UK, and thats saying something! Funnily enough, we’ve hardly seen any snow here yet this winter, but even with a day to spare, this is officially the wettest January in the UK, ever! Well, since records have been kept, but besides that…its been wet!

When I lived in, and around Yeovil, in Somerset between ’83, and ’99, I used to go visit a friend in Taunton, about once a month or so. When I moved away, I lost touch, and given (I’m estimating now) that I think he would be 95 by now, if still alive, I suspect he’s dead anyway. To get there, I would catch the hourly bus from Yeovil, winding through the countryside, until we reached Taunton. We passed near to a place called Muchelney, en route, not that you would have heard of it, unless you’re from the area. Its a smallish village on the Somerset levels, or well, normally it is. Currently, and pretty much for the whole of January, its been cut off from the outside world, by flooding. Thorne, another nearby village is pretty much a ghost town, for the same reason.

I suspect I must have been through these places by car, but dont remember them, if I did. But seeing them on the news, as they are, its a strange feeling, even if it has been a long time since I was in the area. The South West really has had it bad this winter, in a rain sense, but those low lying places are really suffering now.

And all the US gets is a Polar Vortex! Seriously, that was horrific too, just glad I wasnt there either, though I suspect (in a sense) thats easier to get through than flooding?

The video, well, I hope Muchelney isnt an island for much longer, though the weather forecast isnt entirely promising yet

Cold for Cats (or Packers at least)

Anyone in the mid west, or the north eastern corner of the US at the moment? Yes, I know its ferociously cold, plenty of snow in places, and you have my sympathies, I know what its like. Thankfully only briefly, about 11 years ago, when I was introduced to the temperature of minus 25, in North Dakota (daytime) and Minneapolis (about 7am) when crossing the US by train. I’ll never say never again, but its not high on my ‘must do’ list, despite my hope to visit Nome some day!

The blessing in both cases, was that shortly after, I could get back on the train, in the warm, and continue the journey. The train journey overnight to Pennsylvania was delayed by about 6 hours, by the time it reached Pittsburgh, I think the line literally froze or something! But anyway, I was warm, and safe on a train, so…

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, with the famous snowfest in Philadelphia, the NFL doesnt stop for bad weather. There is in fact a night game in Philly tonight, and it wont be warm! But even more than that…late tomorrow afternoon, San Francisco are visiting Green Bay, in the first round of the playoffs. The forecast high, is about 1 degree! And no, my European readers, I dont mean Centigrade! The wind chill factor will mean it feels like about minus 18. By the end of the game, that figure will be in the high minus twenties!

Seriously, I dont know how they play sport in those sort of temperatures, but they will. Back in 1967, in a frozen Green Bay, they played a game called the ‘Ice Bowl’, yes, it was that cold! Tomorrow, its suspected will be even colder, eek! But, however sorry I feel for the players, they arent the ones who get the most sympathy from me. At least they get to run around the field, though I doubt that will get them very warm at that temperature. No, the ones who have my true admiration, for their possible insanity, are the fans who will sit in the stadium and watch for several hours! I mean, I went to a Baseball game in Rochester, in April, and was frozen by the end. The temperature then, was 40! Some chill factor (no idea how much), but even so…

Rather you than me, Packer fans!

Oh, and ‘Miss Brooks’ would like me to mention that Kansas City are playing tonight in Indianapolis, and wishes them well. I know, they arent even in Kansas, but…

The video, well, it almost matches the blog title at least. Not just Squeeze, some Kenny Everett lunacy too

Baby, its cold outside

I know that not all of my readers are NFL fans, but hopefully some of you are at least, and others might live in the area, or indeed, both.

Each Sunday, care of Sky Sports, we get 2 NFL matches live over here, one of the 6.00 games, and then one of the 9.XX games to follow. I know, its 1.00, and 4.XX Eastern time, but for now at least, I’m still in the UK, so…

This weekend, the early game was, yes, you’ve guessed it, the snow fest that was Detroit at Philadelphia. I have seen as much snow as that, but then again, it was crossing the Rockies in January, so…luckily enough I was on a warm train at the time! So in that sense, the 8 inches or so on the pitch at Philly, was nothing compared to the several feet of snow up there, but anyway…Lets just say that I’ve never seen a sports event played in anything like that.

The football, well, the first half, in the heart of the blizzard, pretty forgettable in all honesty. Hardly surprising though, is it? Thankfully the weather eased off, and the second half was better to watch, and provided a truly remarkable comeback by the Eagles. But one thing, not a single point (and there were plenty) was scored by a kicker. Indeed, only one extra point kick was even attempted, and despite much Detroit effort (on a time out) to clear a mark for the kicker, conditions still meant it was missed. First time since 1957 apparently when no point was scored by a kick, and that was only 6-0! This was 34-20!!! Funnily enough, that previous time, yes, Philadelphia was involved too, losing to Pittsburgh!

But do you know what? However much you admire the players for playing in that, you know the real heroes? Those fans who sat in the stands, and got buried in snow. Now thats dedication! But is that worse than watching in Green Bay (11F), or a night game in Chicago (7F) this weekend? No idea?

Summer baseball, much more fun!

The video, apologies. Its not a great version, but given the cage, the potion, and the cleavage reveal, I thought this might appeal. And for those so inclined, Tom Jones too!

A little bit of leather

Yes, before anyone mentions it, I know, I still owe a picture of me in a latex skirt. And equally seriously, yes, it really is down to a pretty crazy work life at present which is why it hasnt got taken. Hopefully Monday or Tuesday I can find time, if things remain calm, and nothing unexpected crops up. Like another 8-12 inches of snow lol! Seriously, a first today, I didnt get to work because of the weather, combination of both buses and trains failing to perform in all honesty, for various reasons.

Unfortunately it meant I got some practice at what it must be like to compete in the Iditarod, ploughing through the snow both into, and out of town, and all in the end, for nothing. Ah well…No, I wont be entering the Iditarod though, I know that was a stroll in the park compared to what they do, and that was bad enough at my age.

But enough about that, for now at least. Yes, I know, I mentioned leather, and you dont think I mean the purse in my handbag either, do you? And you’d be right, I didnt. Blame, or thank my friend Heather, depending on how you feel on this matter. Over at the MC Garden, we have a picture thread for the delights of bikers, principally female, and ideally wearing leather. Well today, she posted a series of videos there dedicated to that matter. And seeing how good I am to my readers, I’m reposting one of them here.

I guess the fact that she’s blonde, wearing a full leather suit, and its dated helps for me, you can tell its dated by the cars in it, if nothing else. The song, well thats slightly newer, from the 70’s, but very apt. No, I havent got a leather suit like that one, but if anyone wants to get me one, I’m open to offers. But I have got a few pairs of leather trousers, and a leather skirt, and a leather look skirt, so…you get my drift? 😉 But due to balance issues, the only way you will get me on a motorbike is balanced on the back, clinging on to someone in front of me, so…mmm?

Oh, and one last snippet about the artist, Chris Spedding. This might be remembered as his biggest hit, but its far from the case. Anyone remember that legendary pop group, The Wombles? Well yes, he was one of the guitarists in that group, and often seen performing in that large furry outfit!

So enjoy the leather look here, and if someone asks nicely, maybe I can get a pic done of me in leather trousers. Or is that thought just too scary for you lol?

If you want that outfit, you need to get it for me lol!

There might be some snow!

Yes, as I suspect many of my readers will know, I have a soft spot for the state of Kansas. Yes, it is for the obvious reason, as until September at least, I have never been to this mid plains state, in the heart of the US. But looking forward to getting there then, all the same.

Nor have I ever experienced what the Americans term a winter storm. I’ve seen plenty of snow passing through the Rockies in February, but that was already on the ground, I never saw it falling. And alright, as my dear friends in New England would tell me, a foot is nothing really! Talk 2 – 2.5 feet over there I gather, before they regard it as a winter storm lol! And yes, I saw a lot of snow falling in Rochester last April (yes, the same week I will be there this year), but that was only on TV, from the relative warmth of Seattle.

But even so, for us Brits, the 14 inches dumped on Wichita only a few days ago, is a mind blower for us. It breaks down totally over here when its more than 2 inches, let alone over a foot in one go. And now, apparently, only a few days later, Kansas has had another massive snow dump yet again. This video is actualy more of a warning for Kansas City (not even in Kansas), but he does mention the state, so…

And yes, I’m linked (like/friend, whatever at Facebook) to Cherryvale Council, in Kansas, and yes, I gather things have been pretty bad there, and I suspect Wichita is much of the same. Irony is, by the time I go in September, the temperature may be hitting 100! I think that might melt the snow lol! So alright, though living there might be a form of heaven for me, I’m not sure I’m entirely missing the current weather there, all the same.

Needless to say, all my best thoughts go out to the people of Kansas at present.

The video, well some might say its apt, some might not, so…

Winter Wonderland?

No, I dont think the current conditions over here are very wonderland like, but at least I havent had to go out in it the last week, even if I have braved it a few times, as much for fresh air as anything else. And yes, I know, it could have been worse, but it could have been better too, even if I dont expect miracles in January! But tomorrow, here comes the bad news, its back to work time, and I have to go out in it! I’m sure the trains and buses will react accordingly now that I’m back to work, though to be fair, so far they’ve been pretty good, but now I’m back at work…And yes, its an early start again tomorrow, oh joy!

The funny thing at work is, that even the so called all weather racing is being cancelled at present, yes, thats how bad things are at the moment lol! Always the way, no sport on when I’m on holiday! Not that there might be much tomorrow, there are 2 all weather meetings at present, but both need to inspect in the morning, so…especially given one of those tracks couldnt race today! Mind, knowing the idiocy of our shop staff, and the desperateness to bet of our punters, I’m just wondering if there is any football in Fiji, or some other equally remote landscape where someone will find a game that they can bet on. I dont think form matters, just the need to throw some money at the bookies at times. No, I dont understand that need, but as they pay my wages…

The video, sorry, couldnt resist this, one of my favourite artists, lets face it. But no, that doesnt mean I think this winter weather counts as a wonderland lol!