Not all UFO’s fly!

99 times out of 100, when anyone mentions a UFO, everyone thinks of those cute craft that aliens visit our planets in, while doing a fly by. But what do you know, I’ve found a UFO that doesnt fly, it floats! For more details, see the article

Yes, I think its fair to say, this is based on the classic UFO look, and fine, I love it. Yes, as you can guess from a few photos I’ve posted of late, I prefer the flying kind, but yes, as somewhere to live for a short time, this would be fun! No, I’m pretty sure I have as much chance of getting in one of these, as I have of getting into one of the space craft kind!

But, yes, I can think of more than a few places in the world, where living in that would be absolutely amazing. It says you can travel the world in it, though I cant see anywhere saying what the top speed is, but I doubt its very fast. But if you were in it, on the Great Barrier Reef, for example, you’d want to travel pretty slowly, I guess?

Yes, I wouldnt mind wearing an alien suit while in it, or maybe a Creature from the Black Lagoon suit would be more apt, I must admit, but just being me, might be fun.

Right, the video. I have no idea how this song ever became a one hit wonder in the seventies, but it did. It hasnt aged well, so maybe its best to pass it by, but it was about as apt a song as I could think of, for this

Oh, and lastly, for those who wondered if I would do it, yes, I have. Applied speculatively to ESPN re a certain baseball role, that is. If anyone wants to tell the Careers dept at ESPN how good a presenter I would make, feel free to do so!

Not driving in my car

Yes, I’m a non driver. Yes, I tried to learn a few times when young, it wasnt good. Lets say it was akin to Jean Harlow’s singing talents, and leave it at that. Yes, seriously that bad. Though to be fair, that was in the days when all cars over here had a manual gearbox. If I’d been in the US, or had a car over here with an automatic gearbox, well, who knows? But it wasnt the case, and I’m not trying again now!

To be fair, most of the jobs I see advertised that are suitable for me, are pretty much city based. I have had a few, where I have missed out on applying for jobs, where the location isnt suitable for a non driver, but there hasnt been many. Yes, one or two I would have liked to have had a go at, but not many. I’ve even considered those, if the bus service was decent, but generally these remoter points, have a bus service to match, not a great one!

Yes, today I saw one, on one of my job seeking emails, for a Customer Service agent, based in Huddersfield. Perfect, I thought, and then I clicked on the link. You had to be a driver, because you might have to go to their other offices, aargh! Still, never mind, I guess I’ll have to get by, all the same. To tell the truth, this looks more like my type of vehicle, and would have no issue with traffic hold ups, for sure!

flying saucer

Yes, sadly, I very much doubt it ever got beyond concept lol!

Oh, and while I’m talking job opportunities, it seems one occurred today that would be perfect for me. Baseball analyst, and commentator, at ESPN. Yes, Curt Schilling got relieved of his duties for some transphobic comments he made. Now, talk about my dream job…and given you’re either in the studios, or flying to a big city? If anyone knows who I send my details to, let me know. Why not, they’re an inclusive employer, so whats wrong with a woman presenting baseball analysis? 😉

Right, the video. Something I dont do, and now am never likely to do.

I hope that something good is going to happen

Yes, fine, I’ll get to that blog title in a moment, but firstly, lets remember the awful events that happened in Boston, 3 years ago today. Yes, the tragic explosions at the end of the Boston Marathon, that saw much loss of lives, and limbs. Not that it was hard to forget it, given its the only day I can remember a baseball game that starts in the morning! A bonus for me, of course, given thats a 4 pm start over here, but anyway…

Ironically, 3 years on, Boston managed to conjure up defeat, from the jaws of victory today, but thankfully everything else went off without incident, and thats the main thing.

Oh, the hopes of something good happening? Yes, I’ve done it again, I was quietly sat, with only one job interview lined up for the week, Friday lunchtime, on the other side of Leeds. Ironically, that would see me working at the Job Center, instead of signing on there, should I get it. So yes, you’ve guessed what happened, an email asking me if I was available for a job interview, as I’d impressed a potential employer. Fine, except they want to do it on Friday too, and its not close to Leeds! In terms of places that my North American friends might find on a map, its just outside Dewsbury.

I offer back, is any other day possible, but seemingly not? So then I try to plan it, so that I can just about use my day rider pass (only good after 9.30, when rush hour is over) that I’d got for the other job, but again, no. So fine, I’m doing it, at 10.00 in the morning, so I’ll probably end up with a gap between the 2 interviews, when I cant do a lot, but…Yes, hopefully something good is going to happen, through all this.

Oh, and if you ignore the difference in time zones, at this time, exactly 1 year ago, I was a thoroughly 40’s girl, at the Film Noir party in Hollywood. Yes, heels, dress, the works! Heels were fine until I ended up walking nearly a mile back to the hotel, anyway! That was certainly something good that happened!

Right, the video. Yes, a few clues thrown in, here. I did actually find a live version of this, but its a very abbreviated version, and lets face it, this is one of those songs that could never sound as good live. So, instead, last years remastered version. Now, I find it hard to tell the difference in these things, but I’m sure there is some?

Whats another year?

Yes, today marks a pretty depressing anniversary for me, its one year ago today that I took redundancy from my last job. Since then, apart from 2 weeks work, that I deeply regret taking, its been a long, hard battle to find another job. Oh fine, there have been a few spots (most of April, and pretty much from early September, to end of October) where I wasnt really searching over here, because I was either in the US, or knew I was going to be in the US, in the very near future, so no one was going to take me on, on that basis, but anyway…

Fine, I might have done some fairly lighthearted job searching while I was in the US, but practically, for me, I need sponsorship to be able to live, and work in the US, and on the whole, most firms are going to take the easier option, lets face it! Besides which, in April at least, I never imagined how hard it was going to be to get another job over here! Fine, I knew that my age might be an issue, and I know of at least one job where it was, and there might have been others who were more discreet about the matter, but its not been the only thing. Yes, the old girl has found the modern trend with recruiters to ask competency based questions, to be a bit of a challenge. Fine, I might be getting slightly better at them, but I still hate them, intently, all the same. I certainly never thought that one year on, I’d still be searching, I must admit!

But equally, do I regret my decision now, to take the redundancy money, and run? No, I dont! There have been some wonderful highlights in the year, that I could never have done, if I’d stayed in that job, so in that sense, I’m glad I’ve done it. I saw some wonderful sights, met some wonderful people, that never would have happened, but for that choice. Oh, and I got to stay in one wonderfully cute apartment in Hollywood, for 4 glorious weeks, something I will never forget, to my dying day, or until I manage to get back there, by some means, or another. And yes, I’ll still say it, after 5.5 weeks in LA, I still havent seen everything there! So if it had only been 1 week…shudder!

As to my job searches, I still tend to avoid anything involving selling, unless its of the gentlest kind. I’ve even up to now, avoiding these social media selling type things, as I’m sure I’m not mentally designed for such things, but… Fine, I’ve got to the point where if someone wanted to ignore my limitations, and offer me a job, I’d give it a go, though I have no idea how long I could stick it. I’d probably still search for something less personally stressful, I suspect.

But other than that, I’m open to all job offers, as long as its legal, just about anywhere! Yes, fine, I dont fancy Saudi Arabia, for the obvious reason, but I guess, if the money was right? No, probably not, but…Also, if anyone wants a beaten up, battered old female, to look after, and either care for, or fall in love with, try me! Fine, I come with issues, but if you like a challenge lol…Equally, and preferably, mind control me to fall in love with, or serve as your obedient slave, according to choice! I know, I’d love that being mind controlled stuff way too much, but anyway…

Right, video time. Big clue in the title, though I have no idea if this song was ever a hit across the Pond, maybe someone can tell me? Yes, whats another year? I hope thats not true, I dont think my body, or sanity could last another year of job hunting!

Back into the betting industry?

No, dont worry, I’m not going crazy, I’m not going back into betting office work, for the awful money they offer to do that job nowadays. I know the manager (and deputy) get better than minimum wages, but seriously, they arent the place I knew, and I’d have to get a lot more desperate than I am, even now, before I would do that. No, its not a betting call center, either.

You know what they say about seeing job openings, in the strangest places? Well, I guess social media, principally Facebook, is no longer considered as that by many, but to some degree, it still is by me! Anyway, last night, I had an item on my feed, telling me that a contest for tickets for a show, that the local casino was running, had announced the winners. I guessed I wasnt amongst them, as I suspect the winners had already been notified. In fact, they must have done, because it actually closed about a fortnight ago!

Still, all the same, I clicked through, to see the result, and suddenly stopped worrying about that. Why? Because they were looking for staff, thats why! Food and Beverage staff members, (waiters/waitresses, I assume?), and of more interest to me, receptionists! So yes, I’ve applied.

Somehow I suspect they are looking for someone prettier, and far younger than me for those roles, but stranger things have happened. I did ask whether it was worth someone of my more mature years applying, and I was told yes, though I do wonder if some of that was related to fears of an age discrimination case, or something?

First step, a casino in Huddersfield, next stop Vegas? Oh, I wish! Dont worry, I’ll gamble as often as I did while at William Hill, not at all. Far too sensible with my money nowadays, and all that. I know, wont get the job, but while I have hope…?

The video. Well, its the right era for me, and its what you need in a casino. Besides which, its brilliant!

Fly me to the moon (and other silly job options)

Earlier this week, while spending too much time on Facebook, I came across some quote from Richard Branson, something about going for the job you want, not the job you have to do, and yes, you know me, I made some witty comment about, in that case, he should offer me a job as a stewardess on his Space Shuttle thing, because I would certainly enjoy doing that. No, I doubt he ever saw my comment, I’m pretty sure it was one of his many minions that posted it, not him, and I doubt very much that anyone ever looks at the replies there, anyway! Besides which, I’m pretty sure that at my age, and given my state of physical health, I wouldnt be the ideal candidate for that role!

Anyway, my friend Stacie saw my witty comment, and said that it would certainly be one of my dream jobs, and she’d be right on that. The outcome of all that, was that a few hours later, I found a photo posted to my timeline from her, saying that this was me, doing that job. This is it!

Airline stewardess

Yes, I know, I wish I was that cute! Besides which, that plane looks more like my era, than any future craft, circling the Earth, but thats besides the point! One thing did come to mind, with those space flights, will every passenger, and therefore, presumably the stewardesses, have to wear a full space suit? Or will they be pressurized in some way that they wont be needed? Cant see that, as surely part of the thing, is the whole weightlessness bit? Not that I’m sure, do the modern space shuttle things require a full space suit to be worn for flights? Yes, you can tell I’m someone that grew up on the Apollo flights of the 60’s, cant you?

But yes, Mr Branson, or whoever is doing the HR for those space flights, I could be very interested in flying into space as a worker. 😉

Oh, and as a space thing, which might only work for those who read my CJ stories, this could just be her, Todd, and her spacecraft, just saying!

CJ and Todd

The other silly job option that got mentioned this week, was actually at a serious place, when I signed on at the Job Center yesterday. My Work Coach and I, were discussing options for me, yesterday afternoon, and I admitted that its got to the point, where any legal offer, and I’d consider it. I did jokingly say that I’d pass on the (fictional) role of French Maid, but in truth, at present, if the money was decent, then yes, fine, I’d do it! Fine, I’d hope for a nice uniform, but anyway…

So anyway, she retaliated by asking me if I’d be interested in working in the Job Center, instead of just signing on there. You guessed it, I said yes. So application form done, test completed, lets see what happens! To be honest, even if I wasnt desperate, it would be an interesting role, so it would have appealed regardless.

But yes, anyone reading this, got any kind of legal opening, try me! Yes, that does include French Maid roles, believe me! In a sense, the crazy, and left field stuff would appeal to me more than the hum drum, but besides that…anything at all is good!

Right, the video. Getting back to the first half of this, lets go with something vintage (60’s), and classy! A great lady!

Job application forms, or how to save trees!

I’ll be honest, I have no many trees have been sacrificed to create all the application forms that I’ve filled in over the last year. But yes, I should imagine its been more than a few! Even if they were what I called a sensible size, it would be a few, but in truth, they seem to have grown in size, to a ridiculous extent over the years. What used to be a maximum of 2 or 3 sheets of paper, now seem to be a minimum of 6, and for example, the application form for the job I went for on Monday, was 10 pages long! And given how many applicants a building society must get through in a year, especially as this includes all the rejects (yes, me again), its a frightening thought.

Even more depressing, in an ecological sense, is the fact that I have another interview with the same firm tomorrow, for a shop job, as opposed to a head office job, but no, they cant use the same form again, I need to waste another 10 pages of paper, even though they got all my details 4 days earlier.

But just when you’re thinking that 10 pages, for a prospective job applicant is a crazy amount of paper, I can beat that! I have got an interview on Monday, for a job on the outskirts of Leeds, and their application form is 15 pages long! Seriously? I want to give this job a go, but given the location (need to rely on a company shuttle bus to get there), I’m not sure how viable it will be, and I dont want to get someone to print off 15 sheets of paper, for a role I probably wont take up, in an ideal world. But its Catch 22, I need a job, so, aargh! Not sure what to do!

I guess what frustrates me more, is the whole modern thing. Yes, back in the 70’s, and 80’s, when you did a paper application form, that was the record that was kept of you, they had no choice. Nowadays, those applicants that actually get selected, will have all that data entered on to a computer database, and that will be it. I know, some of it might get recycled, but I suspect that given all the private information on there, that it ends up being destroyed?

Oh, and secondary rant. Why does it all have to cost us? In the old days, if a company wanted to waste reams of paper on job application forms, they had to provide you with the paper. Nowadays, they attach the form to an email, and expect you to print off, and fill in the forms, and return them! Which might be fine, if you own a printer, and can afford reams of paper, but those of us who cant, and have to rely on someone to print them off for you…

Last amusing moment re modern job interviews. This morning, I had a phone interview for a shop job at a building society, which I actually got through. I know, amazing. My reward, a psychometric test to do, which I battled with, and an hour or so later, getting told my answers didnt meet their desired parameters, so that was that! I dont get these things, there were times when choosing between 4 things, all of which were fairly relevant, and others where none really fitted me, I dont know! I get this feeling I’m not cut out for this modern world, and I’ll be glad when its all over, seriously!

Right, a treat, 2 videos tonight, though neither are the original group. Blue Monday was a massive hit in the 80’s, using all the modern music technology at the time. But what if it had been recorded in 1933, with the instruments of that era? This, I guess?

While tracking it down on You Tube, I found this, from 1999! Yes, I know, but its something out of a mind control story fantasy, this video! And given where I’m posting it…