I Never Promised You A (Rose) Garden

So apologies to all the Admins and others trying to fix the problem at present, but I couldnt resist the chance to do this.

Yes, no one ever promised us a Garden, even an MC one, just as well because something seems to have gone wrong with it at present. What I do know is that I hope it can be fixed soon, because I’m definitely missing it tonight. So alright, it means I’ve got some blogging done, but even so…not the same for me without it. 😦

And of course, some might spot the Rose significance at the Garden as well lol! Forum members, and other visitors just wont have a clue though!

Its funny, I know a ‘robot’ should have a routine, and I certainly have mine, and it includes visits to both MC Forums of an evening after work. And tonight, 50% of that just gets a funny message, which means nothing to a non computer expert like me. As I’ve jokingly said before, I want the computer to control me, not the other way around! And yes, I am totally blonde when it comes to computers, and the workings thereof, and I dont deny it!

I dont know how long its been down, it was working fine at 6 am this morning, my time, more than I probably was at that point! Got home tonight, and aargh, where’s it gone? I hope things are back to normal by the morning, because like an MC victim, I really do need my fix lol!

I did think of a couple of other songs as tributes, We Love You by OMD, one of the various versions of Windmills Of Your Mind (read the lyrics!), but I plumped for this in the end.


I beg your pardon, hope we soon get back our ‘Rose’ Garden


Happy new year

Less than an hour to go here as I write this, but its a bit longer for a number of my readers I guess?

So what does 2012 hold for us? Apart from the potential end of the world, if you believe the Mayans lol! Me, I’m expecting to be here, writing this at the end of 2012 somehow. Equally, I dont seriously expect to be a robot by the end of 2012 either, but who can tell lol? Whether I have even more of a 20’s state of mind might be more of a moot point! A picture of me dressed as a flapper, now wouldnt that be something! I also suspect the latex clothing dream will still go unrequited this year, probably for the best at my age!

I’ve got a few things to look forward to next year. Seeing Seattle again will be nice, seeing Kate again definitely will be, and hopefully James as well. Maybe someone new as well, but that we will have to wait and see about. Of course, there should be the legend known as Fenway, and I dont mean the park either! Is it shocking that I pretty much know what area I will be going to in April 2013, even if the actual venue is still to be chosen from 3. Northern New York state, be warned lol! September 2013, no I havent got that far in advance…yet!

Writing, I just dont know beyond the current story, as I’ve found out, time is still a major issue for me on that front. At least Louise Brooks has proved to me that I can still write at least. I’ve got the March contest at the Forum, it will be a double thing, and not just in the sense it will be run at the Garden as well. I have my own idea (staying secret for now, though it is an event in March that inspires it), but also a memorial thing for Sara C, for which the final details are still to be finalised.

Other than that, I expect life to continue much as before, I’ve certainly never been one for New Years resolutions, thats for sure! I still havent written off my dream of working abroad, though I guess at my age, its less likely to happen now, unless North America labor laws change dramatically at least. Unless someone knows different? Nope, wont happen, I’m pretty sure!

Right, I’d better close now, or I’m not going to finish it in 2011. The video, very apt, and very much my musical era. Yes, in a sense it shows it age because of the lyrics, but ah well…hope you can still enjoy


Happy new year to all who read this, thanks for doing so.

At this time of year

To the readers that I have over here, I just wanted to wish a Merry Christmas, and thanks for reading all the waffle I post here.

So getting light hearted here…

I did think about posting a ‘witty’ list of presents for people I know from the 2 Forums, and yes, it would have included lots of rope for Jo (and someone to tie her up in it), a picture of ‘his’ stadium for Fenway, a fully functional Mermaid outfit for Rosie, and a few other suitable items which I’m sure you can work out for others. The other Joe would be easy, anything relating to the Cardinals world series this year of course. Heather, currently a new body might be handy, no prizes for her ideal look lol. Mind, it might be one of mine too. There are 1 or 2 I wish for a new job, and happiness for as well. Bruno, a good female Domme would probably be quite apt.

Personally I think they gave the job of Red Sox GM to the wrong person, Kate would have been ideal, and given the players a massive wake up call after September, I’m sure of that! The other option would be head of US Airways, they could also do with a great wake up call too.

Tera, or Wonder Woman (for all she does for others), I’m not certain what would make a suitable present for such a wonderful and helpful person, so many owe her more than any simple gift could offer. Again, I need to offer too much gratitude to all who keep both Forums running so well.

James, something that makes him realise, and accept just how loved and regarded he is at the Garden. Rosie might suggest a kick up the backside, but I’d be more subtle than that. Maybe I just get him an Underdog outfit, to match the one on his avatar.

Apoogies to all those not mentioned, but I cant squeeze in every one on here. But the likes of Allister, CW, MCGuy, Geo and LisaTeez, all of you I like so much. But thats it, all the rest will just have to settle for a big group huggles.

Oh, oops, look what I’ve done? 😉

So, to the last Christmas music video, for this year at least. If this is still going by next year, there will be more, and probably a few repeats! An update of an absolute classic, that was actually first released the year I was born, 1958! Probably why I cant find any original film of it lol. So instead we get an updated version of this Brenda Lee classic, complete with film of a famous Christmas movie.


Happy new christmas to all my friends at both the Garden, and the Forum, and just in case, anyone else who reads this, though how you found it in the first place, I dont know

Against all odds.

For some strange reason, a good number on both MC Forums seem to want to see pictures of other members, while at the same time not posting pictures of themselves. And even more strangely, I seem to be one of the popular attractions on this front, something I really cant work out.

Its not like I’m young, pretty, or indeed as some would probably hope for, I dont have silver skin either, and its certainly not made of metal lol! I’m just a plain, fairly boring looking fifty something who seems to attract a lot of attention for my looks all the same. Alright, there are pictures of me on here, and on the Garden and Forum, but all the looks are hidden under a silver zentai suit, quite handy I would say, and quite a relief I would have said for others, but anyway… Well, of course there is a faceshot here, a small one on my avatar,  I would have said about the right size. It is a few years old now, but still a reasonable match, as something else will prove very soon.

And alright, I’ve seen pics of a few, I’ve even met 2 members, so I certainly know what they look like! There are 1 or 2 others that I’d love to know what they look like (or a better image in one case), but I respect privacy all the same. The funny thing is, some people are just so linked to their avvies, its well known that most have an image of Jo related to what is probably her most famous one, I’m sure many know which I’m talking about. And does Heather look anything like Louise Brooks lol, I’d love to think so, because of her avvies, but somehow I suspect not.

The one I really regret never seeing a picture of, and wont do now, is the one many know as Sara C, or Castle depending on where you knew her from. Though I suspect she too looked nothing like the image I had of her, so maybe it was for the best?

Anyway, alright, what some seem to have been waiting for, no idea why? I’m not a model, my boobs arent that big, and indeed I would say I’m probably a bit butch looking too, just with long hair! This was taken soon after I got home from having the hair extensions put in last week, so if I look a bit frazzled, you know why!

Hope no one is screaming in horror at this moment lol! 😛 And dont expect any more either!

Right, the video tonight, if anyone is still here after seeing that. I suspect the blog title is a total giveaway, and yes, its the Phil Collins version, I certainly was a fan of his. I know nothing about the film to be honest, just loved the song, and rather apt here.


Why do I suspect the site visit numbers might jump up over the next couple of days lol?

The Weather Girl

Yes, its the latest in the series of little character pieces I do from time to time, well as much as I can gather from Forum stuff anyway. Some might not know the weather girl side of Jo as much as the MC writer, bondage lover, and mass forum poster, and yes, I’ve been told she has nearly as many postings on the weather forums as she does on the MC ones, I just dont know how she does it?

The amount of work Jo puts in at the Garden is amazing, but then there are all these other places she haunts as well. Throw in the writing, the reviews, and the time she is tied up on the computer (pardon the obvious play on words), and I have to say she amazes me. And apart from one or two minor tiffs over the years (mainly over my lousy grammar in stories), we have got on really well for a very long time. Most fun of all is that I have a pic of her on my laptop, not revealing facially, but…lets just say I have a slight idea of her figure lol! 😉

I know roughly where she lives, but no, she’s safe, its an area of northern NY state that its narrowed down to, and no more than that. Mind, I’ve got the feeling that she wouldnt mind me coming and tying her up, but anyway… Jo is great fun, taking teases and wind ups really well it has to be said, though I’m far from the main culprit at doing that. She’s also very dependable, and a really nice person to ‘know’ too.

Oh, one thing I dont have in common with Jo, her competitiveness in fun contests, something I really lack, but anyway…The main entertainment has to be the NASCAR pick threads, though the NFL ones can be ‘entertaining’ too at times. One related thing we do have in common, 2 Bills fans! 🙂

Like everyone on the Forums, I do respect her privacy as she wants it. That doesnt mean that I wouldnt love to see 2 visitors next year from Northern NY state on my trip to New England, and I’m sure Kate feels the same way. So yes Jo, you can take that as a hint! 😉 While hinting on  such matters, yes Heather, I could be talking about you lol! As Kirsty McColl said in ‘Walking Down Madison’, ‘its not that far’ for either party to travel, possibly easier for us at present, but…?

The song, well I did think about the Weather Girls, but given Jo’s preferences, ‘Its raining men’ didnt seem quite so apt. And I certainly was not going to post a certain Rush song, lol! So whats less subtle than a song called…


A robot state of mind

Its fair to say that the idea of posting on this matter came up because of talk about Lex’s films on the Forum that I got involved in.

The subject was getting someone acting as a robot to really fulfil the part. Funnily enough, the look isnt the trickiest bit, though I suspect to get the really blank eyed look might require an eye drop or two? No, its the really complex stuff, and I should know it, of being able to talk, and walk like a robot, quite often both at the same time.

Yes, fine, you can do it for a short while without disturbance while keeping focussed, but I used to find the slightest disturbance would knock you out of rhythm, especially if you were trying to do both at the same time! Given hypnosis is generally supposed to be a light trance, would it make it easier (as in making you able to ignore disturbances) or harder (light trance being easy to drop out of, suppoosedly) to stay in a robot state of mind, and body of course, for the walking side of things?

I guess a deep trance could take away the problems, but that is supposed to take some time to reach, but I assume that if you could, then quite a developed robot state could be reached? But how much you can ‘switch off’ human thought capacity, I really dont know, could you take someone to a truly robotic state? How long could they safely be kept there if they could? I’ve never been under for more than an hour or so at a time, but how long, in reality, could someone stay hypnotised?

No, I have no plans to do any ‘naked’ or ‘semi naked’ films. At my age, I doubt anyone would want to see me like that anyway! But, would I do a silver suited one, well that might be fun! Nothing sexual though please, I’m British and asexual lol! But an obedient, hypno-bot, well that might just be fun I guess? The thing is, I assume I would have to dress in the silver suit first, and then be hypnotised, would be pretty tricky to get me into it otherwise I guess?

Maybe one day I will be hypnotised, hopefully pretty deeply into believing I’m really a robot, its as much as is likely to happen at present I guess. Also I’d still love to do a really intense transformation scene, but that seems even less likely at present, sadly. Its one thing where getting older doesnt help, it makes you less of an attractive target lol!

Mind Control is only fiction. Right?

I think its fair to siuspect that most, if not all my readers here know me through either the 2 MC Forums, the EMCSA, or both. There might be a few who click links who dont, but…

Lets face it, in many senses of the idea, its just as well that the ability to control other peoples minds, as in the stories as at the EMCSA is pure fiction. Can you imagine just how crazy the world would be, if horny, undersexed folk could control some unsuspecting person into being their sex slave, temporarily or otherwise? And of course you can throw  in the power mad type of both sexes as well, who might only want obedient slaves, but anyway…. As Simon states,  anyone who thinks its real really should taske a breath, have a think, and…

As I’ve said before, the idea of being turned into a robot appeals to me, hey, thats hardly groundbreaking news around here! But equally as I’ve said before, whether I would feel the same way about it as it was just about to happen, well, who knows? The same theory with those girls who want to be turned into airheaded, big boobed bimbos, would they fancy it as much if it could really happen? I suspect some would still say yes, but a good deal less I suspect somehow?

But as a fantasy, yes, its great fun isnt it…? 😉

As far as I know, mind control is still pure fiction at present. There are rumours of various experiments that have taken place, MK-Ultra (US), and various Russian, Chinese and the like, with talk of brainwashing and mind control, but no real concrete evidence. I suspect that in 25-50 years time, with technological advancements that the situation might be different, but for now at least, nope!

I think its fair to say that most writers of MC Fiction arent thinking about this kind of ‘automatic lover’ when they write their stories, but anyway…those of a nervous disposition towards 70’s disco music may not want to click the link, or at least kill the sound before clicking it.


I have to admit it, I do love her outfit though!