Way up north…

Yes, I’m getting closer to that moment when the stories will be released, everything is now in place except the time to get the stories transferred to word doc, and the account opened up. And then… Given that I’ve got 3 days off in 4 next weekend (Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday), that should be my chance to get it done. Yes, I promise, I will get it done, and I will let you know when…after all, I want sales, so publicity has to be the way to go!

I’ll be honest, it may not be Smashwords that gets first go now, I’ve been led to a site called Draft2Digital, which seems less demanding in its requirements for sending it through to them, seems to have a pretty good delivery pattern, so… I probably will post at Smashwords in time, I’m told they have a better market, ah well… But to get things up and running, D2D might be easier.

Sadly I wont be able to lay my hands on all my fortunes for a while (ha ha, if I sell a dozen combined, I’ll be thrilled) as any payments to me will be subject to 30% tax, as I’m not a US citizen, and dont yet have a Tax Identification Number (TIN), to avoid doing so. Sadly, given that you have to give them passport identification, and I travel, err, a bit, I cant be without my passport for long enough to send it to and from the US. So, if I get time when in Richmond in September, and assuming I can find the tax office there, I’m hoping I can sort it out then. If not, I’ll just keep donating cents in taxes lol!

Oh, and I gave you a clue to the first story a few blogs back, so here is a clue to the second one

Just thinking about it, if there is a niche for time travel stories, I might make my fortune, and keep the IRS happy too!

Oh, and you know I said about not getting my hair cut too short, ah well…its not much longer (if at all) than Louise Brooks wore her hair at the back! Slightly fuller head of hair, and of course blonde, but…its short.


See that, with blonde highlights, and I love to say this, slightly more fringe, and its pretty much my look. No, I dont look that pretty though! Just hope its not too boyishly short, for those who dont look at my chest lol. Will anyone at work even notice? Hmm…

If I Could Turn Back Time

Yes, at least half of the planned story postings have happened this weekend, the 2 short pieces have appeared on the latest EMCSA update. The 2 for ebooks that require far more work to get them posted, doesnt look like it will happen at this point. 😦 I think I’ve got most things done apart from that though (3 more stories on the update, and I’ll be relatively happy), so not a total blowout.

Oh, and why am I trying to plough through so much reading, simple, am having my hair done Tuesday morning, and my nails done in the afternoon, so that will kill off my free time for the day pretty well. No, nothing dramatic, just a lot more blonde than at present after highlights done, and a bit shorter, but not Louise Brooks short, I’m too butch for that look! I get one or two comments/sniggers about looking like a guy with shoulder length hair as it is. If I got a short bob look…! facepalm!

Funnily enough, both sets of stories include one that involves a genre thats rarely used in mind control stories, time travel. No, I dont know why, and time stop doesnt seem to be used either, but lets face it, neither are more fictional than mind controlled sex slaves, and people being turned into robots! Oh, what?…Ah well, lol! 😛

And yes, alright, both pieces of time travel involve the 1920’s, though the ebook version is only travel in a dream, not reality. The EMCSA one, thats for real lol! One I used as a play on history, the serum run to Nome in 1925, the other was simply to give me an option to play with someone who might be Louise Brooks! Thats the one you can find here

Yes, well alright, sue me, but its fun to imagine… 😉 Mind, I have no idea of the reality of life in the 20’s, just gaining my knowledge from words and images of that era, thats all. No, I dont think anyone from now could really fit that seamlessly into a 1920’s lifestyle, but who knows until you try it?

Me, I’d love to find a hypnotist who could put me in a trance like state where I am a 20’s flapper girl, but lets face it, not likely to happen. Maybe not to stay that way, but…might not be too bad if I could still have internet lol!

Right, the video, clue is in the title, though many may not know the song,