A week off work

Yes, just a couple more days to go, then I’ve got a week off work, something to do with having to take all your holidays by March, and not having taken very much so far! Incredibly I’ve still got nearly 2 weeks to take on top of this before then as well. I pretty much always take ‘next week’ off, as it coincides with someone’s birthday here, and that ensures I’m around to celebrate it. Also, it gives me time to go shopping for his birthday present as well. And yes, alright, to do the Christmas shopping as well, not that there is too much of that nowadays.

Sadly, as far as I know, I wont be getting brainwashed, robotised, or anything else interesting next week, but hopefully something might pop up, but wont be holding my breath lol! I am booked in for a massage session on my back though, probably more important at present! Its down to a more mild pain now, but will still be glad to get it worked on all the same.

Beyond a trip to Manchester (the UK one, as James pointed out elsewhere) to do the shopping, I havent much planned in advance, but thats nothing new with me. I’m hoping (weather permitting) to fit in at least a couple more days out somewhere during the week, but no fixed plans where. I also want to try and get some writing done, if I get the chance, but that will depend on events I guess?

Ironically, it might not be mind control stuff, well not directly at least, but that seems a direction I seem to be heading more towards, judging by the last 2 serious efforts I made. I suspect I’ve been watching the OMD video of Pandora’s Box too much of late, because I’m getting a 20’s thing in my head. The video is probably also to blame for Louise Brooks appearing in some of my dreams of late too. So yes, I want to try and write something set then, I suspect the ‘flapper’ look will definitely get worked into it. Ms Brooks, well maybe she will, though if she does, I suspect the name might be changed just ever so slightly, Ms Crooks maybe? 😉 Do wish my hair was longer, and stronger at the front, I’d probably give the bob look a try too, I’m sure she’s influencing/mind controlling me in some way lol!

The video, with much gratitude to Jo, I’m going to post one she put up on the Garden for me, and Heather to enjoy. I know its poaching, but I havent got time for a video hunt at present before work!


in tribute to my favourite fembot

Well, perhaps other than me, but I’m not narcissitic that way, or dont think so at least. But alright, she’s currently as much of a real fembot as me, but we can both dream. Given things at the moment, I think she’s more in need of a healthy, strong robot body than me!

I’ll call her Heather here, even though I know its not her real name, and yes, I do know her real name, but thats a secret between 2 good cyber friends.

To say life is being a bit hard on her at the moment would be to put it mildly. I suspect Garden visitors know, any Forum visitors might well know as well, so I’m not going to go too heavily into details. But the one thing I do tend to slack on, is showing emotions and support on said forums, its never been my thing, and at my age, thats hardly likely to change! But I suppose there has always been a sort of bond between me and Heather over the whole fembot thing, and just wanted to shout my support for her at the moment.

My ‘real life’ blog has a bad habit of including old songs on most postings, and though I have no plans to do the same here, this posting is going to get one. Why, because amongst all the things I like about Heather, there is one thing that stands out, her avatar pics. I have no idea why the 20’s style appeals to me, especially the hairstyles, but they do. And guess what her avvie pics are! 🙂 If my hair was strong enough, and long enough at the front, then yes, I might well go in for her bob style.

It helps that I always was a big OMD fan, so knew, and loved this song when it first came out, and first led me to discover more about Louise Brooks, an amazing lady in more senses than one, just like Heather is today. I’ve posted this song ‘for her’ before at the Garden, but in an attempt to gain it a larger audience, here is ‘Pandoras Box’ for your enjoyment