I wonder how people see me?

As in the people I have had contact with, purely through word, over the internet? So alright, they might have a clue how I look, from the few pictures I’ve posted, but actually me, as a person, hmm?

2 people from the Garden definitely know, I’ve met them on a couple of occasions in the past, and not only have they survived the experience, they want to meet me again later this year, so hey, I must make a good impression on some at least. I’ve also, of course met Lex, for an entirely different purpose though. Any late comers, the video is still available for $7.99 btw. No harm mentioning that, as pay day beckons for most about now.

But agreed, the most interesting ones are the ones you ‘sort of’ know quite well, through word alone, or an odd picture, but have never met. As I say, these people have seen my image (at least one has seen the hypnosis video), but they only really know the ‘me’ who posts on the Forums. To be fair, what I post, is what I am, pretty much, but anyway… Equally I’ve seen pictures of a few others, but know no true depth about them, again other than what they say in their postings, or in emails.

And of course, I have no idea who reads the blogs, beyond a few, and given the number of hits they get, that might be quite a small percentage, especially with this blog, even more than my ‘personal’ one.

But yes, I wonder what some make of this fifty something asexual, some how?

I doubt anyone dreams of me (nightmares, more like), but its a great excuse to slip in an OMD video!

A Thanksgiving offer

Yes, this blog will at least make someone blush, I suspect, but he’s made me a very generous offer, and I want the world to know it. So fine, as some of you will point out, Thanksgiving isnt this Thursday, its a week on Thursday, but unfortunately, the calendar at the Garden has got it wrong, but I only realised that after all this had started to play out.

Fine, I’ve been in the US a few times, including a few bank holidays, but one event I’ve never been to, is Thanksgiving. Yes, I know the whole historical thing of it, as I’m sure most of you do, so I wont fill you in with all the details. Suffice to say, its a very important occasion, and I’m sure its not just an excuse to cook turkey twice, in a period of a month, instead of the once that we Brits do. But, and this is the important but, I’ve always seen it as a family occasion, not one for visiting Brits to bust in on.

But at the same time, as an Ameriphile (or whatever term they use), its something I’d love to experience, if just once.

And now, one wonderful gentleman, and friend has offered me the chance to do so, and to counter my argument about it being a family thing, has told me I can unofficially be adopted for the period of events…at least. I have not checked into the official full adoption period, we can work on that later. Thank you so much, James.

Now, as things stand, I’m planning to visit Albany next September, as the second of my US holidays for next year, after the big Kansas excursion in May. Clearly, subject to work situations, and other things that may be happening in the Albany area, its not final yet, just pencilled in. But now, do I go to Albany in September as well, do I go in November instead, or do I just stay over for 2 months? No, the latter isnt going to happen, I dont think my job would approve of the latter move lol! And if I dont go in September, do I stay at home then, as I normally do in November, keeping the count at 2 trips, or do I fit in a third? I may not be made of money, but I’m sure I could pull it off one year, without doing much real damage to the bank balance. Hmm…? Choices, choices…

Anyway, plenty of time to work all this out.

So, a very special thank you, James, I have a strong feeling you need to get those ‘adoption’ papers sorted out lol. Something else to truly look forward to next year, and something very special, that is really appreciated

The video, as I say, strictly, its a week early, but given the blog…

You’re a star

One of the benefits of being a prolific reviewer of stories seems to be I get to make ‘cameo’ appearances in other peoples stories from time to time, under various versions of my name and guises. They are generally great fun, and play to my kinks, or my talents, or indeed both.

Sometimes I know in advance they are coming, the previous time this happened with him, my friend J Darksong tipped me off in advance, and lo and behold, a character called Meredith Gardner appeared in his story, Sleepers. yes, think MC Garden for the surname, I assume? And shock horror, her mind got interfaced with a computer, and for a while at least, she was pretty much turned into a robot. And fine, I was jealous of her, no great shock I guess.

As I say, a few others have played the same nice tribute over the years, they are much appreciated, and much enjoyed.

But this time…I was reading one of the 2 stories he put up this week, and enjoying it a lot, when suddenly to my surprise, a new character enters the tale. To quote,

I took the liberty of calling in a colleague of mine, a certain expert in all things dealing with digital imagery and data extrapolation, Dr. Stephanie Brooks.

Yes, me! Well, not literally, my surname isnt actually Brooks, its …….. but of course the surname I use nowadays as an author, and on the forum, is Brooks!

As to what the author has in plan for her, I have absolutely no idea, but I’m looking forward to finding out. Of course, my real life job actually involves data, though more the inputting of it, but anyway, more than close enough to be very flattering.

Just wanted to say thank you publicly for this, and to say to my readers out there that dont know his stories, to go read some, he’s a very talented writer, and dear online friend.

The video, well just for me,…

Any Brits at least might recognise a few (very much younger) faces here.

Take a chance on me

And if one current contact sees this title, he can take it any way he likes, though I sort of suspect he knows in which sense I mean the words lol!

Also, should by the faintest miracle anyone in Virginia wants Merry Brooks to sign their copy of my stories, I’ll oblige, darlings! x No, I dont think I’ll be knocked over in the rush somehow lol.

What, someone thought I meant romantically, as in the song? Oh please, I’m no picture to look at, highly independent and feisty. Who in their craziest dreams would want me as a partner, either gender! No one with any sense, thats for sure.

Yes, I’m here in Richmond, got here fine. Kate gets here this afternoon, about 4, and then the fun will begin, for the rest of the week. Today’s highpoints, a walk to AT&T, to see if my little US cell phone can be revived, or I need a new one, and meeting up with Kate, most definitely. Oh, the email to my previously mentioned friend this morning was fun too, but not saying more on that!

Yes, the rest of the week should be more exciting than that! Hopefully see a bit of a Bills victory, but thats a wait and see job, dependent on both events, and the team of course.

Oh, and lastly in terms of taking a chance on me, 4 people will (hopefully) later today be getting a phone number to ring me on, if they wish. One may well do so, 2 others will have the chance if they want to as much as they say. The fourth, no, I dont hold out much hope of her ringing, but you never know, do you?

The video, yes, its the obvious one, I only wish I looked as gorgeous as Agnetha does then

Feeling Loved

No, not in a literal sense, heaven forbid. Not that I think anyone would be crazy enough to want to get romantically involved with an “independent soul” like me. I was going to use another word, but James has told me off often enough for self deprecation, so lets settle for that.

As those of you visiting from the 2 MC Forums, or who know those places will know, I review a lot of the stories in each weeks update. There used to be a few more doing the same thing, but I seem to be the only crazy one left, doing that on a weekly basis! Err, lets just say it can be an entertaining experience at times, and not always in a good way. But most of the time, yes, it is.

For me, its just the least I can do, to let the authors know what I think of their work, even if one or two have suggested they’d rather not hear lol. Thankfully, it is literally only a very tiny number, considering all the authors I must have reviewed over the years. But anyway, tonight, when I log into the MC Forum, there’s a thread called ‘Merry Brookmas’ on there, a play on my forum name, and when I click on it, like the nosy woman I am, I find its a thank you thread for my reviewing. Personally I dont think there is any need for it, I like to support writers, and thats the best way to do it, but its still nice to see people thinking about you that way.

So yes, though I have no desire to be loved in a literal sense, its nice to know that you’re appreciated all the same.

And no, anyone thinking I’m hinting for a beau, no, no, no! Friends, yes, lovers, definitely not!

Anyway, the video, a slight adjunct to that comment, but its a great song from the 70’s. Sadly I seem to have found one of the few videos where she’s not wearing leather, but… Oh yes, thats a hint, the arrival of the latex skirt had me hunting around for my leather trousers. I might have a pair or two (three actually), and a pair of skirts too (one genuine, one leather look), but I might not look as good in them as Suzi Q, all the same

What have I done to deserve this?

Yes, for once of late, the clue to the video really is in the title lol!

No, its not someone taking me out to Valentines Day dinner, or anything like that, before anyone jumps to that conclusion, no one is that crazy! And as is stated, as mind control is purely fiction, I cant make someone do that, ah well…! Would be pretty hard on any guy, or girl anyway, lets face it, given my views on sex, romance and the like, but hey, I can dream, cant I?

But if anyone wants to at least send an e-card, it might be nice. Havent had an actual card this century, though there is someone at work saying he was going to get me one this year, but lets just wait and see, shall we? The late Sara C did send me one once by email, but thats it since then. But no, as I havent got a love, I guess I shouldnt expect one, but…

No, this is a far more entertaining tale than that in all honesty. Over at the MC Garden, we have lots of nice picture threads, on a board called Entrancing Murals. One of those is called the Latex Yumminess thread, and no prizes for working out that it might relate to latex clothing, is there? The thing is, every once in a while, people bemoan tha lack of pictures of members (even though you have to be a member to see in, its still the internet, so…), and of late there have been one or two dares of female members being bought items of latex clothing, if they would get a picture done, and post it. Now, I always suspected I wasnt a main target, I assumed they were trying to tempt the younger members into taking up the offer, and of course they dont. And occasionally they would bemoan the fact that this offer never got taken up.

Anyway, one evening, when I was in my best ‘wind-up bitch’ mode, something I’m sure Brooksie would be proud of, I threw down the gauntlet, and said, fine, get me something suitable for a woman of my age, and I’ll wear it. Lets face it, I could wear a latex catsuit, but at my age, it wouldnt be right. Well, it might be in some eyes, but I wouldnt have thought so. But dress, or skirt, then fine, I’ll do it.

There was a gentle silence, presumably while they hoped someone younger, and prettier might rise to the bait, but they didnt. Then someone who makes me look retiring, Rosie, started wonding them up too. So now, after all this, in the next few weeks, a silver latex skirt will be heading my way, which should be fun. How much it gets worn beyond the pictures, I have no idea, lets just wait and see. But hey, in my collection will be one item of latex, something I never imagined in my wildest dreams.

So I’d like to say a big thank you to one special guy at the Garden, no names here, but if he sees this, he’ll know who I mean. Hey, if you’re lucky, I might even post a picture here, as well as at the Garden! It will be a few weeks though, so you need to be patient for now, but…

Yes, now for the video. Perfect combination for sexual tension, a gay guy, and a lesbian woman. And yes, they are lip synching, but anything more would be hard to find! Just enjoy, without me having to use mind control on you…

Are friends electric?

Yes, as a few at the Garden at least will have noticed, I’ve got involved in writing something again. No, not a full story, even if I have got the best part of an idea in my head for one. I thought I might get chance to work on it this week, but in all honesty, despite being on holiday, I seemed to find plenty of other things to keep me tied up (no, not that sort of tied up unfortunately, lol), and it hasnt made any progress, and its not likely to now. Given the inspiration and setting is Kansas, maybe next April, and a trip there might cure that. Of course, if that trip followed the story, I would be staying there, as a mind controlled farmers wife, so wouldnt get written anyway, but no, I dont see that happening lol!

I dont know what you’d call it actually, some might describe it as a roleplay, some might call it a joint story effort. Me, I only know its fun to do, that I’ve got a good partner to do it with, and providing time issues for both of us dont get in the way, it might last a while. Shock horror, it seems like I will be playing a ‘robot’ for some of the time, albeit one very much still in human form, though hypnotised to think otherwise at times. I dont think I will end up fully robotised in the story, but nothing would totally surprise me lol! Being hypnotised to think I’m permanently one though might be a whole different matter!

To be honest, I have no real concept of what life would be like as a robot. I have played at being one for a couple of hours at a time, but thats it, no hypnosis , just my imagination, not even a silver suit. Yes, equally I’ve been hypnotised, but not to become a robot. Who knows, one of these days I might just get to put the two together, and experience life as a robot? I would definitely want it to be of the ‘passenger in my own body’ type, no point in being a robot if you have control over your movements! The mindless robot might be an incredible experience, but as has been pointed out, if you were truly mindless, how would you know what you did? Also it leaves your mind a bit more open, which would be fun with the right person, but otherwise…? And no, I dont expect to find a truly reputable hypnotist into mindless robot play lol! Or even the tamer type, I suspect?

But hopefully one day I will. 😉

Clearly the idea of having the mind controlled by something other than hypnotism appeals even more to me, but is even less likely to happen in all honesty. As to being fully transformed, or even having my mind downloaded, not possible as far as I know sadly, temporarily or otherwise. And yes, I’d still love to at least RP a full robot transformation with someone, but doesnt seem like that is going to happen now.

But yes, this project with mcguy should be fun all the same.

The video, well the title is a giveaway here, I guess? 😉