playing with electricity

Its probably fair to say that for some electro play would cast the image of either the old Frankenstein type thing, or the electric chair that was used to kill prisoners in the past. Though ideally I want nothing as terminal as either of those, both those sort of set-ups, with moderated voltage would appeal to me no end. The former because of the whole electrodes to the brain and body thing,  the latter probably because of the restraints and the headpiece used! The table, or a tube would probably appeal to me more in that sense, though the chair would work so much better for an actual brainwashing scene, it must be said.

The funny thing is, a large number of people today do use electro stimulation treatments, though TENS machines are more used to help with sore muscles, than turning people into obedient robots! And yes, I’ve had them used on me in the past, though not technically in a medical sense! 😉 A lot is talked about safe places for electrode pads, much of it wise (no, dont place pads over, or around the heart) but sometimes I think the medical police make things a little too safe. I’ve had nipple to nipple done, fine, perfectly safe, and I dont mean at very tame levels either. I’ve also used it on neck and head (temples, forehead) at lower levels, equally with no problems whatsoever.

I’m not saying its for everyone, but for me, electrical play is a big love, just need someone to build a nice electrode helmet for me, wire it up, switch it on, and…bleep!

Hello world!

Well the plan here is just to hopefully entertain a few forum members who know me already, with some suitably blonde musings, and, if I’m lucky, the odd mad scientist or doctor into brainwashing and robotisation! Well, I’m hoping I can more than entertain the latter group, in more senses than one of course. If I can help with their research in such fields, in any way… 😉

I suppose the thing I’m most famous for (and how famous that makes me is a moot point) is my writing, mind control science fiction with a lot of robotisation stories thrown in for good measure. For anyone who doesnt know already, and wants the link to them, its

You will note a lot of the ‘victims’ are named Stephanie, and a good number of those Stephanie’s get robotised, anyone would think I wanted that to happen to me, lol! Well alright, I do! Sadly, as far as I know, its a bit ‘difficult’ in reality at present, but a woman can hope, even at my age, that maybe one day…but probably not!

So alright, its not going to happen for real, I assume, but whats the next best thing? A real life fantasy roleplay maybe? So, if anyone thinks they can rise to the challenge of setting up such an event, where I could really believe that I was going to be turned into a robot, or at least brainwashed by some lovely machine, then let me know it. Or at least tease me with suggestions of what might happen at least!

I think its fair to say I have a couple of other ‘weird’ kinks, the main other transformation one being a mermaid, preferably complete with the ability to breathe underwater naturally, but that is only optional lol! The other might just involve wearing latex clothing, preferably pretty full enclosure stuff, but thats unlikely too given my age lol. But yes, plying my mind and body with electrical ‘stimulation’ is definitely the big thing for me, I must admit.

If you want an idea of a couple of appealing scenarios…

Both pics are Sue Chan works btw. The first is a simple brainwashing scene, the second far more playing to my kinks, I must admit, and yes, I have no great objections to having my mind downloaded into a robot body, as opposed to just plain robotisation of my own, happy with both!

As stated in the about section, postings here might be a bit intermittent, unless something exciting comes up, in which case…