Who wants to watch over me?

No, fine, I’m not expecting any serious offers, but yes, at present, I could do with someone to watch over me. Fine, its not an exciting blog, but I’m not inspired tonight, probably due to the state of my health!

Sometime early least weekend, I ate something that disagreed with me, badly. No, sadly not a solution loaded with nanites, or anything, something far more dull than that. It was actually Saturday evening before I noticed that I was beginning to feel unwell, so decided to get straight, and get to bed early that night, and hope that cured it.

No, it didnt, and in diplomatic terms, shall we just say I was very ill on Saturday night, and leave it to that, and your imagination. A lot of Sunday was spent in bed, trying to recover, trying to take fluid, but not food. Monday was slightly better, and a sandwich seemed to be fine, so I braved some actual dinner that night, not a good idea. Fine, maybe a small portion might have survived, but someone gave me my normal portion, and being daft, I set to eating it, ah well…led to a relapse Monday night, shall we say?

Yesterday, slight improvement, though I risked nothing more substantial than a sandwich, all the same. Yes, lots of fluid too. Yes, I survived. This morning, a bit brighter, though I passed on breakfast, all the same. A sandwich at lunch time, then chanced cheese on toast, and a yogurt tonight, though nothing more. Yes, thankfully all seems fine. I’ve even coped with 2 appointments today, one to sign on, one to get my feet checked over, and survived that too.

Snag is, tomorrow. Yes, I’ve got a job interview. And yes, fine, however much better I’m feeling, I’m not so sure about that. I should be fine, as fine goes, but you’re talking trying to sell myself for a job, and I’m not sure I’m really feeling that strong! Even more so, given its a complex journey to get there, and back too. But no way do I want to cancel, I need the job, and I’m never sure about trying to postpone these things either?

So you know me, I’ll battle through, not perform, not get the job, and be back to square one, but I guess thats the best way to go?

So fine, I need someone to watch over, and care for me, OK? I know, I know… Mind, if anyone from the Huddersfield area reading this, heading to Bradford tomorrow afternoon (interview is at 4), a lift would be so appreciated. Doctor, or nurse outfit, only optional, honest!

Video, big clue in the blog title!

New life?

Someone I know from the mind control forums told me the news this morning, that doctors are claiming a head transplant will take place within the next 2 years. Me, I cant see it, as I cant see how they can possibly keep the brain functioning while carrying out the transplantation, but anyway… Also, the donor body, how are they keeping that alive, while presumably they remove the original head, especially given that presumably the person donating the body has either died in an accident, or of natural causes?

I know, in time it will happen, but I personally think it will take far longer than 2 years before this is truly feasible.

Me, I need a bit more than that at my age, I need a brain download into a much younger body lol. Or, even more so, have it downloaded into a robot body that looks just like Jean Harlow, now that would be fun!

To be honest, I would have thought that a brain download would be easier to achieve than a full head transplant, but I cant see that happening, in all honesty, inside the next 10 years, and probably nearer 20! By which time, I will be either too old to care, or dead! But still, if you asked me which would happen first, the neural download, or the full head transplant, I would still say the download, despite what doctors claim.

Would I like to be the first neural download, into a cute, young looking, and pretty robot body, you bet I would! But for now…

To the video. I guess this is what it would be, by either of those methods, but I cant see either option happening within 10 years, but I could be proved wrong.

Lets just say, I dont think you’ll see Jean Harlow walking down Hollywood Boulevard next month, or in the near future. A Harlow lookalike (of the middle aged variety), just maybe? 😉

Days off work through illness – maybe I’m like London buses?

As in the sense of that I can go for years without taking any, and then they all strike at once.

As far as my current job is concerned, I had 3 days off in 2009, and that was it, until last month. Yes, thats right, the morning when a lack of sleep, and general exhaustion caught up with me, and I had to come home from work accordingly.

Well, today, I took it one step further, I didnt even get to work.

There’s been one of those ‘bugs’ going around the house at home, which eventually caught up with me. Pretty much on the way past it now, but still got a cough, and a bit of a sniffle (my wonderfully strong constitution, and all that), but anyway, due to that, and a few late shifts recently, I was worn out by 7.30 last night, so I went to bed. Fine, very early, but I was due up at 4.45 this morning, so at least I would get a sensible number of hours of sleep, if nothing else.

Ah well, fine in theory…

I first woke up about 10.30, with a pain in my side, that even women would describe as agonising. As in, however much I wanted to move, I couldnt. Seemed to be my hip causing all the grief, and I’m still assuming thats all it is, even now. Anyway, I repositioned myself (with considerable effort) and went back to sleep. By taking most of the pressure off that hip, I managed to get back to sleep for a couple of hours. Then I woke up, then I tried to move. Not a good idea! Several pain related expletives later, I managed to get up, and just about get to the bathroom. Trying to get back into bed, ah well…

I woke again about 3.00, 3.30, and 4.15 and tried to move. No go, well not without screaming the place down at least. So fine, I wasnt going to be getting up for work at 4.45! So I reset the alarm for 6.45, crawled down the stairs (not quite literally) and rang work to let them know, then crawled back upstairs into bed, where I got some semblance of sleep until about 9.15, when I got up, and surprised everyone by not being at work.

Given a few tablets (Cocodomol?) during the day, and a bit of concern, the hip is now down from agonising, to annoying, so unless it deteriorates badly again overnight, I’m going back to work tomorrow. But hopefully, this is it for health issues, aargh!

Mind, given my age, and fragile physical state, probably not! Ah well…

The video, well it mentions something about walking down the street, and I would certainly have been unable to do that this morning. Hard to believe, this is over 50 years old, eek!

Maybe I’m just getting old?

Normally when it comes to getting up early, and going to bed late, I’m pretty tough. All work shift related, I might add, nothing more exciting than that. But this morning was a little difference, hopefully I was just a little under the weather as well, but maybe I’m just getting old?

Either way, for only the 15th time, in over 40 years of work, I didnt do my full shift. In all honesty, I probably should never have gone in, in the first place, but anyway…I did!

Actually, compared to some nights of late, just over 5 hours sleep, was quite a decent amount. Not enough for me, as evidence showed, but anyway…

I should have taken the hint, when I got out of bed, and did my best new born foal impersonation, by almost collapsing on to the floor. Coffee wasnt working, not the early morning one at home, or the two I tackled at work, in a valiant attempt to maintain a decent state of health at work. I suspect it wasnt just weariness, hopefully a bug as well, but anyway…

Finally, about 10.45, quite literally feeling like death warmed up, I gave up the fight, announced I was going home ill, and somehow or other, stayed awake long enough to get home by train and bus. Straight to bed, and about 4 hours later, I awake, feeling hungry. Hardly surprising, it was 10 hours since I last ate before then!

Better, yes. Right, no, not quite, but anyway…I’ve survived since then, though the appetite isnt great, and I’m beginning to fade again now. Thankfully, the next 2 nights, I have no excuse for not getting a good nights sleep, so hopefully that will help. But then, on Wednesday, I’m on a late again, ah well…

The video, what I did earlier today

The last couple of days, plus baseball!

So fine, lets fill you in on the last couple of days, they’ve been something, to say the least.

Started off with the interview yesterday, which had a pair of firsts, the first time I’ve worn a dress to work (top and slacks/top and skirt, like always!) due to the interview. Definitely the first time I’ve worn high heels at work, but they only lasted about an hour (around, and during the interview), as I changed back into my more comfortable shoes straight after, and due to events (early call to interview), I only put them on just before it started.

Yes, it went well, or seemed so to me. The result, I wont know until the later stages of next week, but we will see…fingers crossed.

Then. after work, just after 3.00 (short shift), I headed off to see the results of the photo shoot. I was told the pictures were good, and they were right, they were good, or even better! I only wish I could show you some, but until the email versions of a few arrive, you’ll just have to believe me. But as soon as I get them…you’ll see them. Hey, I want you to see them, they’re that good!

Today, I had my MOT, and I passed. No, not a real MOT, a medical check over, and beyond the known arthritic joints (right shoulder, back, knees), all was fine. So yes, I’ll carry on travelling for a while yet! 🙂

The video, well, you might be saying this of me, after the photo shoot

Oh, and lastly, as promised, the baseball.

Lets just say that Jean Harlow was asked how she felt about the Kansas City Royals performance so far in the play offs, and this was her reaction

Happy to see you

Go Royals!

Colonic Hydrotherapy – The Experience

Anyone of a sensitive nature should look away now. Given I’m going to be talking about the workings (Or non workings) of the bowel here, its not hard to work out the big issue, is it?

Yes, today marked the day when I thought I would teach my errant bowels a lesson, and have a session of colonic hydrotherapy (or irrigation, much the same thing). I’ve suffered from bloating, and a grumpy bowel for a few years now, but finally got up the courage to do something about it.

So fine, I’ll quickly get through the mundane stuff, and let you get to the interesting bits, OK? Fill out a quick medical form, have my blood pressure checked (just slightly high, but as she said, that place will do that to you!), and then on to the more serious stuff.

Firstly, a rectal check, so tender I didnt even know it had happened. All I felt was my 2 buttocks pulled apart, and then…We get to the serious stuff, the insertion of the speculum into the rectum (to hold the water pipes). Yes, I knew it was in there, but really no pain, just a sensation of being a bit filled, thats all. It only goes in about 2 and a half inches, so that may explain it.

Then the fun begins, the water starts to flow. Its gravity controlled, so its a slow speed, and quite warm to be honest. Beyond feeling it moving around inside you, nothing to it! Had been told that when it started to feel like I wanted to go, then say, and she’d reverse the water out of me, hopefully taking the rubbish in my colon with it. This was done a number of times, along with some abdominal massage, and yes, I felt lighter, and better at the end of it.

Then a visit to the toilet, principally to let the water that didnt want to be pumped out, out. I did have a bowel movement too, but not a large one, didnt think I had much left in me, to be honest. Got told I have a sluggish bowel, probably down to diet and lifestyle, hardly an easy challenge for a shift worker to always eat healthily, lets face it! Got a herbal remedy to help with that matter, too.

Anyway, an hour or so later, at home, the bowel decided it disliked being filled with water, and being sluggish, and rumbled at me in a nasty way. I went to the toilet, and lets just say the bowel wasnt sluggish at releasing material then!

So the review, was it a worthwhile exercise?
At this point, its hard to say. At the moment I feel lighter, and more comfortable in my tummy than I have in a long time. But given I’ve emptied everything out, whether the bowels will stay active, I have no idea! But in the short term, its definitely done some good.

I’m tired after, but that might be as much to do with my crazy work shifts, as having my bowels washed out.

But yes, for now at least, I’m glad I did it.

Brave or crazy, not sure which?

As a lot of people know, when it comes to trying new things, especially anything that might improve my health, I’ll give almost anything a try. I know, crazy or what, and believe me, one or two are never likely to be repeated.

But one thing I’ve avoided up to now, despite ibs, and countless other issues, is Colonic Irrigation, or Hydrotherapy, though I’m not sure why, given that the speculum wont be the first thing that has ever been up my rear end, but enough of that issue! I’ve heard mixed reviews, and comments about it, but now I’m going to find out for myself, next Friday.

I look at it this way, if it works, then great, if it doesnt, then I wont repeat it, but at least I will have lived, and learned, shall we say? Given it will only be water flowing in, and out, not some nanite loaded solution, I expect to feel human at the end, even if my backside might wonder whats happened to it, and my bowels even more so!

For a guide as to what I’m letting myself in for, you can watch this

Wish me luck…I think?

Oh, and on a totally unrelated, but very biased note, the Boston Red Sox are now in the World Series, starts on Wednesday evening, US time. Good luck guys, Boston Brave!