Magic In Manhattan

No, not that part of New York City, this is about the real Manhattan, you know, that one in Kansas! ūüėõ The one with the brilliant college football team! Yes, those Wildcats, who won the Big 12 Divisional title on Saturday evening, or more strictly, Sunday morning my time. Now there is one more big game for Klein, Snyder and the other heroes, the BCS Fiesta Bowl against Oregon at the beginning of the New Year in Arizona. Hopefully it will be a duck dinner for the Wildcats, but Oregon are good too, and it wont be easy. One thing for sure though, it wont be low scoring!

No, I’ve no real true connection to the Wildcats, any more than when¬†I was rooting for the Bluejays in the basketball in March, its just a Kansas thing for me. Hey, if Wichita State continue to do well in the basketball this winter, I’ll shout for them too. Yes, its a Kansas thing for me, pure and simple, blame Louise Brooks if you must for that, plus the fact that not one of the colleges is that close to Cherryvale lol! ūüėõ

But how can you not be inspired by the stories of a coach that retires, then returns a few years later, and a¬†quarterback who just doesnt seem to want to stop playing, and of a college team that used to be one of the worst in the land, but now… ūüôā There are a few other heroes too, but they are the main two for me.¬†Yes, its annoying, but for that crazy loss to Baylor, they might have been in the Championship game, possibly against Oregon, if they hadnt lost to Stanford in overtime. So its ironic, they still get to play each other, if not for the biggest prize of all.

One thing is for sure, I’m looking forward greatly to my first visit to the State of Kansas next April, and to seeing Wichita at least. I’m not sure if there are any Brooks landmarks left there (I know the family home is gone, but thats it), but it will be fun discovering the city at least. Any more than that of Kansas, not sure at present, wont know that until the New Year, but fingers crossed I get to see more, though no idea where. Well, I think I might get taken to Cherryvale if that does happen, but otherwise… ūüėČ Manhattan is a bit in the wrong direction though for that, especially as my possible companion has Oklahoma connections, so would head south, not north from Wichita I suspect.

Right, the video. Well, unless you support one of the other Big 12 teams (sorry, Kate), you can enjoy a celebration of a magical year for the Wildcats. Hey, even if you do support one of those 9 teams, try and enjoy this anyway.

Bring on those Ducks lol!

Happy birthday, Brooksie

Yes, technically its 2 hours early in my time zone, 8 hours early for Kansas, where she was born, but opportunities must be taken, and I certainly wont get time to post this up tomorrow, due to work and things.

On November 14th 1906, in Cherryvale, Kansas, a baby girl entered the world for the first time. Her name, Mary Louise Brooks, though over the years she’s come to be known famously¬†by her middle name. As she left this world in 1985, she wont actually be 106 tomorrow, but anyway…

And yes, people on a couple of forums know that I use one of her pictures as my avatar, and my forum name is a play on her name too, strictly my forums formal name would more likely be Meredith, so no prizes for working that one out…

Just so pleased to remember the date, let everyone know the news, and so…

No, you arent getting the OMD video, hunt for that, if you so desire. What I’m offering (with thanks to Heather for directing me to it in the first place) is the chance to hear Louise Brooks speak, when she was just 25. Oh, the thought of being in an all girl catfight with Brooksie, perish the thought! ūüėČ

The last day of a 3 figure number

Before you ask what thats about, its days to my next holiday! And will I need it by then, you bet I will! Yes, 100 days from today, I fly back to Boston, via Shannon, and team up with Kate. Sounds familiar? Yes, it should do, and I’m really looking forward to repeating it. In a sense, even more so, as I know her so much better now!

But please, dont ask for any more details about the holiday, I dont really know them. Well, apart from the fact that I return home the following Saturday via Dublin, thats about it. But in all honesty, for me, thats all part of the fun, not knowing.

Lets see, what dont I know? Where I’m staying is a good starting point as yet, I know Kate had plans on this front, but I’ve not got any details as yet. At some point she will have to give me my first night staying address, simply because the TSA like to know such things, but beyond that…? And of course, first nights stop, especially given possible plans for the Sunday, it doesnt follow thats where I’m staying for the rest of the week!

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to an NFL game live for the first time. But equally, maybe not! Tickets for Patriot games are like gold dust, and given its the first home game, even harder to get. Mind, when I saw their prices on the website, I thought they cost gold dust as well lol! Makes our football matches look reasonable, and thats saying something. But trying to tell her not to do it, no, I’m not that brave lol!

Red Sox only have 1 home game that week, the Friday evening before I fly back, so the only Fenway I might see is the far more famous dog! If I get to the NFL, I dont expect to see the Red Sox anyway, but not convinced how much Kate will listen lol!

As to what we’re doing for the rest of the week, nope, I’m none the wiser on that front either, but thats definitely part of the fun for me. One or two ideas have been tossed across the Atlantic, but which ones will be taken up, and what has been planned without me having a clue about, no idea! Should all make for great fun though, it has to be said.

One good¬†thing for the week, and has been hinted at, is meeting up again with a wonderful man by the name of James. There is one more¬†New Englander I’d love to meet too, but suspect she might like her privacy too much for that. Hope I’m wrong though. I’m sure she knows who I mean lol.

So in less than 3 hours from now (UK time), that magic number will drop to double figures. I will be asleep by then, but anyway… And yes, I know, 99 is still a pretty hefty number, but at least there are only 2 digits to it.

And alright, call it pre planning, or call it sad, whichever you prefer, but I know where I’m going for¬†my next 3 breaks to America, and a short list of 3¬†only, for September 2014. Alright, circumstances might have changed by then, but if not, its all planned out. Next year is settled, just not booked. April is to Rochester, NY, and September is to Wichita, KS. There is a connection there that some might be able to make! ūüėČ

Yes, technically its the wrong way round, but anyway…And on the latter, if I¬†can find any possible way to get to Cherryvale, KS, then I will! Looks Mission Impossible for a non driver,¬†but anyway… April 2014, I’m going to visit¬†someone on his home territory in Albany, and also enjoy the history there.

Video, no music tonight. Lets just say this was one of the more ‘entertaining’ moments of the last¬†Patriots season.

Its that time of year

Yes, its that time of year (well, one of them at least) when the Master of the EMCSA disappears from view for a few weeks, presumably to go on holiday, though it might just be to top up his collection of mind controlled slaves lol! What this means, is that we actually get a break between updates, not the regular weekly basis. In fact, the next one is 3 weeks away, the weekend of June 8.

Good news, bad news for me. Good news, I can get on and do other things, more on that shortly. Bad news, the first couple of updates when he gets back are usually large, a nightmare¬†for people like me who try to review as many stories as possible. I know, some would say, just read the authors, and stories you know, but I know what will happen, I’ll miss a new writing gem that way, so…I know, I’m silly, but I try all the same.

Ah, the good news, well even if I’m not going to try and blast through everything in 1 week under these circumstances¬†(this weeks¬†update is slightly larger than most of late), but even so, 3 days reading (normally I get 2) will see me through. All of which means, with a bit of luck, I¬†should get time to do other things in the interval. And much though I probably will do a bit of studying up on hotels and the like for next year, that wont take that long in all honesty.

What it will enable me to do, is get back to writing my latest story, which in theory at least, only has 1 chapter to go. Snag is, its had one chapter to go now for about 3 months! And before anyone says the last chapter was posted only in March, as my editor will back me up, it was written well before then! In all honesty, I was struggling to get Chapter 5 right in my head, I had an idea all planned out, and then took a dislike to it. So much so, that when I did have a 2 hour writing opening, I couldnt get it done. Shortly after that I had a massive rethink, worked out a plan that I do like, but since then, havent had the chance to commit a word to the laptop. Now, in the next 2 weeks, I should get the opportunity to put that right.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering what I’m talking about, this is the story

Some might note the setting for the first few chapters, and spot the Louise Brooks connection, absolutely right. And no, I’ve never been to Cherryvale in my life, Google (especially maps) and local websites have helped a lot in that sense. I would love to visit, but given its a public transport black hole, its hard to see it happening. The thing is, the next (and probably final) chapter is being set somewhere else, albeit another place with a well known Brooksie connection, and one I will get to visit next April, God willing. Where, oh, Rochester, NY if you really want to know. And another LB landmark is the target for September next year, that being Wichita, but have no plans to feature that in the story.

I have been to Rochester before, but given it was nearly 25 years ago, I dont remember much about it. In fact, in all honesty, the only thing I remember is us going down to the lake, and looking out over it for a few hours, and thats it. This time I plan to discover a lot more about it in a week, and pay tribute at a certain special graveside as well. But thats all nearly a year off, and the story will be finished long before then lol!

So in one sense, thanks to Simon, for the writing gap. In the other sense, aargh for all the reading I will have when he gets back. Should he be one of my readers, have a great break, but I doubt he is somehow.

The song in the video is one I’ve used before, but the version is a different, live one. Guess where the venue might be, and its not Cherryvale lol!


Getting serious for once.

I think its fair to say that its because of the whole Cherryvale thing, but it looks like I will be keeping a closer eye on the US tornado season than I ever have before. And I have to say, having experienced it in that sense for the first time over the last couple of days, its a truly frightening thing.

It sounds crazy to say that Cherryvale got off lightly a couple of days ago, but compared to some places, they did. Somewhere about 100 miles north of there called Harveyville got it far worse, and sadly a number of people lost their lives. This morning I switch on the news, and hear about the terrible things that have been inflicted on Henryville, and Maryville, IN and seen the awful pictures of the total destruction wrought there.

I dont know all the details, but I’m told by the news people that last year was the worst tornado season known, and this year, its started earlier than normal, all scary and sad news to me. I dont know if its climate change, simply the luck (or non luck)¬†of the weather, but you do have to wonder?

As I said, Cherryvale got off lightly, a number of windows broken by hailstones, and one barn lost its roof due to the high winds there. I wish that little town all the best for the whole tornado season, but at the same time, I want to wish the whole area the same. Tornados are going to happen, but hopefully no more fatalities, and no more destroyed towns. Probably a vain hope, but one I offer up a prayer for anyway.

Alright, the video, naturally I’m not putting up a film of any tornado doing damage. But equally, I couldnt not put up film of Tornados, so…


Cheating, I know it is, but at the same time… ūüėČ

I am a lineman for the county

No,  I havent started playing American Football lol, but those, other than maybe any really young readers will probably get the significance of the line anyway.

When I first heard that song (Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell, for the very young), I had no idea where Wichita was, it was just a placename in a song for me. Now I’m¬†seriously thinking of going there next year. Why, anyone that knows me a bit, and knows the whole Louise Brooks history thing will know the answer, but for those who dont…

Yes, she was born in Cherryvale, but that place is about as easy for me to reach as the North Pole.¬† Yes, if you can drive, not so hard, but if you dont, nigh impossible to reach without a very¬†long walk! But her family moved to Wichita in 1920, and she stayed there until 1922. She returned in 1940, until sometime in 1943 as well. There probably is no remaining trace of her time there, but hey,¬†it will be fun walking in her footsteps, if not literally so. If I can find a friendly chauffeur to take me across the state, then great, but that will only be a ‘what will be, will be’ moment if it does. Yes,¬†I know, someone has made an offer at this point, but¬†we are talking 21 months time, and a lot can happen in that length of time.

Well, now at least I know where Wichita is, if not a lot more than that¬†about the city. Slightly more than that, thanks to the tourist website, but you get my drift. And not a single mention there of the legendary lady unfortunately. Judging by what Kate tells me, I’m not going to freeze to death at that time! Its only a shame she didnt get into my head earlier, I might have used a different surname when I did the name change if I had. A second Louise Brooks, albeit of the Stephanie kind, as opposed to the Mary type, in Wichita, now wouldnt that have been something?

No, I wont tease about the song, I’ve already mentioned it, so whats the point? Just enjoy

A New Me

No, dont worry, nothing dramatic, but I hope by now that a few have noticed the new name at the Garden. Its fun, and probably works better for me nowadays than the old one in all honesty.

Today, that new me took her first chance to do some writing of her own. There are some (including myself) that would suspect the previous one was, but that was argumental, the method was technological, and it was male dominant, both classical RU8 traits, even if the storyline was clearly something very new, and for obvious reasons, might have had a Brooks factor to it.

What I’ve done today though is to write an fd story that is clearly Ms Merry¬†Brooks, and not RU8 in the slightest. And yes, it was fun to do. Yes, it was inspired by MCGuy, and his antics over at the Garden the last couple of days, but Merry loved writing every word of it, to be honest. I hope someone doesnt mind too much, all the same, as it might be fun posting that to the Archive. I might even get to write more fd stuff if its well received, something I never thought I’d do. Just proves you can teach an old dog, new tricks lol!

My inclination is to post it in my new name, and see what reaction it gets that way. There are a couple of reasons for that in all honesty. Its nothing like an RU8 story in its nature, even if I am a bit more femme domme naturally nowadays than I used to be. The other (though maybe thats negated by Garden knowledge of the author) is to see what reaction a new writer gets on the reviews, its been a long time since that happened for me.

Lets see, the story is set in Cherryvale, Kansas, so lets relate the video to a famous citizen of that town. Now, who could that be…whistles innocently…oh, I know!